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Gundam Breaker 4: Everything We Know

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Gundam Breaker 4

Patience pays, huh? After nearly eight years of waiting for the next Gunpla, it’s finally here. It seems so long ago when you could play Gundam Breaker 3 on the PS Vita with friends online. Gundam Breaker 3 came out in 2016 for the PS5 and PS Vita. So, hey, Gundam fans, we can settle down now. There are only a few months, or hopefully, weeks, to go now. Then, we can all get down to building and customizing our little buddies again in the upcoming numbered entry. But what do we know so far about the new game? Is there a trailer and release date? Here’s everything we know about Gundam Breaker 4

What is Gundam Breaker 4?

Robot with a lighsaber vs robot

Gundam Breaker 4 is an upcoming robotic hack-and-slash looter game. It’s the next numbered title after Gundam Breaker 3 (2016) and is expected to launch sometime later this year. Players will create and customize their own Gunplas (Gundam plastic models). 

You’ll control their Gunplas in intense battles and fast-paced combat structured in single-player and online missions. You’ll destroy critical targets for the best loot and use them to build better Gunplas to engage in even more fierce battles. Overall, Gundam Breaker 4 focuses on building the most potent Gunpla to defeat enemies and show off with friends.



Unfortunately, we don’t have an official story yet. It might follow its predecessors and tell a story about a tournament. We’re also not sure whether you’ll be able to select dialogue options like before. We do know it’ll feature good old, customizable Gunpla mechs and have players control them in intense, riveting battles. The story is definitely something many Gundam fans are curious about, so who knows, we might get a story trailer sometime before the launch.


Fighting robot enemy

So, guess what? You can now customize both arms! I mean, changing arms was one thing. But now, you can wield two weapons on both hands at the same time. It creates more opportunities for unique combos. Talk about progress.  Gundam Breaker games have always revolved around riveting robot fights, and Gundam Breaker 4 will be no different. You’ll create and customize your unique Gunpla before charging them into combat missions. With over 250 different mobile suits to choose from, players will be spoiled for choice. 

Your goal is to break enemy parts for loot. You’ll also focus on building the perfect Gunpla, experimenting with paint schemes and using the new Diorama editor to capture fabulous shots. Further, you can choose to play solo or team up with up to three friends in co-op multiplayer. Take a look at the main gameplay elements to expect in the final game below.

  • Break – Use two different weapons at the same time in Gundam Breaker 4 to create unique combos and break off parts of your enemies to add them to your collection. It's your loot, so you get to keep it… and use it!
  • Build – Choose from over 250 base kits and combine their parts to build your perfect Gunpla.
Customize it with paint, weathering, and decals to make it uniquely your own and display it in the new Diorama Mode. With multiple backgrounds and special effects to choose from, you can create epic, dynamic scenes to share online!
  • Battle – Take your custom Gunpla on a variety of intense combat missions and put it to the test as you battle tough opponents in online or single-player modes. Fight with your friends, equip yourself with new abilities to gain an edge, and destroy your enemies!


set up player

The Gundam Breaker franchise has had a bit of a rough patch recently. New Gundam Breaker (2018) took a massive nosedive. Negative reviews flooded in post-release, with every gameplay element, from story to combat, crumbling down. It seems developer Craft & Master is planning to develop Gundam Breaker 4 using the same engine. And while that could be setting themselves up for failure, we already have significant improvements on Gundam Breaker 3 to speak of. 

Firstly, you can not only customize each arm but also devise unique combos thanks to the dual weapon wielding option. The new Diorama mode is also exciting, allowing individual players' creativity and artistic flair to thrive. Among all Gundam Breaker games, Gundam Breaker 4 will feature the highest number of base kits to build your personal Gunpla with. Here’s to hoping the new changes are enough to put Gundam Breaker 4 back at the top of the map.


GUNDAM BREAKER 4 - Announcement Trailer

Yes, the Gundam Breaker 4 trailer is out now. Feel free to watch it to get a feel for what to expect. I know, for one, that the music is very catchy. You might just find yourself blasting it on repeat a few times.

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions

Golden robots fight

For now, we can confirm Gundam Breaker 4 will be released sometime in 2024. Unfortunately, we don’t have a specific release date yet. However, we do know the game will launch on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms via Steam. You can pre-order as early as now, but first, check out the editions available for pre-order below.

Standard Edition:

  • Gundam Breaker 4 Base Game
  • Pre-order bonus
    • Builders Parts Early Unlocks
    • RX-78 Gundam Recirculation Color Early Unlock
  • Price: $59.99

Collector's Edition:

  • Gundam Breaker 4 Base Game 
  • Digital Soundtrack – 45 Tracks From The Game
  • Gunbarrel Strike Gundam (Gundam Breaker Ver.) exclusive Gunpla – Swap out various parts to create 3 different variations
  • Builders Parts Early Unlocks – 6 Early Unlocks to outfit your Gunpla
  • RX-78 Gundam Recirculation Color Early Unlock
  • Exclusive Steelbook
  • Preorder Bonus 
    • Builders Parts Early Unlock 
    • RX-78 Gundam Recirculation Color Early Unlock
  • Price: $89.99

Feel free to follow the official social handle here to keep track of new updates. Alternatively, stay tuned right here on, where we will upload further information on upcoming games as soon as they come up. Gunpla is FREEDOM!

So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Gundam Breaker 4 when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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