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Games on Steam: A Piece of My Dying World



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we will try to escape from hell, psychoanalyze citizens of a dystopian country, descend into dark dungeons, and play a perfect game of volleyball.


To kick things off, we have a charmful 2D puzzle platformer that tasks you with escaping from an infernal hotel. To do this, you will have to constantly kill yourself and possess other bodies to make progress.  Oh, and make sure to keep the distance from numerous horrific creatures and bosses that are not too pleased with your appearance. Hellevator has a charming visual style that pairs well with the overall atmosphere. All in all, if you are looking for a platformer with smooth gameplay and intriguing riddles, that also isn't too serious, Hellevator is a perfect choice.

Hellevator gameplay

Find new ways to die and escape from hell Steam


Next, we have an addictive eSports arcade game where oversized hands play volleyball. Slappyball is fun and easy to learn, but mastering it will require quick reflexes and patience on the field. As your skills grow, you will be able to negotiate your salary and move up the rankings. So far, it seems like a perfect game to play with your friends, as co-operation is very important. Best of all, this is one of the free games to play on Steam.


Here is an intriguing revenge tale in which we take control of Ravenblood, a creepy creature that is half-vampire half-ghost. You have fallen weak, and to regain your powers you will have to explore unforgiving dungeons and eliminate Shadowhunters. This is the essence of Vampirem, a dark roguelite action/RPG made by WRF Studios. In it, it's better to fight smart, as the dungeons are filled with powerful bosses that want to see your demise. Although it is created by a small team, there is a ton of loot that you can combine in different ways to build a unique character. In short, this is a solid horror RPG with a ton of content and a great sense of atmosphere.

Vampirem gameplay

A solid horror dungeon crawler Steam


Viscerafest is a retro sci-fi/fantasy shooter similar to the early Doom titlesIn it, you play as Caroline, a bloodthirsty mercenary on a task to take down a heavily guarded warlock Cromune. What follows is a chaotic massacre spread over 26 nonlinear levels where you will constantly have to juggle resources, solve puzzles, and take down bosses. Viscerafest has everything a fan of old-school shooters might want: big weapons, fluid gunplay, challenging enemies, tons of secrets, and a good soundtrack. All of this makes it one of the best retro games on Steam.

Games on Steam: Viscerafest

A tactical bloody retro shooter Steam

Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom

Let's move away from the distant future and jump back into recent history. Strategic Mind is a turn-based strategy set in WW2 where you will once again take control over Allies, both US and British forces. To be victorious, you'll have to use terrain to your advantage, upgrade your troops, choose appropriate weapons for each operation, and always think few steps ahead. In short, Strategic Mind is a highly accurate and very detailed strategy that plays out like an intricate game of chess. If you love WW2 history and realism, this one is for you.

The Sin

Now, let's take a look at an unnerving visual novel that flirts with mysticism. The Sin takes a disturbing portrait of a dying Russian village and the mindset of its inhabitants. The game is very atmospheric, thanks to the great mix of visuals and dark ambient music. At times depressing, The Sin still holds a lot of mysteries that we simply had to recommend it.

Games on Steam: Sin

How do you survive when everything has died? Steam

Fabled Lands

Fabled Lands is a hardcore RPG set in a vast open world filled with vampires, demons, trolls, and other creatures of darkness. Here, you are free to do as you wish – but every decision will have its consequences. Fabled Lands lets you really experiment with character development, giving you a ton of different abilities, professions, and quests to choose from. Every battle may be your last one, so you will have to develop solid strategies if you wish to survive. All in all, Fabled Lands is an old-school RPG filled with enough content to occupy you for days.

Mind Scanners

Lastly, we have a dystopian simulation that could've easily been a Philip K. Dick novel. Mind Scanners puts you in the role of the psychiatrist tasked with diagnosing citizens of an unnamed metropolis. It's your job to manage your resources carefully and choose the correct treatments to help them prosper. As you get better, you will be able to develop new tools that will keep the gameplay fresh. Mind Scanners will throw many moral dilemmas at your feet, for which there is often no one correct solution.

Games on Steam: Mind Scanners

An unusual retro RPG with distinct visual style Steam

Games on Steam is an ongoing thing. You can take a look at our previous edition here.

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