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Official Halo Cookbook to Release this August



new halo cookbook is here

Agreed, cookbooks and video games have little to do with each other. And yet, somehow, we have official cookbooks for video games like Final Fantasy and Destiny. This week, The Witcher series also announced a cookbook based on the game. And now, Halo has decided to join the culinary bandwagon.

After a Halo TV show, the creators have announced a new Halo cookbook. The book in question is being penned by Victoria Rosenthal, who has also written recipe books for Fallout, Final Fantasy 14, and Destiny. The Master Chief's cookbook will be unveiled on August 16. Fans can buy the hardcover variant or go for its digital counterpart.

This book by Rosenthal has over 70 recipes inspired by the Halo game series. It promises “awesome appetizers, sumptuous snacks, decadent desserts, and main dishes to fuel even the hungriest of Spartans on the longest of missions.”

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Interestingly, the Halo games aren't exactly focused on food. Unlike Halo, The Witcher has Taverns and some iconic in-game drinks. However, as humans are involved in the video game, we are assuming that they eat.

The Witcher's official blog had posted some recipes online in the past. Those were based on the foods that players encounter in the game. With Halo, the 70 recipes remain a mystery.

If we take a look at the cover of the official Halo cookbook, we can assume that there are some extra-terrestrial savories like Triple decker burgers, fries, nuggets, and more. Of course, the book might feature some equally extra-terrestrial drinks.

These are only some guesses. But the lack of food in the video games has actually created a blank canvas for the cookbook. And we're sure that the creators must have gotten creative with it.

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