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World of Warcraft: 5 Best Monk Tips



World of Warcraft is a massively popular MMORPG that has stood the test of time for many reasons. One of the primary reasons why the game has been around so long is its distinct sense of class identity. Among the many classes in the game, there is the Monk class. The Monk class brings a great balance of both physical damage, as well as more magic-oriented abilities. This makes it a great class to play overall. Without further ado, here is World of Warcraft: 5 Best Monk Tips.

5. Utilize Your Racial Passives

Beginning today's list of the best tips for the Monk class in World of Warcraft, here we have to utilize your Racial Passives. Doing so is a great way to ensure that you are playing as effectively as possible. This is a surefire way to not only make your experience within World of Warcraft more enjoyable but also great for those who participate in group content. This is due to the fact that there are many Racial Passives in the game that help out the Monk class a great deal. These include things such as the Dwarven Stoneform, which can be useful when tanking.

This ensures that no matter which way you play, there are options for you to take advantage of. Using these passives is essential, and often, is overlooked by many new players to the game. So, next time you are queueing up for a dungeon, or simply exploring the world, take a glance at these abilities and you might find them more helpful than you initially thought. All around, this is one of the best tips for beginner Monk players in World of Warcraft.

4. Take Advantage of Brews

Now following up on our last entry, here our next tip is to fully take advantage of the Brews made by Brewmaster Monks. For those unaware, there is a specialization in which Monks are able to create Brews in order to help themselves and their allies. This not only serves to give this sub-class unique flavor but also makes for a great time. One of the strongest aspects of the Monk class is their innate mobility. And you can boost this innate mobility by using Brews. This makes using Brews a fantastic way to help players along their journey, either in leveling, or endgame dungeons.

Players are able to not only use their Brews in a variety of ways to help aid their progress as well. While they might not be as tanky as other classes, Brewmaster Monks can take a surprising amount of damage. This makes them great for tanking for your party, or survivability when solo. All of these aspects make them a great class for both veteran and novice players to choose from. All around, if you're looking for one of the best tips for Monks in World of Warcraft, we have you covered.

3. Monitor Your ChiWorld of Warcraft: Dragonflight review

Our next entry on our list of the best tips for beginner Monk players in World of Warcraft is a great habit to get into. For those unaware, in World of Warcraft, the Monk class has access to a special energy called Chi. Managing and monitoring this Chi is one of the best ways to not only play the class more effectively but also increase your survivability while doing so. For players familiar with the Shaman class in the game, this ability draws from the same energy. Managing this energy will not only make you more effective but also make difficult challenges easier.

This is because, with proper Chi management, players will be able to overcome challenges that otherwise, they would lose to. Players are able to generate Chi by performing certain actions. And it would be wise to weave these actions into your general ability rotations. Doing so will no doubt ensure that you are always topped up with this valuable resource. In closing, if you are looking for one of the best tips for Monks in World of Warcraft, this certainly fits the bill.

2. Specializations Are Crucial

Now comes the time on our list of the best tips for Monks in World of Warcraft to cover specializations. Specializations, for those unaware, are essentially sub-classes and roles for players to choose from. In the case of the Monk class, there are three different sub-classes to choose from. These three different specializations each play quite differently, depending on both the player's wants and needs. For example, there is the Brewmaster Monk, which focuses on melee-based combat and buffing themselves with Brews.

Then there is the Mistwalker specialization, which focuses moreso on the healing arts, making them a great asset for any party. And lastly, and more importantly, we have the most popular sub-class, that being the Windwalker Monk. This is a more DPS-focused class that is sure to get your numbers up in a fight. This makes it a great class for those players who are more DPS-focused. This is opposed to the rather utility-focused classes. In short, specializations are crucial to your experience.

1. Invest in Healing Abilities

Wrapping up our list of the best tips for Monk players in World of Warcraft, here we have investing in healing abilities. The Monk class is rather unique in that it can pretty much gather healing abilities across the board. Doing so will not only increase your individual survivability but also that of your team. This is great, as it ensures that not only you, but your party members will stay in the fight as long as possible. This makes it a great class for players who wish to still do a decent amount of damage while healing allies.

If players couple this healing ability, with more offensive abilities, they are sure to become more effective in dungeons. There are quite a few abilities across the different sub-classes that players will want to take note of. These include moves such as Renewing Mist, for the Mistwalker Monks, which will surely help along your journey. To close, the Monk class can be one of the most rewarding classes to play in World of Warcraft, making this a fantastic class to choose from.

So, what's your take on our picks for World of Warcraft: 5 Best Monk Tips? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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