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Meet the Dreams User That Recreated Kingdom Hearts in 12 Months



If there was ever a time for Square Enix to bury their heads in shame — now would be it. Thanks to one devoted Dreams extraordinaire and fellow accomplices, Kingdom Hearts in its entirety has been recreated through the very engine that births some of the wildest creations known to the community. But unlike Square’s thirteen-year development pattern for Kingdom Hearts 3, this talented bunch of creators have managed to replicate the game and go well beyond the boundaries in just twelve months. And boy — it sure does look incredible.

Over the past year, the user has been rebuilding Kingdom Hearts and all of its entwined worlds through Dreams. With both ambition and creativity driving the project, the Square Enix clone has harvested a genuine level of interest from fans of the franchise. And as it stands, the game is continuing to overcome obstacles and pursue next-level interest from players and developers alike.

12 Months of Creating a KINGDOM HEARTS Fan Game In DREAMS (PS4/PS5)

For shame, Square Enix. For shame!

With a slew of updates and a whole ocean of potential keeping the project ticking over, the coined Kingdom Hearts: Dive Into Dreams is now on the brink of becoming a standalone adventure for Dreams users. But that’s not the only thing the user has been pouring hours into. In fact, the mind behind the mould has also been dipping toes in the VR sphere, too. With a barrel of journeys being developed and uploaded into the mix, the Dreams user has been putting Square Enix to shame for well over a year now. And it’s only just beginning!

Apart from the usual Kingdom Hearts malarkey, Dive Into Dreams has also fought tooth and nail to snag some other familiar faces from other motion picture giants. With sneak previews showcasing the likes of Moana, Shrek and Treasure Planet stoking the fire, it’s evident that the project is aiming for more than a complete rehash of the series combined. And what’s more — it even has a story to boot.

“Sora is asleep. Namine has put him into a deep slumber to restore his memories. But in his dreams, a white-cloaked girl from the past connects with him and asks for his help. Set after Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.”

Kingdom Karts on DREAMS (Dev Update) - A Kingdom Hearts Racing Game

They’re even giving Nintendo a run for their money…

On top of the VR and Dive Into Dreams projects, the creator has also been working on a karting entry for the Kingdom Hearts domain. Yes — a karting game, where players can literally put Xehanort and other franchise favourites behind the wheel for some mind-bending and wacky racing. As if the standalone Kingdom Hearts game wasn’t enough of a challenge already, eh? Even still, I think it’s fair to say that the pandemic has truly summoned some magnificent talents and works of art over the last twelve months. It’s just that, well — this Dreams creator has outshined us all. Tenfold.

You can follow the updates for Kingdom Hearts: Dive Into Dreams on Twitter. Or if you’re delving into Dreams anytime soon, you can take a look at the worlds being brewed here.

Jord is an aspiring journalist and self-published author, as well as a lover of all things gaming and media.