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Interview: Adriano “WOOD7” Cerato – Professional CS:GO Player

Interview: Adriano "WOOD7" Cerato - Professional CS:GO Player



The first interview of many who will come to our portal is with the professional Counter Strike Global Offensive player Adriano “WOOD7” Cerato. The Brazilian is 24 years old and is currently a player of the Bravos team, which disputes several championships in the Brazilian territory. Adriano tells us at Gaming Net how he emerged in the competitive scenario of CS:GO, remarkable moments of his career and expectations.

Interview: Adriano "WOOD7" Cerato - Professional CS:GO Player

How did you start on Counter Strike until you became a professional player?

“My beginning as a player was in Counter Strike 1.6 where I played for 3 years until the end of 2011, that year I started my career as a football player on the under-20 team in my city when I was 16 years old. After that I started playing League of Legends, where I got very close to being a professional, but I had to drop out because I was studying Civil Engineering. A while later, I returned to Counter Strike but already in Global Offensive, and together with an acquaintance who played CS 1.6 8 years ago, we returned to play together by building a team of friends. We started playing in the Amateur League of CS:GO, and several well-known names from the scene passed through our team, Leonardo “LeoGOD” Silva, Matheus “Tuurtle” Anhaia and Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato, who now defends FURIA. We kept growing with the same team, I ended up playing for INTZ and Nox Gaming, two teams from the Gamers Club Pro League, then returning to my friends’ team”.

What was the most remarkable moment in your career as a CS athlete so far?

“The most memorable moment of my career was last year when I had to stop playing due to personal stress, it was a very difficult decision, thinking that I would never play again. We had a very good team, we were playing at the Top 3 level in Brazil, I liked to play with my teammates. After a few months, we played a Masters qualifier for fun with some friends and managed to qualify. It was a low point and a high point that most marked me”.

How is your life outside of CS: GO? Do you dedicate yourself 100% to the game or do you have any other job?

“I was never able to dedicate 100% of my time to the game, I have a degree in Civil Engineering and worked in my father’s company for over 10 years. When I played for C4 Gaming I studied at night, worked morning and afternoon and played CS:GO at dawn, it was a very busy and stressful life. After graduating my routine changed, where I managed to dedicate more time to train and also to my girlfriend, who has been together for 8 years. Now at Bravos, it’s the first time that I can dedicate myself 100% to the game, train at GH, study the game, I finally have time to dedicate myself to the game”.

Did you ever think about giving up being a professional player? Did you try your career in some other modality?

“As I mentioned earlier, at the time of C4 Gaming I had to give up, we were at a very high level, and personal problems did not let me continue, causing my life to get out of control and the best way to end it was to stop play. I thought I was not going to play again, but 3 months later after getting better, I started playing again and everything settled down”.

Which CS: GO player do you have as inspiration?

“The person I am most inspired by is Gabriel” FalleN “Toledo, maybe I am the person who most watched FalleN play. Since his first appearance, I watched him, at that time I watched all games and championships. Since he arrived at FireGamers, the retirement process of Raphael “cogu” Camargo, I followed everything. I watched all his games on CS 1.6, but when he migrated to CS:GO, I was dedicating myself to League of Legends, but even so, I watched the championships he was present at. All of this inspires me, for everything he did here in Brazil and I dream of playing with him one day”.

What are your expectations for the remaining Bravos games in CLUTCH Season 2?

“Our expectations for Clutch are the best possible, we entered the championship as one of the outstanding teams, with the potential to surprise. And that’s what we’re looking for, a campaign that can surprise all teams”.

At the Gamers Club Masters IV in December, still with the RUFUS team, you fell into the knockout stage for the champion paiN, how was the experience of that championship?

“It was a very good experience to have played Gamers Club Masters IV, we entered the championship from 4 consecutive titles in December. We were aware that we could have gone further, reaching the final or winning the title, as our game was very well matched, the players’ phase and confidence was very high. It was really great to beat Tier 1 teams in Brazil and have beaten PaiN, but it was a little like we could have gone further”.

In the last few days, you competed in the qualifiers for ESL One Rio and Flashpoint, but not being able to qualify, do you take any learning to the next competitions?

“We participated in the Flashpoint qualifier, the two from Minor and WESG. It was a good experience even with the team for a while without training due to the holidays, but there was a feeling that we could have gone further by getting the places. We arrived in all the qualifiers and when we had the opportunity to play against the Tier 1 teams, we were unable to play our best game, but we were consistent against more balanced teams. The positive side is that our team is able to evolve in these games against the big teams, the general summary is that we had several positive points, we were sad that we didn’t get the places, but we showed evolution ”.

