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Games on Steam: Dead Cats and Creepy Manors



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we’ll learn how to move through the Asian jungles, solve mysterious detective cases, help puppet cut its strings, and more.

Hercule Poirot: The First Cases

To kick things off, we take a look at the early life of Agatha Christie’s infamous detective – Poirot. This is a whodunit adventure that takes place in a Van den Bosch manor during a snowstorm. Their daughter has just gotten engaged, but it doesn’t take long before guests start dropping like flies and some buried secrets come to light. The First Cases features a new story, that’s well developed and engaging throughout. While being a little rough on the edges, this is a charming and relaxing adventure that works pretty well.

Hercule Poirot gameplay

Everybody has got something to hide … Steam


Next, how about a stealth action game set in tropical Asia? NERO is a one-man operation in which you’ll sabotage well-guarded military bases and eliminate targets hiding deep inside the enemy territory. This is all difficult, but luckily, you are playing as an expert sniper Nero. There’s enough freedom to create your own approach to completing missions, and tactical thinking is rewarded. As you gain new skills you’ll also have to constantly adapt to new environments and their challenges. In short, this is a solid, although a bit pricey, shooter that will really test your abilities.

Games on Steam: NERO

An immersive tactical shooter Steam

Impostor Factory

Impostor Factory is new indie from the creators of To the Moon and Finding Paradise. It is a funny and charming murder mystery that takes place in a secluded mansion where people have mysteriously started dying. You play as Quincy, one of the guests who has also discovered that there’s a time machine in the bathroom, which sets the scene for an interesting chain of events. From there, the story just gets weirder and increasingly complex. Impostor Factory is a well-crafted adventure that builds on the 2 games mentioned above, and even though it’s standalone, you will get the most out of it by playing all 3 titles. You won’t be disappointed.

A Juggler’s Tale

A Juggler’s Tale is a story about Abby – a string puppet set on an enchanting adventure to gain freedom. Her world is as beautiful as it’s grim, and to survive, you will have to solve puzzles revolving around unique string mechanics. The game’s main strengths lie in its emotional story and mesmerizing visuals that set up a good atmosphere from the start. Although it’s pretty short, A Juggler’s Tale is an immersive platformer with an important message.

A Juggler's Tale gameplay

Can I cut off my strings? Steam

MADNESS: Project Nexus

Lastly, we have a chaotic beat’em up arcade set in a Madness universe made by Gibbing Tree. Project Nexus is violent and relies on mastering tactical combat, as you fight against an onslaught of agents and assassins. You are offered a huge assemble of weapons to clear them out, but this is easier said than done. Project Nexus has a really fun campaign that you can play solo or with friends and a seemingly neverending arena mode. This is where you can fully customize your character, learn dozens of skills, and create kickass custom weapons. In short, Project Nexus has a lot of things to love and is a great addition to the Madness series.

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