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343 May Introduce Classic Maps in Halo Infinite



halo infinite may get classic maps

Halo Infinite had some issues when it was launched. But regardless of that, the latest Halo title had one of the smoothest launches in 2021 and was well-liked by fans. Despite some persistent problems, fans have sided with the game and want it to succeed. Considering that the Halo series has a rich legacy, it doesn't come as a surprise that the creatives behind the game want to borrow some beloved elements from previous games.

Joseph Staten, the head creative for Halo Infinite, plays a key role in determining the direction of the game. Recently, Staten made an appearance on the Kinda Funny Xcast where Parris Lilly, the host, asked him why 343 wasn't bringing in classic Halo content to the latest Halo game.

Joseph Staten Joins Us to Talk Halo Infinite Season 2 - Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 90

To this, the creative head responded, “There are a lot of [classic Halo] maps that are awesome.” He further added that it would be awesome to play on those maps again. Staten did not guarantee that the older maps would be brought to Halo Infinite. He however commented that he would note down the idea.

Staten's response did not fully confirm that classic Halo maps could make their way to Infinite. But his reaction hinted at the fact that including classic Halo content wasn't a new proposition. If he did not plan on adding older content, he would have dismissed the idea right then and there. But he played along with the possibility of adding iconic maps which means that the creative team might be considering it.

In any case, Staten made nothing official and he probably wouldn't until there are some definite plans. As exciting as the idea sounds, this was a mere discussion and it may or may not manifest itself. Players will have to wait to find out whether the classic maps will be playable soon.


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