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Lost Hellden: Everything We Know

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Ancient ruins beckon in the Lost Hellden

If you love JRPG games and are looking for something new to dive into, Lost Hellden might just be the next big thing for you. This game is set to take you on an adventure through a beautifully crafted world that's filled with complex choices and intriguing challenges.

As we get more excited, we're all eager to learn more about what Lost Hellden will offer. What secrets does this game hold? What kind of adventures and challenges will we face in its unique, hand-painted universe? If you have the same questions and want to learn more, just keep on reading. Here's everything we currently know about Lost Hellden.

What is Lost Hellden?

Adventurer explores mystical forest in Lost Hellden

Lost Hellden is an upcoming masterpiece in the realm of Japanese-inspired role-playing games, meticulously handcrafted by the seasoned artisans at Artisan Studios. With a legacy of creating captivating narratives and immersive gameplay through titles like Super Neptunia RPG, the studio now ventures into the enchanting world of Lost Hellden. This game will offer players a unique blend of traditional RPG elements infused with groundbreaking technological innovations.

At the heart of Lost Hellden's allure is its breathtaking visual presentation, featuring hand-painted artistry that brings the game's fantastical world to life. Coupled with dynamic lighting and weather effects, the game promises an aesthetic feast that will captivate players from the first moment they step into its vividly realized environments. Artisan Studios has pushed the envelope, integrating what they call “Deep 2D” technology to allow for a seamless fusion of two-dimensional art with three-dimensional gameplay mechanics, setting a new standard for visual storytelling in video games.


Lone figure approaches ruins in Lost Hellden

Lost Hellden will take us to a world named Era, where every person carries a unique challenge from the day they are born. This challenge comes from a special ceremony called the Nexus Ritual, which connects them to one of the Seven Deadly Sins. This connection means they must spend their lives fighting against doing wrong things that come from these sins. If they give in, they turn into wild, dangerous creatures. To keep everyone safe and on the right path, a group called the Arkhons, who are like guardians, watch over the people and deal with any monsters that might appear.

In this world, something very unusual happens: a woman has twins, which has never happened before. During their Nexus Ritual, something unexpected occurs. One twin ends up connected to all seven sins, a heavy burden unlike any other, while his brother is free from any sin connection at all. This event is so significant that it changes their lives in ways no one could have predicted. They are taken to the capital city, Avilah, to be raised under the Arkhons' careful guidance, away from the outside world.

However, their story takes a twist when Leht, the twin burdened with all seven sins, leaves the city. His sinless brother, Cyphel, sets out to find him. They are not alone, though; two experienced Arkhons, Gram and Enki, accompany Cyphel to assist him. Their mission to retrieve Leht evolves into an adventure of self-discovery, forcing them to confront numerous dangers and uncover their true destinies. Through this journey, the brothers find out more about themselves, each other, and the true meaning of their existence.


Heroes fight mystical beast in Lost Hellden game

Lost Hellden has just been revealed, and we are waiting to see what the game will look like in action. The details are still a bit of a secret, but based on what the developers have shared, here's what we can expect from the game. The game will take place in a beautiful world that looks like it's been painted by hand. This world will change with different lighting and weather, which will make the game even more interesting to play. Players will get to explore this world and see how beautiful it looks.

In the game, you'll be able to play as eight different characters. Each one has their own story that connects to the game's big story about the Seven Deadly Sins. You can change how these characters look and what they can do. This means you can play the game in your own way, making choices that affect the story. The fighting in the game will mix quick action with careful planning. Also, you can fight in a way that suits you best, whether you like to think about your moves or jump right into the action.

Furthermore, one of the unique things about Lost Hellden is its Deep 2D technology. This will let you move around in a 3D space that looks like a 2D painting. It's a new way to play that makes the game feel like you're inside a beautiful piece of art. As you go through the game, you'll face challenges that need both smart thinking and quick reactions. So, with its great story, interesting gameplay, and beautiful art, the game is promising to be a game that's different from anything else.


Warrior strikes giant foe in Lost Hellden

Lost Hellden is being developed by Artisan Studios and will be published by the same team known for their rich experience in crafting narrative-driven RPGs. The game promises an auditory feast, with music and audio direction by the legendary Hitoshi Sakimoto. His previous works have graced titles like Final Fantasy XII and Tactics Ogre. So, this collaboration aims to imbue Lost Hellden's world with a sonic depth that complements its visual beauty.


Lost Hellden - Announcement Trailer - 4K

Artisan Studios just dropped a sneak peek of Lost Hellden with a brief trailer. It shows off the game's world and characters. Check out the video right above to see for yourself!

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

Player battles the giant creature in Lost Hellden

Artisan Studios plans to launch Lost Hellden in 2025 and has confirmed that it will be available on a wide range of platforms. It includes PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. Also, as the release date approaches, the studio will reveal more details about editions and exclusive content. For the latest updates and announcements, you can follow the official social media accounts of the developers here.

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