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Judas Vs. Bioshock

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Judas Vs Bioshock

Creative director, developer, co-founder, and auteur Ken Levine is a signature developer who gave the world the infinitely impressive Bioshock series. Prior to this, he was behind the 1998 Thief: The Dark Project and soon after co-founded his enterprise, Irrational Games. The studio is behind the famous retrofuturistic RPG series Bioshock. 

Undeniably, Bioshock is Levine's finest offering, seamlessly blending a compelling narrative with immersive gameplay. The series is a pacemaker in the RPG genre that keeps improving with every release. From the graphics to the soundtrack, the game exceptionally sets the tone for a creepy dive into the forgotten city of Rapture.

Years later, Irrational Games rebranded as “Ghost Story Games” with the premise of venturing into a fresh start separate from Irrational Games. The studio's first project, Judas, is still in the works, but rumor has it that it'll be a benchmark like BioShock. Making its trailer debut at The Game Awards 2022, Judas is a close kin to BioShock. It's no surprise since both games have the same mastermind at the wheel. However, striking differences set the two first-person shooter games apart. In case you're wondering which is the lead title, here is a comparative outlook between Judas and BioShock. You be the judge.

What is BioShock?

BioShock Infinite Premiere Trailer

BioShock is an action-packed first-person shooter developed by Irrational Games (formerly 2K Boston). It is the first installment in the BioShock series released for Xbox 360 and PC. The game revolves around a sci-fi mystery in the forgotten Utopian undercity of Rapture. The city is Andrew Ryan’s creation, he wishes to create a haven for the elite away from government rules and interference. This freedom led to revolutionary discoveries, including ADAM, a gene-altering element born from sea slugs, and plasmids that grant users telekinesis and pyrokinesis powers. 

However, the city soon became engulfed in the captive jaws of capitalism. The gap between the rich and poor grew larger, which gave birth to revolutionaries opposing scientific works. Moreover, Ryan's atrocious acts of breeding slugs in orphaned girls dubbed “The Little Sisters” sparked a serious revolt against his work. As a result, the once-beloved city for the affluent turns into a war zone between the rich and poor factions.

Players take on the role of Jack, who finds himself in the middle of the conflict after surviving a plane crash. A renegade in the less-wealthy faction, Atlas, makes contact with Jack and asks him to aid his revolution in stopping Ryan. Of course, Ryan gets a whiff of Jack's intentions and makes his travels to the city treacherous. However, Atlas guides Jack through the city, but it's up to you to fight off the genetically altered humans. From its inception, the game immerses you in its storyline, conveyed by audio logs and radio transmissions from characters. 

What is Judas?

JUDAS Trailer 4K (New Bioshock Inspired Game 2023)

Judas is an upcoming first-person shooter game from Ghost Story Games. The game will be available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The studio made the game's announcement during The Game Awards 2022 in a cinematic trailer. We still don't know much about the game other than that it is a futuristic, space-based rendition of BioShock. The trailer focuses on a female character's desperate quest to return home. However, she needs “one of them” to return. It's safe to assume the “them” she's referring to are the law enforcers in the supposedly new utopian city. 

“A disintegrating starship. A desperate escape plan. You are the mysterious and troubled Judas. Your only hope for survival is to make or break alliances with your worst enemies. “Will you work together to fix what you broke—or will you leave it to burn?” reads the game's description on the website. 


Judas Vs Bioshock

Unsurprisingly, the two games characteristically share the same gameplay. Although we only get a glimpse of Judas with its 1-minute 30-second trailer, it's safe to say that fans of Bioshock will relish yet another of Ken Levine's creations. In BioShock, players interact with enemy forces using weapons and plasmids. Similarly, Judas also portrays the protagonist using plasmids for superhuman abilities. However, it's still fuzzy over how they work. Moreover, both games pit the protagonist against a wave of sci-fi enemies.

Although Levine stated that his next game would be a more captivating simulation game as opposed to a linear FPS, Judas sounds like a spiritual successor to the series so far. A striking similarity is in Judas' opening scene in its trailer, where we immediately see the female character in anguish and full of scars against a background of debris and fire. In a similar fashion, BioShock starts after Jack survives the crash and is surrounded by flames and wreckage. 

Moreover, Judas maintains several character design elements, as in BioShock. The characters will also play major roles in the upcoming title, similar to BioShock. From the trailer, we expect the protagonist to team up with the characters on some quests. 

Furthermore, we assume that Judas will have multiple endings depending on the player's choice. The trailer suggests that the player needs “one of them” to make it home and then proceeds to display various characters. It seems that the game's narrative may branch out into distinct endings, as seen in BioShock. In the latter, the game's ending depends on Jack's interaction with the Little Sisters. 

Judas vs. Bioshock: Which is Better?

When put on paper, both games seem to fit the threshold of award-winning uniquely. However, it may be premature to pin the tail on the donkey with Judas, since little is still known about the game. Albeit this, with Ken Levine as the ship's captain, we expect nothing less than an action-packed RPG and an impressive aesthetic that complements that immersive storyline. 

As for BioShock, the game continues to reign as a benchmark in the industry. We hope Judas lives up to his legacy and raises the bar a notch higher. 

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our Judas vs Bioshock verdict? Which of the two games do you prefer? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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