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Pinocchio Meet Souls, Souls Meet Pinocchio: 5 Things We Know About Lies of P



Honestly, whoever it was that stitched Pinocchio and Bloodborne together must have had some pretty bizarre dreams. And yet, from what we've seen so far of the Souls-like game, the Belle Époque world could very well be the breath of fresh air we've all craved since Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice phased out. But what is Lies of P, and where on earth does Pinocchio fit into this deranged world that bleeds monochrome and malevolence?

First brought to life back in 2021, Lies of P was coined as a Souls-like action-adventure game that cast its focus on Carlo Collodi's children's novel, Pinocchio. However, rather than aiming it towards a younger audience, the proposed Lies of P instead posed as a dark and dingy noir-like world, in which the titular character opted for blades over strings. Think American McGee's Alice — but with Pinocchio wielding a cutlass. That's Lies of P, in a nutshell. Still interested? Right, then let's continue.


5. A World in Ruin

As much as we'd hate to compare Lies of P with the universally acclaimed Bloodborne, its gloomy setting does unfortunately ring all the necessary bells to kickstart our questions into ignition. But technically, that isn't a bad thing. Lies of P, despite its similarities, still looks incredibly gloomy, in the most stunning way imaginable, of course.

Overall, Lies of P's city of Krat looks like a promising concept with an infinite number of pockets to explore. It's dark, it's twisted, and it'll definitely remind you of that time you circled Yharnam in Bloodborne a few years back.


4. Where's Geppetto?

LIES OF P Gameplay Trailer (New Brutal Action RPG Game 2022)

With Krat thrown into turmoil and overrun by killer puppets, Pinocchio must wade through the city streets and locate his creator Geppetto in order to reverse the madness that has plunged the world into everlasting darkness.

According to the devs, the game will also feature some “profound narrative choices”, which means you can expect multiple endings depending on how you navigate the world as the rogue puppet. Whether or not that means you'll be able to lie to the point of being able to use your nose as a weapon is another question. All in all, it sounds like a good and evil sort of situation, with every decision paving the way to your character's destiny, be it filled with joy or sorrow.


3. Skin of Souls

Sourcing its inspiration from the likes of Dark Souls and other FromSoftware games, Lies of P will most definitely feature a whole lot of challenging situations. So, that means you can go ahead and expect stupidly difficult boss battles and harsh obstacles to overcome.

On the exterior of its shell, the game takes the appearance of a role-playing game with multiple story arcs. Swirling within, however, is an army of possessed foes that will stop at nothing to assure you meet your demise a thousand times over. So, expect a lot of death. It's on the cards whether you like it or not, unfortunately.


2. Release Date

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that we'll catch Lies of P this year, and maybe even in 2023. Sadly, the devs have refrained from telling us a rough release window, though many have made the effort to try and uncover the ballpark.

With a short gameplay trailer being put out last November, it does mean the game is in its alpha state of development. But as far as an actual release date goes for the finished product, I wouldn't get your hopes up for anything in 2022. E3 2022, however, could shed a little more light on it. Either way, it's definitely in the works, and we have a whole lot of faith in Round 8 Studios to get the job done.


1. Platforms

As far as platforms go, Lies of P will more than likely secure roots on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC. It's unclear whether or not the game will latch onto Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the distant future, but we're hoping to be clued in before the year is out.

Of course, you can follow the updates for the game over on the official social handle here. In the meantime, we'll be keeping our ear to the ground for any future teasers. Should there be any more content in the pipeline, then we'll have it covered.


So, what do you make of Lies of P? Will you be picking it up when it rolls along? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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