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5 Best RPGs on iOS & Android (April 2024)

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Characters standing against a blue backdrop in Ex Astris, a mobile RPG on iOS & Android.

The vast worlds offered within the RPG landscape are simply beautiful to behold. These games are ones to which players can grow attached, with characters and stories that stay with us far beyond the game's runtime. With the month of April well underway, now is a great time to look at some of the titles that have impressed us the most as of late. These titles, each in their own way, manage to bring a sense of wonder and joy to the player. To showcase some of these fantastic titles, enjoy our picks for the 5 Best RPGs on iOS & Android. 

5. Ever Legion

Ever Legion (Trailer) / Game / Infinity Games level

To kick off our list today of the best RPGs available on iOS & Android, we have Ever Legion. This game not only manages to bring a massive fantasy world to life but does so in a way that immerses the player in the game's mechanics and community. Players can work alongside one another and create massive guilds. In doing so, you can travel throughout a beautifully rendered fantasy world and find your own adventures. This gives the game a sense of freedom that is present throughout its runtime, making it great for players to enjoy a more laid-back experience. 

Additionally, the game features a healthy dose of strategy for players who enjoy that type of gameplay. Players are able to form parties using the wide array of Heroes on offer. Each of these heroes has their own backstory and lore and comes from a faction with their own rich histories to discover. This makes the connection built between the player and these characters all the more palpable. All around, Ever Legion is one of the best RPGs on iOS & Android for fans of the genre. 

4. Ex Astris

Ex Astris Gameplay Introduction Trailer

We are moving right along to our next entry. Here, we have Ex Astris. For fans of the RPG and JRPG genres, this title should no doubt appeal to you. The game features a sleek art style that makes the game's unique characters pop off of the screen. Ex Astris also features turn-based combat for fans of more strategic gameplay but also manages to present it in a way that is very beginner-friendly, regardless of your experience. The game features a fleshed-out progression system and a world for players to explore and discover their own paths through. 

Along the way, players will be met with a cast of memorable characters with their own sense of history and belonging to the world. This not only does a great job of grounding the experience but also gives players a reward for going somewhat off of the beaten path, so to speak. In addition to this, the game features a fantastic combat system in which the player's team members can combine forces to become immensely powerful. All around, Ex Astris is a great title and one of the best RPGs on iOS & Android

3. Legend of Mushroom

Legend of Mushroom Official Launch Trailer

The next entry on our list of the best RPGs on iOS & Android is Legend of Mushroom. Despite being the most recently released title on our list today, the attention surrounding this title is undoubtedly impressive. The game features a charming and cute aesthetic, which is sure to get players in the door. Here, they will find a game with excellent class-based mechanics, as well as a thrilling world to explore. Players will be rewarded greatly for going and exploring the world and defeating massive enemies. The game features a boss challenge mode, which is excellent for more combat-oriented players. 

The class-based system in the game also gives players a wonderful amount of freedom regarding what kind of warrior they wish to be. This is fantastic, as it gives the player plenty of adventures for enjoyment, regardless of their tastes. The game also features a unique equipment system, forgoing the more traditional grinding that most mobile RPGs employ. In short, Legend of Mushroom has made quite the impression since its release, becoming one of the best RPGs on iOS & Android

2. Feign

The next entry on our list today is Feign. This title takes the cute and charming aesthetics and aspects of other titles on this list and improves upon them in many ways. The game's core premise is also interesting for players to work their way through as well. In Feign, players are able to play with up to a maximum of twelve players. Here, they will have to decipher which among them has lost their minds. This gives the game a rather social aspect, which is wonderful for mobile titles such as these. Additionally, the game's RPG mechanics do a great job of reinforcing the game's core premise as well. 

Players who are cast in the role of the killer also have their own special gameplay loop as well. These players are in charge of eliminating players who hold too much information. In doing so, players will have to skulk about and be sneaky if they hope not to get caught. In the game, there is also a voting system for players to partake in. This is done both to encourage communication between players as well as give the game an inherent sense of structure. To close, Feign is one of the best RPGs on iOS & Android

1. AFK Journey

AFK Journey — "Echoes of Devastation" Official Story Trailer

Now comes the time for our final entry today. Here, we have AFK Journey. As the name implies, AFK Journey can be played idly. This not only allows the player to continue through the game at their own pace but also rewards them for keeping up with the game in their own way. The game is basked in a fantasy aesthetic, one that is made possible by the game's core premise of being set within the bounds of a storybook. The world of Esperia is one that quickly opens itself up to the player, allowing them to accomplish tasks at their own pace. 

The game features tactical gameplay that both strategy and auto-battler fans can enjoy. This ensures that no matter how you enjoy playing the game, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Aiding in this sense of open-ended design is the game's approach to its battlefields. These battlefields greatly give the player an advantage or disadvantage, depending on the context. This is wonderful, as it makes the game feel more immersive and alive. In conclusion, AFK Journey is one of the best RPGs available on iOS & Android

 So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best RPGs on iOS & Android? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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