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Valorant Vs Overwatch: Which One is Better?



Two notable games in the Esport competitive scene are Valorant and Overwatch. More often than not, Valorant has been compared to CS:GO, however, it does share numerous similarities with Overwatch. This mainly comes on the basis of each game's characters and their special abilities. Aside from that, the two games' maps, game modes, and basic mechanics are different from each other. So if you're unclear about which one suits you best, we got you covered. By comparing the difference in Agents vs Heroes, the difference in their abilities, and maps and game modes, you can decide which game is right for you.


What is Valorant?

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Valorant is a 5v5 character-based tactical shooter with the inclusion of unique agent abilities. Developed by Riot Games, players work together to either plant or defuse a bomb on the A or B bombsite on various maps.

While gun gameplay is the main focus for eliminating enemies, characters can also use their agent abilities to help. Each character comes with three basic special abilities and an additional fourth one, which acts as their ultimate. The agent's abilities vary from player to player and help change the field of battle in each round. Most agents' ultimates can work to kill opponents, however, the focus is still on FPS gameplay. There is a kick! If you want to use weapons and the added benefit of your hero abilities, they will cost you in-match money. You and your team get credited a certain allowance every round, which varies depending on your round performance.


What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a 6v6 team-based action game where you play as and against various heroes. While playing various game modes, each player must choose a hero to play. Unlike Valorant, there aren't guns in Overwatch unless you pick a hero, like Macree or Soldier 76 who wields one. Each hero is different in his or her abilities, some are meant for marksman shooting, close-quarters melee, splash area damage, or just good old fashion run and gun. Alongside the character's weapon of choice, they come with three abilities, two basic ones, and one ultimate. These suit the character's role, of Tank, Damage, or Support and typically fall in line with the character's design as well.


Difference in Agents Vs Heroes

Valorant and Overwatch draw many similarities with one another, mainly for their playable characters. Currently, in Valorant there are eighteen total agents which are classified into four categories of the Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel, and Controller. Once you have picked your agent you are locked in as that character for the game.

In Overwatch, there are a total of 32 playable heroes. The three different hero roles are Tank, Damage, and Support. Team composition plays a huge role in Overwatch, more so than Valorant, so choosing your role will have more implications for the match. However, Overwatch doe's allow you to switch heroes mid-game, to adjust for strategy and composition.

The main difference between Valorants Agents and Overwatch's heroes is their impact in the game. Overwatch works entirely off of the hero you play and the abilities they're equipped with, as these make up the game's basic fighting mechanics. However, Valorant's basic fighting mechanics are FPS gameplay, with the added inclusion of agent abilities to shift the tide. So, neither one is better or worst, it depends on your preference of if you want more FPS inclusion or not.


Difference in Abilities

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In Valorant each Agent has varying abilities, that can sway the momentum of a round. So for example, some characters' abilities include smoke bombs, walls to block sight, drones for radar, or even quick dashing abilities. Agent's ultimates can get more advanced. There is high area of damage inflicting ultimates, some grant your Agent with special attacking powers, to even being able to teleport anywhere on the map, or see anyone on the map. You can choose to use or not to use these abilities, as the importance is on using your gun, but they can play a huge role on the victor of the round.

In Overwatch, a hero's class defines their kit of abilities which in turn, defines the way that hero is played. For example, if you are picking a Tank or Support hero, you will be granted a primary offensive weapon, however, you're abilities will work to heal or block damage for other players. These are more team-based hero roles. However, for heroes in the Damage class, their abilities will grant extra powers to the hero or their primary weapon. Allowing you alternative way's to fight and inflict damage. This is the case for Ultimates between characters as well.

So, mainly the difference between Valorant and Overwatch's characters' abilities is their in-game impact. Overwatch relies on its heroes' abilities for in-game combat. Valorant relies on gun gameplay, with the additional benefit of abilities to further open up the gameplay.


Difference in Maps & Game Modes

Valorant Map (Left) Overwatch (Right)

Valorant currently has seven playable maps, that all work in an arena style. These maps work with two or three lanes, which players have to push through in order to get to the bomb site. The middle lane usually offers alternatives to push to each side of the map, rather than taking the direct route. All of these maps are playable, regardless of the game mode, with matches ending with the first team to win 13 rounds. Plant and Defuse is the most popular game mode, which is also the standard competitive mode, however, there are other non-competitive game modes such as replication, spike rush, deathmatch, and even snowball fights.

Overwatch currently has 30 playable maps. All maps are in different styles and don't follow one suit, like Valorant. Each game mode has its own playlist of maps from the overall pool that are appropriate for that game style. In competitive, there are four different game modes of Assualt, Control, Escort, and Hybrid. You can play the maps in non-competitive, alongside Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and Elimination. These typically work in a best of three, with players switching sides each round.


The Final Verdict

In terms of characters and abilities, Valorant and Overwatch have many crossovers. However, in its core gameplay, the games are entirely unique. Valorant quite literally takes on the same gameplay and style as CS:GO, and is essentially the same in every way. Except for the added inclusion of character abilities, which change the battlefield and ultimates can offer various ways to kill opponents other than guns. Regardless of the character abilities, Valorants focus is on gun gameplay, compared to Overwatch whose focus is entirely on character abilities.

This means that Valorant isn't as detrimental in choosing its Agents, as abilities fall second-hand to guns. Overwatch is hugely important in choosing your hero as it defines the way that character is played and has a huge role in your team's composition. Both games, are high in strategy and have huge competitive scenes, so deciding on which one comes down to if you prefer FPS gameplay, over a concoction of various fighting styles. Neither is superior, and both succeed in their own style.


Which game do you think is the best between in this duel of Valorant vs Overwatch? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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