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5 Essential Xbox Series X|S Games Coming Out in January 2023



The Xbox Series X|S is a console that isn't without its must-play titles. These are games that would be remiss if players didn't have them included in their game library. Needless to say, players will have quite a bit to look forward to in January of 2023, as there are quite a few titles making their debut on the Xbox Series X|S. So without further ado, here are 5 Essential Xbox Series X|S Games Coming Out in January 2023.

5. Dragonball Z: Kakarot

Set to release on the thirteenth of this month is Dragonball Z: Kakarot. This open-world game allows players to step into the boots of the legendary Saiyan Goku. Players can explore the world and fight many iconic enemies from the famous anime and manga. In addition, players can engage in quite a few different activities throughout the game, such as fishing and other things to break up the game's action. This game covers four story arcs, meaning that players can experience quite a bit of the story through the game.

The game's combat attempts to capture the high-octane speed of the anime. For the most part, it succeeds in this endeavor. While the control scheme may take a little while for players to get used to, there is certainly enough here for players to learn and improve on. Players unfamiliar with the Dragonball games will be eased into the game, as it isn't really difficult on newer players. While veteran players might just find something unique, they like about the title as well. In closing, Dragonball Z: Kakarot is a welcome addition to the Xbox Series X|S roster for January 2023.

4. One Piece OdysseyTokyo Games Show

One Piece Odyssey is the upcoming highly-ambitious RPG based on the famous manga and anime One Piece. The game will have players sailing the high seas as the Straw Hat Pirates, allowing players to find their own adventures along the way. In addition, players will be able to visit iconic locations from the series, as well as interact with famous characters from the world. The game will have players choosing which crew members will be on their team in traditional JRPG fashion.

There appear to be a lot of references sprinkled throughout. It is sure to be a great time for One Piece fans. It has been noted that the developers are really confident in the release of this title. For example, the developers plan to release a demo featuring the first two hours of the game. This is done as a reward for preordering the game. There will also be dungeon content for players to enjoy as they work their way through the original story of the game. While the story may be original, it will also incorporate elements from the canon story as well. To close, One Piece Odyssey is sure to be a treat when it releases for the Xbox Series X|S this month in 2023.

3. Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden is the upcoming entry of the Persona series to be released on the Xbox Series X|S. The game is divided into two segments of gameplay, this being the ordinary world, in which players will go about their daily lives, and the TV world, in which players will fight all kinds of monsters and things like that. In addition, players will have to contend with dungeons in the game in order to progress. This makes the game really appealing to those who really enjoy JRPGs as a whole.

Above all, the game will require players to use their team effectively in order to complete the game's missions. Players will go through the storyline and unravel the mystery of what is happening. This can be done as they make their way through the game. One significant aspect of the game that players will have to learn how to contend with is building social bonds with the in-game characters. Doing so will allow you access to more powers and abilities, ultimately making you stronger. If players are unfamiliar with the JRPG genre, or especially if they enjoy it, they should definitely give Persona 4 Golden a try for the Xbox Series X|S.

2. Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is a game that is coming to the Xbox Series X|S in January. This game is part of the critically acclaimed Monster Hunter franchise, in which players will hunt monsters either solo or with their friends. Players will be able to create a character of different classes and then begin hunting. These hunts all have their own unique quirks. In addition, many of the monsters have their own mechanics to them to be learned and understood.

Learning just how these monsters work and how to hunt them is a large part of what makes this game so enjoyable. If you add to that the social connection with players working together to tackle a creature, then you have a successful formula for solid gameplay. This combines to allow players to have a fantastic time with their friends working through this title. Players will be able to socialize in the game as well. They can also enjoy being around the player hub, which is nice to see. All in all, Monster Hunter Rise is a game that encourages players to work together to achieve a common goal.

1. Dead SpacePC Horror Games

Dead Space is a title that changed how people look at the horror genre of gaming. This game offered players a new way to experience the horror that, in some ways, hasn't been replicated since. It makes sense then that the developers would want to remake this game with modern technology. This would allow for more graphical fidelity and gameplay mechanics. Unfortunately, being the first release in the series since Dead Space 3, the title has a lot of time to make up for with its release.

One aspect that was most praised in the original that will make a return in the remake is the ability to target certain limbs of enemies and how this played into the combat of the game. This was a groundbreaking and innovative feature at the time of the initial game's release. This feature undoubtedly helped it stand out from its competition. It will be interesting to see how they capitalize on these systems in the remake. In conclusion,  Dead Space is one of the most exciting games for the Xbox Series X|S to come out this January.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Essential Xbox Series X|S Games Coming Out in January 2023? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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