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Games on Steam: This is a Long Drive



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we will eliminate Italian mobsters, learn the best way to run a prison, stop an interplanetary war, and more.


To start, we have a stylistic noir shooter called Scorch. It follows the story of a hitman Morgan Hand who wishes to retire after meeting the love of his life. However, this doesn’t go well with the Giudice family, which sends many assassins to mess up your plans. Vastly outnumbered, it’s your job to stalk your targets from the shadow and wait for the appropriate moment to attack. All in all, Scorch is a short but fun stealth game that will appeal to fans of the genre.

Lab Rags

Now, how about a hilarious and smart platformer? In Lab Rags, you will use your corpses to solve increasingly sophisticated puzzles. It’s advisable that you don’t fear death – it’s in fact a necessary component if you wish to get closer to the end. Lab Rags offers a unique take on the genre and will definitely sharpen up your problem-solving skills.

Prison Simulator: Prologue

Prison Simulator is a tense action/adventure where you take the role of a guard trying to keep the inmates in check. As you might imagine, this is quite difficult to do, as not everyone will want to follow your rules. Push them too hard, and you can expect a full-fledged prison riot that will take many lives. This is a short but entertaining prologue to the upcoming game, and we can’t wait for the full version to come out.

Games on Steam: Prison Simulator

Rule the prison and squash the rebellion Steam

Lost Ruins

Next, we have a cute action MetroidvaniaIn it, you take the role of a young girl with amnesia who has to go on a journey to uncover the mysteries of Lost Ruins. To do this, you will have to strategically slash through waves of bloodthirsty monsters. Luckily, you’ll have a dozen of weapons at your disposal, such as axes, swords, and magic spells that make your job easier. In short, Lost Ruins is a smart and engaging action platformer that has a unique combat style that will reward you if you are patient.

Lost Ruins gameplay

Explore the unforgiving alien world and solve the mysteries of Lost Ruins Steam


Lacuna is a sci-fi noir adventure with an amazing story. You play as Neil Conrad, a CDI agent tasked with stopping a brewing interplanetary war. This ain’t easy to do, and you will have to constantly make tough decisions that will shape the story. Lacuna sets up a tense atmosphere from the start, with a lot of mysteries that will have you engaged right till the end.

Snow Runner

Lastly, we have a realistic driving simulator. Snow Runner places you in extreme environments from the get-go to see how well you fare on challenging terrain. You can drive over 40+ vehicles, all of which have unique mechanics and can be upgraded. Snow Runner has a lot of depth, and will surely appeal to the fans of the genre that wish to be challenged.

Games on Steam: Snow Runner

A challenging drive through icy terrains Steam

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