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One Piece Odyssey: Everything We Know



One Piece is an iconic anime and manga series that is getting a new video game based on the best-selling manga. The game titled One Piece Odyssey follows captain Monkey D. Luffy and many of his crewmates in a story that is unique to One Piece Odyssey. The game is an RPG that pulls heavily from JRPG influences. The author of the series Eiichiro Oda also has had direct involvement with the project, so expectations are high for this adventure. So, without further ado, here is One Piece Odyssey: Everything We Know.


5. The Story Will Be Original

The story for One Piece Odyssey was crafted by series author Eiichiro Oda exclusively for the game. This means that the characters within the game are exclusive to the game. This is also true of the storyline, which promises to be a classic One Piece adventure, that hopes to invoke nostalgia in the hearts of fans. Within the new story is new monster designs. The monsters are designed by Oda himself just for the game. If the monster designs from the series are anything to go by, expect wacky yet striking designs for this game's creatures.

This original story has a unique way in which it is told. The combat within the game is turn-based which is relatively uncommon within a One Piece game. This is shaping into an interesting twist in how the game is presented. In addition, each Straw Hat Pirate has its unique skills. Iconic locations also play a role in the World of Memories system. Allowing players to see beloved settings from the franchise. All in all, this story is shaping up to be something rather special and should be enjoyed by players when the game releases on January, 13,2023.


4. The World of Memories

The World of Memories system will allow players to travel to iconic locations and battles in the One Piece timeline. This is made possible by one of the unique locations within the new game, which allows the game to tinker with the flow of time. Players familiar with the series will no doubt recognize these locations. Such as Alabasta and Water 7, as they are the settings for pivotal arcs. These settings often are just as memorable as the events that take place there in the story.

The manipulation of events within the game allows the player to visit a setting without rehashing the manga's events. This should be fantastic for new series fans who haven't reached a certain point in the story or want to enjoy these what-if scenarios for what they are. In conclusion, these memory manipulations are a great way of using the content from the main story and doing so in a way that does not interfere with canon material. If players are familiar with the story of One Piece, then they should undoubtedly enjoy the story offered within this game.


3. Player's Parties Will Be Customizable  

Players who have wished they could recruit the Straw Hats in their missions will soon be able to. One Piece Odyssey will allow players to choose from the roster of main characters to add to their active party. This will give your party various abilities in the world and combat. This means that there will be quite a bit of strategy involved. This is based on who you bring into battle with you. This means certain characters will have strengths and weaknesses in certain situations that can be used or exploited by an enemy.

Having customizable parties is great for fans of the series. This is because it allows players to play as their favorite Straw Hat. As these characters are so beloved by their fanbase, it will surely be a hit with players, so if you have ever wanted to slice up foes as Zoro. Or you want to make skull jokes with Brook, now is your chance. Certain characters will have to be in your party. This is to ensure you can accomplish specific tasks. Such as Chopper crawling through a small space or Zoro slicing up a barrier, making all the crew have their unique uses.


2. Dramatic Scene System

The Dramatic Scene System is at the heart of what seemingly will make One Piece Odyssey unique. This system allows random events and modifiers to be placed on the characters, increasing the reward for circumventing these challenges. In addition, these changes hope to bring some variety into the gameplay, which seems to be more story-focused than battle-focused. While battle does play a role, the turn-based nature of the combat means more focus on character positioning and matchups.

This system hopes to add an amount of adventure to the gameplay as you don't know what to expect. Players will also be able to chain together attacks with certain characters, given specific conditions are met. So players wanting to use their camaraderie, as well as the Straw Hats do in the manga and anime, will be able to do so. Adding some incentive to completing this content is also a brilliant idea for the developers. They are making it so that players who decide to do this content will be rewarded for it, which is excellent.


1. True to Source Material

One Piece Odyssey hopes to capture what makes the One Piece series so popular—namely, the characters and vibrant world. The developers have chosen to do this in several ways. One of the significant ways that they hope to imagine One Piece‘s world is by studying the source material. One Piece is a series that is hard to replicate, the balance between the dramatic and comedic, the tense and the fun-loving.

This duality is at the heart of what makes the series so great. It can be hard to replicate, especially in a video game. So the developers of One Piece Odyssey took much time to understand the series and its characters while working on the project. As any One Piece fan will tell you, there isn't a world quite like that of One Piece. This is undoubtedly due to the love poured into the characters and world that the game developers hope to replicate. But by staying faithful to the source material, the developers hope to ensure that the world they create will only enhance this timeless series.


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