What was the CS:GO event that you played that most marked you today?

“The two Gamers Club Masters that I played. It is a spectacular event, the first one I played was right after playing again, the last one in Maresias was 8 days being treated like kings, GC did an incredible job and marked me a lot. I want to play every edition because for the teams and players it is very beneficial, it is the true Brazilian Major”.

What is your biggest dream as a CS:GO player?

“My biggest dream as a player is to build a CS:GO team with friends, dominate the competitive scenario in Brazil and after that go abroad and consolidate myself as a winning team”.

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Brazilian, 23 years old, I follow eSports since 2010 with a good experience in Counter Strike Global Offensive, Fortnite, Free Fire and League of Legends with articles and news published in the electronic sports scene.


Veronica Gonzales, Design & Marketing at INTO THE AM – Interview Series

Veronica Gonzales, Design & Marketing at INTO THE AM - Interview Series



Veronica Gonzales, Design & Marketing at INTO THE AM - Interview Series

Veronica is a graphic designer and is a member of the design and marketing team at INTO THE AM. They are curators of all over print clothing, and they have a strong connection to the gaming community with their graphic tees and other core products.

Do you remember the first game that you played?

The first game I played was the original Sonic game on Sega Genesis.

When did you start getting serious about gaming?

Gaming was always something I felt dedicated to, but when Twitch and streaming games started back in 2013 this was when I started taking gaming seriously.

Can you walk us through one of your finest gaming moments?

Competitive multiplayer games can get extremely intense. Being the last person left on your team, knowing you need to get the win for everyone, and then being able to secure that victory will always be one of my greatest gaming moments.

What is one of your career highlights?

Within the gaming industry, networking is a huge part of being successful, one of my biggest highlights was being able to join the EA Game Changers Program. Being able to promote the EA brand and be seen as an Influential player for the community is something I will always honor.

What inspired you to begin streaming?

When Twitch first started, I watched other streamers get to play the games they enjoyed while providing entertainment and content for others to watch. It made me want to try and build a community of my own with gamers who enjoy the same content as me.

What are your favorite games and why?

EAsports NHL – This is the one sports game I enjoy playing the most. The 6 player team play mode is the most fun. Being able to have 6 friends play as a full team always leads to a great night of gaming.

MMO games – Massive Multiplayer Online games like Elder Scrolls Online, Bless Unleashed, Warframe let you build a guild, work together to level up for better gear, and have many different content options for group gameplay that lets you have fun spending hours to get your player to the highest level.

Competitive Team Games – First-person competitive team games like Halo, Call of Duty, Overwatch are always intense and fun when you are a part of the winning team.

How often do you play?

I play games every day. Even if I am not streaming I will still get on my Xbox and play something. On weekdays normally I will play for 4-6 hours. During the weekend it can range from 8-10 hours.

Would you join a professional esports team league or start your own?

I was part of an esports team as one of their Streamers. The name was World’s Best Gaming. They had professional players for Fortnite and Gears of War. We had discussions about starting our own NHL EA Sports team. However, at the time my schedule was not flexible for me to dedicate time to that project. That esports team no longer exists. I have thought about joining a new esports team because the people you meet within a group like that is very beneficial to helping a person grow.

I used to think about starting my own esports team, but that takes a lot of time and dedication. Which I do not feel I can commit to at this time in my life.

You are a member of the design/marketing team at INTO THE AM. Could you tell us about this company?

During Twitchcon 2017 I had the opportunity to sign up to be an affiliate for INTO THE AM. After that, I received an email telling me I was accepted and could start promoting the company. I had worked with other companies with affiliate programs and INTO THE AM was always the best when it came to communication and caring about their partners.

This made me love the brand even more, once I found out of an opportunity to join their Team I jumped at the chance. Everything I knew from the company’s great communication and respect to me as a Streamer/Gamer was the same when working in the office.

INTO THE AM has a strong connection with the gaming community and offers some cool licensed gaming content. What are some of the products that are offered?

INTO THE AM has had apparel for video games like God of War, Assassins Creed,

Smite, World of Warcraft and others. The products ranged from Pullover Hoodies, Shirts, and Blankets. They also had partnerships with Overwatch League, with products like Jerseys, Pullover Hoodies, and Blankets.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about INTO THE AM or esports?

