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5 Best Free Games on PlayStation 5

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The PlayStation 5  is a console that offers players a variety of experiences. Free-to-play games offer players to play games with the lowest barrier to entry possible. These are games that, despite their lack of a price tag, can fill the player's hearts with joy. So if you are looking for a free-to-play game that will fill up your time and bring you hours of enjoyment, we have you covered. So without further ado, here are our picks for the 5 Best Free-to-Play Games on PlayStation 5 (March 2023).

5. War Thunder

Games Like World of Warships

Starting off our list with an entry that, despite being a rather niche title, has a massive fanbase. War Thunder is a game that allows for players to participate in massive online battles. The combat in the game has a ton of depth and is rather realistic in the way that it is portrayed. The game allows for players to engage in aerial combat mostly. The game has a distinct art style that manages to balance the realism of the game with a bright aesthetic that makes the planes stand out.

For players who wish to push the graphical fidelity of this title even further, however, there is a high-resolution texture pack available for free for the game. This gives a much-needed polish to the textures of the game for those players who really enjoy their eye candy. In addition, the amount of content in the game, for a free-to-play title, is staggering, featuring over 2,000 aircraft and other combat vehicles for the player to play with. So if you are looking to jump into one of the best free-to-play games on PlayStation 5, then War Thunder is a fantastic place to start.

4. Enlisted

Enlisted is a game that has a unique premise to it. That being that, it is an MMOFPS game. Players will be able to drop in and drop out of combat and enjoy massive multiplayer battles. The scale offered by this game has yet to be matched by even paid games on consoles. Players can engage in tank combat as well as aerial combat if they prefer as well. This gives the game a massive amount of variety. Another element of the game that allows for it to be so engaging is the fact that despite having absolutely huge battles, a lot of the time, individual input matters.

So if you are looking for a game that has perhaps flown under your radar, then Enlisted is a great choice. The game also features ten different squad classes for players to choose from, which also helps a great deal with variety as well. The graphical fidelity may have suffered a bit due to the scale offered, but it is still a great game to recommend. With literally hundreds of weapons to choose from, Enlisted is one of the free-to-play games on PlayStation 5 that will keep you playing again and again.


For players who are fans of the MOBA genre, Smite has a unique approach to the game genre. The camera angle, as well as many other game elements, have been tweaked to make them more suitable for controllers. The player will fight it out with gods and goddesses from a number of pantheons from across the world. This gives the game a great sense of variety and will appeal to players of the MOBA genre. The game allows you to also tweak your settings in a way that makes them feel most comfortable to you, which is great.

There are a number of game modes that differ in the experience that they offer players. Conquest mode is just like your standard fare in MOBA games, with 5v5 battles on a landed map. Then there is Arena, which allows players to focus on the combat in the game more so than the strategy elements. So if you are looking for a free-to-play game that will give you a ton of content for no price, then Smite is a fantastic choice.

2. Apex Legends

apex legends

Apex Legends features many elements that can have contributed to its success. For starters, the game has a roster of characters that are each, in their own way, unique. And the low barrier to entry of the game makes it increasingly popular with fans of the FPS genre. The approach of the game, in terms of using abilities, is also rather unique in and of itself. Players will have to learn how these abilities synergize and work together with their team to win in this primarily battle-royale style game.

That isn't to say that that is all there is to the game, as there is a multitude of game modes. These consist of ranked versions of the Arena mode, which is a scaled-down, more team-death match-oriented mode. Players will be able to fight it out on a smaller scale and truly test out their gun skills. The popularity of Apex Legends is absolutely massive, and it's easy to understand why. The game has some of the best mechanics in the industry, as well as great performance. So if you are looking for a free-to-play game to invest time in, this is a great choice for the PlayStation 5.

 1. Overwatch 2Free Online Multiplayer Games

The next entry on our list, while receiving some early criticisms, has become one of the premier free-to-play titles on the PlayStation 5. For players who enjoyed the first OverwatchOverwatch 2 will feel familiar yet different. The game has been shrunk down just a bit to 5v5 instead of 6v6. This has replaced one of the tank roles, meaning that team fights often end more quickly, and this places more emphasis on individual player skill rather than wars of attrition.

So if you are looking for a free-to-play title to jump into, this game has fantastic characters and mechanics. These elements combine to make it one of the titles with the most amount of crossover appeal on this list. Overwatch 2, in many ways, feels like a progression of the successes made by Overwatch, so if you want to jump into the game, now is a fantastic time to do so. All in all, Overwatch 2 is a must-play free-to-play game for all PlayStation 5 owners. You certainly won't regret it.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Free-to-Play Games on PlayStation 5 (March 2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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