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Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds — Everything We Know



Risk of Rain: Hostile World characters in a bright stylized background.

Now is a great time to be a Risk of Rain fan. With the overwhelming success of the franchise and many of its titles, the future looks bright. With Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, the franchise attempts to break into the mobile market. The game so far, from what we can gather, seems to be very faithful to its connected world and franchise as a whole. The game has been described as a “side-quel,” this title hopes to bring much of what people love about the Risk of Rain games into the mobile market. With all that out of the way, here is Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds — Everything We Know.

What is Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds?Hero Collection within Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds.

For the uninitiated, perhaps it is best for us to start off with a simple question. That question being, what is Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds? Well, the answer is relatively simple: Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds is an upcoming mobile ARPG. One that takes place in the Risk of Rain universe. For those unfamiliar with the Risk of Rain franchise, these games often focus on looter-shooter mechanics and cooperative play. It seems as though Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds will stay true to this concept and will incorporate cooperative play for all to enjoy.

In the game, there are several classes for players to choose from. In doing so, they can significantly affect the outcome of battle. This is great, as it gives many players a chance to make an impact on the game's world as a whole. Firstly, this is great, as it not only manages to immerse the player within the game's world. But it does so in a tangible way. Secondly, it would appear that player choice and freedom will be at the heart of this title's design. The game will feature many new faces, as well as familiar ones from the franchise, for players, both old and new, to enjoy.

StoryPlayers attacking enemies while building items in Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds.

While little is known about the overall story of Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds at this point, it would seem clear from the developer Frima Studio‘s passion that the same commitment to quality from other titles in the franchise will be here as well. From what we do know, it appears that the story will center around the mysteries surrounding the fate of The Shimmer Mark's crew. The developers have also spoken on a commitment to bringing more players into the franchise while not alienating those who are already fans of the franchise. It seems that, at any rate, this title is in well and capable hands. All around, this makes exploring the worlds of the Versanto system all the more exciting for players, both new and old.

GameplayFrantic combat in Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds with ability indicators.

Here comes the section that many of the Risk of Rain fans and those unfamiliar with the franchise have no doubt been waiting for. The gameplay of Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, in many ways, is its bread & butter, so to speak. This can be seen in not only the emphasis on gameplay within developer statements and trailers. But this can also be seen in the emphasis on bringing players a stellar gameplay experience on mobile. As mentioned above, Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds is an ARPG, meaning that there is a strong focus on combat. This focus, coupled with the game's loot-centric gameplay loop, is sure to be popular with fans of replayability.

Coupled with these fantastic ARPG features is a hero collection system. This not only is a great way to incentivize players to play the game consistently but also leads to an incredible feeling of progression and reward. Players can collect a number of different heroes, each of which varies in their applications & uses. This ensures that there is something here for everyone, regardless of the individual's playstyle or experience. The gameplay, overall, seems to be a tight balance of strategic and fast-paced combat. Players will have to time and land their abilities for maximum efficiency. This will surely create a fantastic feedback loop of risk and reward in the game.

There will be a tremendous amount of challenging bosses to face in the game as well. This is sure to not only excite fans of the franchise but offer substantial rewards to newer players as well. The game also has a cooperative core that is reinforced by its inclusion of a fully fleshed-out cooperative mode. This is sure to bring a ton of joy and entertainment to those who enjoy ARPGs, hero collectors, or looter-shooters.

DevelopmentItem Collection mechanics in Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds.

Development for this title appears to be coming along smoothly. The developers at Frima Studio are already undergoing regional tests for the game. So far, the only confirmed location of these tests is in the Philippines. As alluded to above, a strong focus is on bringing more players into the Risk of Rain franchise through the mobile market. All in all, this seems like an excellent plan for success going forward. The developers at Frima Studio have been well-tested. They have also done a great job of providing quality titles. These titles include games such as Forza StreetDisciples of Liberation, and perhaps most notably, some games set in the world of Harry Potter. To close, Frima Studio appears to be a very capable studio that is handling the creation of a title within this beloved IP beautifully.


Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds | Announce Trailer

Now, for our next section, we will cover the recently released announcement trailer for Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds. Within this trailer, we get a glimpse of not only the game's phenomenal ARPG combat but also its hero collecting systems. Players can no doubt look forward to collecting some of their favorite Risk of Rain characters, each with different skills & abilities. This will not only ensure the game has a great sense of longevity. But it will also vary the ways that players can play. Within the beautifully stylized trailer, we can glean a lot of information.

For example, we see cooperative play on display in the trailer. This has long been a hallmark feature of the Risk of Rain franchise. Therefore, its inclusion within this new mobile title is fantastic. The free-to-play nature of the game is also sure to help in this regard. This not only makes the game incredibly accessible for players around the world but encourages cooperation between them as well. In short, the announcement trailer for Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds is phenomenal.

Release Date, Platforms & EditionsA player using lightning abilities in Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds.

Now, for our last section, we will cover the release date, platforms, and editions of the game. As of writing this, there is no release date currently announced. As far as platforms go, the game will undoubtedly be on mobile devices such as iOS Android. Different editions of the game have not been announced as of yet. In conclusion, we will simply have to wait and see what comes down the pipeline with this incredibly promising title.

So, what's your take on Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds — Everything We Know? Are you looking forward to the game's release? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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