INTO THE AM has always been about self-expression and passion. In my years of gaming and networking, I’ve learned that Content Creators and Professional esports players are extremely passionate about their work. This company is a great fit for any type of gamer.

Thank you for the interview, readers should visit at INTO THE AM to check out some of their cool gaming gear.

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Minko Minkov, Game Designer at Rebellious Software – Interview Series

Minko Minkov, Game Designer at Rebellious Software - Interview Series



Minko Minkov, Game Designer at Rebellious Software - Interview Series

Minko Minkov, is a Game Designer at Rebellious Software, a development company focused on making games that make you think.

When did you originally discover your passion for gaming?

I was 12 and I have just discovered fantasy books (“The Little Prince” and various gamebooks). I wanted to share those adventures with my friends but simply telling them what the book is about felt too boring, so I wanted to make them relieve these adventures. That is how I made my first game. It was of course a very simple dice game – a hero walking through a labyrinth, painted in a notebook.

Do you have a personal favorite game and why does this game resonate with you?

A classic from 1999 – Heroes of Might and Magic III. I don’t like games with a very high pace or where quick reactions are needed. I am a very calm and laid-back person, so I enjoy this type of games. HOMM3 is a turned based strategy game (no time pressure) with a very hard-core fantasy style and up to 8 people can play together on the same PC – the perfect match for the children of the 90s in a small town, where only 1-2 families on the block could afford a PC.

What made you choose to become a game designer?

After making my first few games, I discovered that watching other people play games and try to overcome the obstacles and advance through the story is as much fun for me, or even more fun, then playing games myself. It brings me enormous joy to go into my imaginary worlds and create adventures, which help people to escape reality for a bit. It is the perfect job for me and I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to dream every day.

Could you tell us about Rebellious Software and what the company does?

After the amazing results at the NASA Space Apps Challenges, the guys gained enough confidence and wanted to start working on bigger projects, and it had to be something we are very passionate about. The direction was clear – gaming!

We are an indie game developer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our goal is to create games that challenge existing genres with creative innovations.

One of the first products that was launched was the Chicksbook app, could you describe what this does?

Chicksbook was developed before we switched to game development. It was part of the NASA Space Apps Challenge – the largest hackaton in the world with 25 000 participants. NASA Space Apps Challenge is an annual event that brings hot challenges that NASA was facing both in the daily life on Earth and in space exploration. Raising chickens at home during that period was among those problems as many people started doing it for more healthy products without any preparations which led to multiple diseases being spread across the USA. So, we created an app – Chicksbook that can help people raise their chickens, schedule vets appointments, detect diseases, etc. We event received recognition from USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture). All that was in 2013 and Chicksbook won one of the six categories in the hackaton.

Another early app was the leaf zone, what is this app?

Leafzone was another project developed for NASA Space Apps Challenge in the following year. You can use the app to take s photo of a plant and the app will tell you the species of the plant and whether it has any diseases. In addition, it was sending data to servers about how affected is the plant from the ozone holes which was the ultimate goal of the app – to gather information on where the ozone holes are most affecting plants. Leafzone was another successful application that won one of the six categories in the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2014.

World of Myths is the latest game that is being worked on, could you tell us about this game?

When we started with our first brainstorming sessions about the theme of our first major game, everyone made a list of their favorite fantasy themes, characters, books. In the end, all lines crossed at “Mythology” – the myths and legends of the ancient civilizations.

The game itself had to be a collectible card game (CCG) as we are all very passionate card game players. Combined, we have played almost every card game that was ever created – Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hearthstone, Legend of the Five Rings LCG, including the game that brought us all together – Game of Thrones LCG.

Using all the knowledge we have accumulated throughout the years, playing all those card games, we were able to put together some of the best elements, that would fit the digital format of the game and also create a combat system like no other.

The game board looks deceptively simple with only 5 slots for playing creatures, but the Endurance mechanic and the 3 different Temples, that can be plundered for various bonuses on each successful attack, makes for very deep and strategic gameplay, where luck (RNG) is reduced to a minimum. This is truly a skill-based game where every move counts – like chess with fantasy creatures!

Minko Minkov, Game Designer at Rebellious Software - Interview Series

What type of players would like this game?

The game is for the mid-core player. Someone who would like much less complexity and more manageable card pool than Magic, but deeper and more strategic gameplay then Hearthstone. It is truly free to play game with an amazing art style.

What do you enjoy the most when you work on World of Myths?

I personally love creating new cards. From the very first steps of digging through the books to find the right mythical creature, imagine what his abilities in the game should be and then testing for the balance and most importantly – the fun it would bring to use it in play!

