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Dead Space Remake: 5 Best Necromorphs, Ranked by Scare Factor

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Well, the long-awaited Dead Space reboot has finally received the green light. Isaac Clarke will once again return to the USG Ishimura for another deep-space expedition, and the many twisted creatures it homes will finally step forth from the blood-soaked shadows. The downside to this, of course, is that neither EA nor Visceral Games have set a date for the global release, meaning we're left to scrub the originals in order to get our sci-fi fix for the time being.

Looking back, Dead Space employed quite a range of contorted monsters and settings. In fact, if you ponder over the roster of Necromorphs the series employed, then you'll quickly discover that no two creations were ever the same. Of course, we hardly ever paid attention to their crooked limbs through the shatter of a bullet, but that isn't to say we never clocked the creepiness that each enemy brought to the table. And, putting these five forward, as an example, shows exactly what we're talking about.

5. Dividers

Dead Space - Divider

Of all the distorted beings Dead Space employs, we do have to give a top spot to the Divider, mainly due to the slenderness of the creature. And it's not only the elongated limbs and fleshy torso that gives us the creeps either. In fact, that's merely the icing on the cake to the overall persona of the grisly Necromorph.

The thing that bothers us the most is that, even after lodging a bullet in its narrow body, it still continues to reproduce additional creatures from its core, meaning you're left to fend off an army of the so-and-sos. And that's, you know — not great. And the bellowing sound effects that regurgitate from its twisted jaw don't exactly help mellow the situation either. Plus the fact that they sprint. That's essentially the millionth reason you should just turn the other cheek if ever stumbling across one. But that's totally your call.

4. Guardians

Dead Space 2 Guardian

If there's one thing we like in a survival horror game — it's a static enemy. In fact, we often become so bogged down by lunging creatures and shadow-dwelling hunters, that locating an enemy bolted tight is a pretty nifty relief, and one we wish to see more in video games. But then, remove the chase, and you're basically left with a pretty straightforward self-guided tour. And that just isn't a fun way to spool through a game like Dead Space, though it is an all-round nice change of pace.

Static creatures or not — Dead Space doesn't exactly give you the freedom to take leisurely strolls as you traverse the monster-infested USG Ishimura. And those Guardians I was talking about, well, you can't let the short range and idle hands fool you. The fact is, behind the tortured screams and flailing arms, these guys are pretty nasty in close quarters. And while they aren't the toughest enemies in the ship, they are incredibly disturbing, which is why we're content with giving them the fourth spot on the list.

3. Leapers

First Encounter with the Leaper (Dead Space)

If you thought facing the Licker in Resident Evil was terrifying — then wait 'til you get a load of the Leapers from USG Ishimura. Coincidentally, both prefer to travel via the ventilation system, and, as you could probably guess — both enjoy lunging at you when you least expect it. Of course, that means you're left with the goal of sharpening your accuracy, just so you can freeze the straggler using stasis and dispose of it before being ripped apart. Or, failing that — then you could always run away and hide in a storage unit.

Luckily for us, Leapers don't tend to appear as often as we expect over our USG Ishimura expedition. However, when they do come knocking, those stress levels rise incredibly quick, and the fear ultimately lies with catching it before it gets too close and tears you apart. And so, for that reason, we're putting it as our third scariest Necromorph.

2. Lurkers

Dead Space Lurker

If you thought your moral compass was a little skewiff before, then wait until you go toe-to-toe with a Lurker, a creature that is basically made up of human babies and organ banks, moulded together using biological prostethics. And yes, you do have to kill it. The up side to that though, however, is that you can pull the trigger from afar, seeing as the dreaded Lurker opts for ranged attacks as opposed to up close and personal. So that's something, I guess.

The thing that makes the Lurker scary isn't that it's a combination of kin and prosthetics — but more the thought of the process behind the disturbing monster. Unlike other Necromophs that we gun down without a second thought, the Lurker tends to hang over our heads a little longer, and that makes killing it a little heartbreaking in the strangest of ways. Although don't get me wrong — if you see one lurking about, then by all means — shoot it repeatedly in the face. It's you or them at the end of the day.

1. Exploders

A perfect combination of horror and paranoia, for sure.

Well, here it is. From all the Necromorphs Dead Space has shovelled out, the Exploder is, in our opinion, the scariest of them all. From the piercings shrieks and moans to the lopsided stance and exploding sacs fastened to its limbs — the Exploder is, without a doubt, the creepiest thing on the USG Ishimura, and, unsurprisingly, the one thing we would purposely try and avoid if ever looking to trespass beyond its borders.

Fending off an Exploder isn't difficult, so to speak. It's building up the courage to go head-to-head with the deformed pile of flesh that's tough. And, more often than not, we'd happily divert the course if it meant skipping a terrifying encounter with one. But with something as horrifying as that, could you really blame us for wanting to live another day outside of its quarters? Now that's something even Isaac Clarke wouldn't argue with, to be fair.

So, are you ready for the Dead Space Remake? Which Necromorphs are you afraid to encounter on the USG Ishimura? Let us know over on our socials here.


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