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Games on Steam: Sail into the Sunset



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we will visit enchanting forests, a desolate valley in the Alps, the dark dungeons of Suralim, and a pig farm in Kansas.


Let’s start this edition with a unique retro platformer. In Evo\Wave, you take the role of LAI-6, a robot whose goal is to restore the world’s order. As you try to disrupt the plans of MagnaVex, the game will take you through a few distinct graphical eras. And to circle up the 80’s feel, the game has a kickass synth-wave soundtrack. Evo\Wave is a solid casual game with an imaginative visual style that will entertain you for a few hours.

Games on Steam: Evo\Wave

A chill and atmospheric retro journey Steam


Next, we have a survival horror from Quarter Moon Games. Veneficium follows the story of a witch named Abigail, who is trying to locate her grandmother in a creepy forest.  Thing is, it is filled with demons, and you will have to move quietly and use the environment to your advantage. Luckily, you are able to create spells that might help you escape from tense situations. Filled with disturbing sounds, Veneficium creates a tense atmosphere that will constantly keep you turning. It may be a bit short, but it is also free, and I would recommend it to fans of the genre.

Games on Steam: Veneficium

A gloomy and immersive horror story Steam

Siralim Ultimate

Siralim Ultimate is a great choice for the fans of old-school turn-based RPGs. You can think of it as a mix of Diablo and Pokemon. You spawn in randomly generated dungeons, in which you will loot and catch new monsters. There are over 1200 of them, and you can even fuse them to create unique offsprings. Add to this a ton of classes, gems, and artifacts, and you will realize that this game gets deep very fast. If you are looking for a retro RPG in which you can immerse yourself for months, Siralim Ultimate should be high on that list.

Siralim Ultimate gameplay                                A dungeon-crawler with a ton of depth Steam


If you are looking for more games to scar you for life, why not try Mundaun? This hand-drawn horror title is set in one secluded valley in the Alps After your grandfather dies, you decided to travel to Mundaun to find what happened to him. Soon you find that something diabolical is terrorizing villagers. Without giving away much, Mundaun is a brooding and unique folk-horror story with a lot to explore and uncover. It’s also scary as hell.


Just how does a farmer tell a hitman that his pigs won’t be eating his victims anymore? This is the central premise of Adios, a cinematic adventure from Mischief. The game takes place in one day, in which your dialogue with a killer will determine your fate. Short but sweet, Adios packs an interesting story that will make you reflect on a life you never had.

Games on Steam: Adios

Can you just … walk away? Steam

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