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Monster Hunter Rise: 5 Hardest Battles, Ranked



Monster Hunter Rise has been out for a few months now, which means we've had plenty of time to absorb the setting and its all-powerful habitants that roam every corner of the vast region. Sticking with the usual Capcom formula — the loot is bigger than ever — and the monsters are far more striking, with twice the threat to obliterate. But that's why we adore it; we love the honest challenge of having to defeat creatures eighteen times our size just for the bragging rights alone. And, you know, perhaps a shiny piece of gear or something to bolster it.

Of course, taking down one of the many monsters that prowl the outskirts of Kamura Village isn't exactly a walk in the park. Unlike many action games that practically hold your hand and aid you through each segment of the battle — Monster Hunter Rise straight-up refuses to play ball from the get-go. And that's essentially what spirals into lengthy encounters where strategy is often replaced with a little thing we like to call winging it. Though, that so-called tactic doesn't always work — as these five have shown us. One thing is for sure: these magnificent beasts definitely didn't want us reaping the rewards from their tattered hides.


5. Diablos

Monster Hunter Rise - Diablos Boss Fight #29

Capcom has managed to find a way to implement Diablos into its Monster Hunter core ever since World launched back in 2018 — and Rise definitely wasn't a chance for them to banish the sand-dweller from the roster, either. In fact, being such an iconic monster in the franchise, it seemed only natural for the winged creature to return to its natural habitat to have another swing at slaughtering us with its unpredictable methods.

Out of all the creatures Monster Hunter Rise employs, Diablos is one of the few that can ultimately drive you to flee if you're not careful. Thanks to its spontaneous actions, camouflage tactics and piercing shrieks, players can expect a pretty lengthy battle where the terrain definitely doesn't play in your favor. Of course, while it may not be the toughest battle outside of Kamura Village, it definitely outlines a worthy challenge that beckons to be slain.


4. Almudron

Monster Hunter Rise - Almudron Boss Fight #26

Considered to be one of the hardest battles in all of Monster Hunter Rise, Almudron stands as one of the slippiest so-and-sos we've ever had the pleasure of battling. Of course, the biggest mistake the majority of us made when facing the mud-cloaked Leviathon was locking on to the creature to help land a hit. The only problem there, annoyingly, was that Almudron moves at lightning speeds on all types of terrain, leaving our cameras to spiral into oblivion and render our actions useless.

Admittedly, Almudron isn't the hardest creature to kill. That being said, newcomers to the franchise are expected to run into a few problems when going toe-to-claw with the towering pile of murky scales. He's slippery, and he's downright powerful — though he isn't technically an unbeatable foe. A challenge, yes — but a manageable one at that. Just about.


3. Rathalos

Monster Hunter Rise - Rathalos Boss Fight #22

Similar to Diablos — there just wouldn't be a Monster Hunter without Rathalos backing the enemy lines. As one of the few staples to the timeline roster, Rathalos has become quite the renowned creature that many would argue is the toughest in the series altogether. Thanks to the aerial-focused attack patterns and cloak and dagger tail counters, the flying wyvern has become one heck of a challenge to conquer in any entry to the series. But hey, there's a reason we refer to the creature as the King of the Skies, right?

As well as a thick armored hide and clubbed tail, Rathalos also uses the environment to his advantage during battle. By becoming one with the skies and evading any flow of oncoming attacks, the wyvern effectively spirals into a cloaked target that only returns with ruthless counterattacks. Also, being a very territorial creature with no slack for outsiders, the temper that pulls his strings isn't something to be toyed with. In fact, it's sometimes better to just divert your course entirely — just to be out of harm's way.


2. Rajang

Monster Hunter Rise - Rajang Boss Fight #32

When it comes to aggressive monsters that use temper to sway the tide of the battle, Rajang definitely hits the nail on the head. First coming to light in 2006, Rajang has gone on to inscribe his name in every Monster Hunter chapter, only continuing to evolve with new abilities and tougher tactics to tackle. However, Monster Hunter Rise delivered one of the mightiest copies of the large beast to date, cementing its place as the new fan favourite.

Brimming with all-powerful lightning beams and spontaneous counterattacks, the violent beast has been redefined as one of the most challenging enemies in the series. Using speed and aggression to conquer the battlefield, Rajang gives players one heck of a ride over a lengthy battle that can ultimately keep you plastered to the edge of your chair. Heck, even from a spectators' perspective — Rajang can still tweak a crooked spine and induce a boatload of thrills. But hey — it's worth it for the experience alone.


1. Goss Harag

Monster Hunter Rise - Goss Harag Boss Fight #27

Of all the monsters Capcom has flushed into Monster Hunter, Goss Harag tops the roster as the toughest, albeit most entertaining creature in the franchise. Although a newcomer to the series, the Fanged Beast definitely went on to secure a place as one of the most memorable enemy encounters we've ever had the pleasure of employing. And not only that — but also the setting that revolves around the creature, too. That is if you can stop long enough to breathe it all in, of course.

Typically found in cold climates, Goss Harag uses the chilling environment to patrol the borders and stalk intruders. Possessing a wheel of ice-based attacks that deal a serious amount of damage, the towering beast can deal monstrous blows that can quickly terminate a fight before the Hunter can so much as land a single scratch to the blotchy hide. Top that off with a series of fast-paced counterattacks and overcharged headbutts — and you've got yourself one mighty struggle. Remove the beast from the throne, of course, and you'll waltz away with some pretty neat rewards. That is if you can survive long enough.

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