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Cities: Skylines 2 — Everything We Know



To commemorate Cities: Skylines' eighth anniversary, Paradox Interactive has gone ahead and lifted the veil on a sequel, which will be heading to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam later this year. Unfortunately, though, not a great deal is known about it, other than the fact that it will be the “most open-ended city-building sandbox on the planet,” according to its devs. As for how on the money the sequel will be is still anybody's guess, though.

So, what do we know about the sequel to 2015's genre-defining sandbox hit? Well, going by the press release, Paradox Interactive claims to have in its possession a “revolutionary” concept, one that will supposedly let players “build any kind of city they can imagine and follow its growth from a humble village to a bustling metropolis.” Curious to know more? Here's everything we can tell you so far.

What Is Cities: Skylines 2?

Cities: Skylines 2 is an upcoming city-building sandbox game, as well as the sequel to 2015's universally acclaimed hit. In the forthcoming chapter, players will be able to delve into an expansive world that lets you “create and manage your own city without restrictions.” Similar to the original, the sandbox-focused title will present you with an enormous variety of buildings, features, and cosemtics—all of which will be available to upgrade, customize, and transform.

Cities: Skylines II will challenge your decision-making skills and allow you to build the cities of your dreams,” the blurb adds. “Get ready for a new epic scale in the most realistic city builder – ever.”


True to the sandbox formula, Cities: Skylines 2 isn't likely to have any storyline as such, but more scenarios that you can either follow or abandon. Of course, being a sandbox game at heart, players are invited to create stories for themselves, rather than adhere to a one-track timeline. Having said that, Paradox Interactive could very well take the opportunity to flesh out the sequel with far more story-driven situations. At this point, however, it's hard to say.

Let it be said that, if Skylines 2 is anything like the first, then it's sure to come loaded with a myriad of objectives, seasons, and timed events. And while they'll be curveballs and natural disasters to boot, most of the scenarios will be yours to tailor to your own preference.


The idea is simple: you inherit an enormous plot of land—a landscape with which you can transform into your own idyllic metropolis. From the grassy roots up, you will acquire the tools needed to construct a city from scratch—a haven that breaches the skyline and tells a tale worth hearing. It's your solemn duty, as “The Creator”, to mold a world that speaks volumes for the city-building genre.

“Here your city will evolve and react to your decisions,” the blurb reads. “A dynamic and ever-changing world that is both challenging and rewarding. Use your creativity and strategic planning skills to grow your city into a thriving metropolis that will attract businesses, residents, and tourists alike. From residential neighborhoods to bustling downtowns, the possibilities are endless. Navigate through the complexities of running a city and keep up with the needs and demands of your citizens.”

According to the devs, Skylines 2 will allow for its players to build over a much larger plot of land—150 tiles, in fact, which is a far cry from the original's nine. With that, you can expect plenty more wriggle room and freedom to create without unnecessary limits.


Cities: Skylines 2 was just one of the many projects Paradox Interactive announced at its March showcase. According to the devs, the game will be coming to consoles and PC at a later date in 2023, though its exact launch window wasn't confirmed. That said, the studio did announce that they would be releasing another round of details “in the coming months,” which technically means we'll have a little more information by June, maybe July at the very latest.

Colossal Order, too, is working to bring the latest iteration of the sandbox saga to fulfilment. Makes sense, what with the studio being the centerpiece of the IP since its 2015 inception.


Cities Skylines II | Announcement Trailer I

Paradox Interactive uncloaked the official trailer for Cities: Skylines 2 at its recent announcement showcase. To fans of the series' surprise, the preview of the sequel shared a lot more than many had initially bargained for. And while it didn't let slip any sort of gameplay, it did cast a light on the general aesthetic of the game, along with its seasons and building designs. Interested? You can see it for yourself in the embed above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Cities: Skylines 2 will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam in 2023. It hasn't been said yet whether or not it will be coming to ex-gen consoles, though it seems Paradox Interactive is leaving Xbox One and PlayStation 4 behind in favor of next-gen hardware. Is this likely to change? Of course. Having said that, there is nothing in the scope that suggests the sequel will be heading to any other platforms in the near or distant future.

There is some good news for Game Pass subscribers, however, as Paradox Interactive made clear during its exclusive showcase. Bottom line is, subscribers to Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate will have immediate access to Cities: Skylines 2 on day one. You can purchase a monthly subscription for the platform for $9.99.

For more information on the Cities: Skylines 2 launch, you can follow the official social handle here. If anything interesting pops up between now and its loose 2023 release, we'll be sure to let you know all of the details right here on


So, what's your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Cities: Skylines 2 when it releases later this year? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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