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The Witcher Fans Should Check Out the Official New Cookbook



the witcher recipe book

The Witcher is soon releasing an official cookbook for its fans to give them a taste of authentic food straight from the game's universe. CD Projekt Red, the developer, has announced inspired by The Witcher franchise is on its way.

Fans will be able to get their hands on the cookbook later this year in October. They can get the book as a hardcover copy or an e-book. The hardcover variant will cost $35 and its e-book counterpart will come with a price tag of $15. The Witcher cookbook is being published by the Ten Speed Press.

Fans would finally get to take a food tour of various in-game locations. They will now be able to taste fragrant stews, fortifying drinks, baked fruits, and much more. The Witcher players would know that they can get scrumptious dishes across various regions like Velen, Novigrad, and more.

the witcher cookbook

Image via Penguin Random House

It will be fun to see what all recipes have been added to the cookbook. Several recipes like Honey spice cake have already been published on the Witcher's official website. The video game features several tempting chicken, pork, and fish recipes. Needless to mention, the taverns in the game have some delicious drinks to offer as well.

Inside the book, players will find over 80 recipes that are inspired by in-game foods. The cookbook has been penned by Anita Sarna and Karolina Krupecka. Both are well-known for their food blogs, Nerds' Kitchen and Witcher Kitchen. Fans can pre-order the book on Penguin Random House, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and a few other e-commerce sites.

The Witcher won't be the first game to have its own recipe book. Earlier, Destiny and Final Fantasy had rolled out their recipe books, which gave players a taste of their universe. The announcement of the book comes right after the announcement of CD Projekt Red's next title in The Witcher series.

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