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Russian Subway Dogs Take Over The Streets of Moscow



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Russian Subway Dogs is a systematic arcade video game inspired by real life stray dogs of the Moscow Metro. Back in 2017, the hilarious game was first announced to be released on PC in 2018. There was a time when Sony promised to keep PS Vita’s store operating. Whoops! As of today, Sony is accepting new video games, but Russian Subway Dogs should be the last ever Sony’s handheld console. Along with today’s PS Vita release, is the PS4 (PlayStation 4) release. Now, Russian Subway Dogs is on the following platforms: PS4 (PlayStation 4), PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Classic Mac OS.

Russian Subway Dogs - Announcement Trailer | PS4, PSVITA

More About Russian Subway Dogs:

The indie side-scroller, developed and published by Spooky Squid Games, Russian Subway Dogs, are simply educated Moscow dogs who have learned to coax food from the populace for survival and ride the subway. These dogs received international attention and some are aware of the rules of traffic lights. Is it fitting to say that dogs can be smarter than humans? 

Like real life strays, grab food from pedestrians, avoid getting eaten by Moscow’s bears, cook bears, and juggle Vodka from alcoholics. Every stop on the Moscow Metro has its own objectives (like feeding coffee to passing poodles, eating a vegetarian diet, and and refusing to let burger-eating passengers pass by without stealing their buns. 

Barking at those holding Vodka releases a Vodka bomb and when it is launched at someone holding food, it catches on fire, or interacts with other vodkas (becoming twice as powerful). In this canine platformer are power ups with food (like hot sauce that can make you breathe fire). 

Supported Languages: 

English, Spanish (Latin America), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), and Russian

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