Is there anything else that you would like to share about Rebellious Software?

We are a small but extremely motivated team, trying to outperform studios with 10 times our size in this very competitive industry. So far it is working well and the great reviews we have received for World of Myths on Steam (85% positive reviews) give us the strength to move forward.

Thank you for the great interview, readers who wish to learn more should visit Rebellious Software or should visit World of Myths.

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Daniel Yoo, Chief Marketing Officer at – Interviews Series

Daniel Yoo, Chief Marketing Officer at - Interviews Series



Daniel Yoo, Chief Marketing Officer at - Interviews Series

Daniel Yoo, Chief Marketing Officer at, a one one-stop shop for gaming stream highlights.

When did you first discover your passion for gaming?

My parents own a video game store in New Jersey that’s older than I am, so I was blessed with almost every gaming console since the 90’s. But I started taking gaming seriously after meeting dozens of competitive Starcraft and DotA players in the Pittsburgh area while I was an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon. Although universities didn’t have an official esports scene back then, there was a healthy underground scene for competitive gaming in and around Pittsburgh. After graduation, I pursued Starcraft 2 then Hearthstone professionally while playing poker as my main source of income. Although a wrist injury ended my competitive gaming career earlier than I liked, I’m still involved in competitive gaming with Riot’s newest card game, Legends of Runeterra, by sharing strategies and tips on Twitter, @runeterradex.


Could you tell us what is

With over 5 million monthly streamers and streams lasting up to 12 hours, it’s not fun to comb through long videos to look for the best scenes. Our mission at is to become the “SportsCenter for Gaming” by showing you only the best moments based on your preferences, whether they’re fails or high-level gameplays.


How did did the initial idea for come about?

Before came about, the co-founders Vijay Koduri, an ex-Googler, and Murali Raju, who previously started his own media company, wanted to build a tool that allowed users to create highlight compilations manually. As we discussed the possibilities, we realized that compiling gaming highlights can actually be automated through AI. We could detect the kills, the action scenes, and even the funny moments. So we interviewed hundreds of gaming fans about our idea and they loved it. Most of them followed 3-5 streamers and asked if we could extract the best moments from those streams while keeping the arc of the story.  So that’s what we set out to build. I’m proud to say that we’ve now built a great AI foundation for gamers.


How does the AI determine which moments to feature in the sizzle reel?

We analyze the video, audio, and chat from Twitch and YouTube. For instance, analyzing the video of the gameplay tells us the kills and action scenes. Our chat analysis can detect when an online audience is laughing, so we know it’s a funny moment. And our video and audio analysis can detect when a streamer is excited, so we clip those moments. With all of these detectors, we get a pretty thorough picture of the best moments for our sizzles. We also use artificial intelligence to determine how a highlight is compiled for a user based on their preferences. For example, I might be looking to improve as a Brimstone player in Valorant. would then personalize the highlights and show the high-level plays made by Brimstone.


What games are currently offered on your platform and which games are you working on adding next?

Initially, we started with Fortnite and League of Legends and recently added Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Warzone) and Valorant to our list of supported games. Since we’ve already built out the foundation for launching new games, we’ll be adding many more games in the upcoming months at an accelerating pace. Our goal is to eventually support the top 20 gaming titles on livestream platforms.


How has the feedback been from the gaming community?

Overwhelmingly positive. Based on the feedback we received, doesn’t cater only to the most serious gamers, but even the casual ones. I personally might be looking to only watch high-level plays in Valorant to improve my own gameplay, but another viewer might want to relax for the day and watch just the funny moments in Fortnite. We’re currently in the process of collecting as much data from users to better understand how we should personalize for different profiles.


For a streamer that wishes to join the network what’s the process?

If you have at least 10k followers/subscribers on Youtube or Twitch, you can introduce yourself and ask for an application our #content-creator channel in our Discord. You can also email us at


What’s next for the website?

More games and features. We’re currently in our beta stage to collect feedback and focus on product features such as personalizing highlights and the ability to create highlight compilations on your own. We’re also looking to expand our partnerships in esports to provide more value to gaming fans. Recently, we supported multiple Fortnite tournaments and produced highlights for the fans to enjoy. As we grow as a company, so will our involvements in esports.


Is there anything else that you would like to share about

We’ll be running tournaments and giveaways in our Discord channel for feedback. If you have a favorite game you’d like to mention, or maybe a new feature on our website, let us know by joining our Discord channel:

Thank you for the interview, readers who wish to learn more should visit

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