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Netflix Original “Kate” Is Getting A Game Next Month



Netflix Original film Kate, which only released earlier this month, is set to receive a video game adaptation on October 22nd, under the new title Kate: Collateral Damage. However, rather than releasing under the streaming giants growing arm of games, it will instead make its way to Steam. Go figure.

Like the movie, Kate: Collateral Damage follows the rougelike assassin with a ticking time bomb brewing in her chest. With only 24 hours on the clock until she meets her unfortunate demise, it’s up to the Tokyo-based hit-girl to bide her time by seeking the source of the poison and fast track revenge on her makers.

In order to keep the time rolling over, you, the lucky player, will have to hold a thread of kills and brutal executions, locate buffs and other key items — otherwise you’ll essentially keel over and die. Hello, permadeath. We totally didn’t miss you, by the way.

Kate: Collateral Damage

Netflix are at it again…

Of course this isn’t the first time Netflix has worked towards expanding its video game portfolio. With Stranger Things 3, Minecraft Story Mode and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (if you could class that as a video game) already drawing in new players to its domain, it’s clear Netflix are staying true to their word about delving deeper into the gaming world.

Whether Kate: Collateral Damage will live up to the hype of the movie or not is another story. But with the movie only being a couple of weeks old, it’s sort of difficult to say whether Kate, as a franchise, has even amassed any form of reputation yet anyway. Releasing a video game oughtta bolster that, though. Maybe.

Kate: Collateral Damage launches on Steam on October 22nd. 

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