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Sea of Stars Wins Best Independent Game – The Game Awards 2023



Independent games are a staple for the industry's growth as they allow new studios and new ideas to flourish. Every year, well over a hundred indie games are released. In many ways, this makes the competition for non-AAA titles all that much steeper, as there are many competitors. This year, Dave The Diver, Cocoon, Dredge, Viewfinder, and Sea of Stars were nominated. Sea of Stars ended up walking away with the Best Independent Game 2023 award tonight.

Sea of Stars Wins at The Game Awards Best Independent Game 2023

For fans of the world of indie games, there have been tons of phenomenal offerings this year. The indie space is one that has provided players with some of the most unforgettable and endearing titles of the year. This success can be seen reflected in the quality of these titles, as well as their longevity. The nominees are each phenomenal in their own right and are wildly different from one another. However, the common thread that ties these games together is their commitment to quality and artful design. Firstly, this design is a major distinguishing factor for the game as it shows a thoughtfulness and intention that is palpable.

This makes the player somewhat spoiled for choice when it comes to phenomenal indie games this year. That said, Sea of Stars was announced as the winner this year, amongst stiff competition. The game features a world that has been painstakingly crafted to harken back to classic RPG and JRPG roots. This can be seen in several design decisions made in the game, with hours upon hours of stunning content, as well as a magnificent sense of style & direction. Sea of Stars is nothing short of impeccable. It is for these reasons that we congratulate Sea of Stars on winning the Best Independent Game award at the Game Awards 2023.

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