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Best Weapons in Genshin Impact 3.6

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Genshin Impact

The popular action role-playing game (RPG) by miHoYo, Genshin Impact, has an impressive way of captivating us through its immersive world and lively combat system. With the release of version 3.6 on April 12, 2023, there have been some new content, characters, and weapons that allow your gaming experience to be somehow amazing. Weapons in Genshin Impact 3.6 have a strong impact on your character’s performance on the battlefield. As a player, you should always consider weapons as an essential part of a build, along with artifact sets.

Among the standout additions in Genshin Impact 3.6 are the Nahida banner and Baizhu Build Guide. After playing this game for a long time, I am always thrilled to dive into the newest updates and explore the vast world of Teyvat. We guide you through the best weapons available in Genshin Impact 3.6, which will certainly, in a way, help you conquer the toughest challenges that await.

5. Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Wanderer (C0) with Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (R1)

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is a 5-star Catalyst for Klee, a Pyro Prodigy in Genshin Impact, specializing in explosive abilities. The character’s abilities make her a formidable force on the battlefield. As such, equipping her with formidable weapons enhances her potential. However, the weapon is also great for DPS Catalyst characters, allowing you to take advantage of its passive skill and Crit Rate stat. The weapon is also a good choice for Ningguang, adding to his overall damage, boosting Mona’s damage output, and increasing Yanfei and Lisa’s damage output. The weapon is also recommended for its overall DPS build.

Its “Boundless Blessing” ability allows you to increase your Movement Speed by 10% and ATK after obtaining an elemental Orb or Particle. Also, when in battle, when using it, you gain 8% Elemental damage (DMG) every 4 seconds for four maximum stacks. This lasts until the character falls or leaves combat. Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds has a high base attack and a useful Crit Rate sub-stat, which makes it an amazing stat-stick weapon for different catalyst characters.

4. Lion’s Roar


Lion’s Roar is a 4-star Sword that you get from the Wish in Genshin Impact 3.6. With its “Bane and Thunder” ability, the sword increases DMG against enemies affected by Pyro or Electro by 20%. It is generally a sharp blade with beautiful carvings that do not compromise durability and sharpness. The sword roars like a lion during gameplay, hence the name, and cuts through the air. You can obtain Lion’s Roar at a normal rate by pulling on any of the present wish banners except for the Beginner’s Wish.

DPS and support role characters can use Lion’s Roar, with Jean, Kaeya, Keqing, and Anemo being recommended. The weapon maximizes their passive abilities. The weapon can also be used to increase your damage output. You have a high DMG percentage as a user but are only confined to enemies with Pyro and Electro status. As such, it synergizes with characters who possess Pyro and Electro abilities, including Diluc, Keqing, or Klee. The weapon has a level 90 Base Attack at 510. However, the weapon’s effectiveness may also depend on character level, ascension, and refinement level. As you progress, such factors can enhance the Lion’ Roar’s performance and overall damage output.

3. Sacrificial Bow


Also an excellent choice for Ganyu, this Rarity four-star Bow is excellent for its energy recharge and skill level. The weapon is best for its “Composed” ability. After damaging an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40% chance to end its ACD and can only occur once every 30 seconds. The Sacrificial Bow has a level 90 Base Attack, with a Level 90 bonus Stat of Energy Recharge at +30%. In addition, Sacrificial Bow’s passive is also amazing as a way of producing Energy, which is instrumental for supporting characters. The Sacrificial Bow can be obtained normally by pulling on any current wish banner except for Beginner’s Wish.

From May 2, 2023, to May 23, 2023, it was featured as a 4-star weapon in the Epitome Invocation weapon banner during Phase 2 of this version. The main characters who can go with the weapon include Diona, Yelan, Venti, Sara, and Aloy, which helps sustain the characters’ burst time.

2. Jadefall’s Splendor

R1 Jadefall's Splendor Versus R5 Prototype Amber | Weapon Comparison For Baizhu | Genshin Impact 3.6

Jadefall’s splendor, a five-star catalyst, is mainly for Baizhu Build Guide. The Baizhu Build Guide is specifically made to focus on optimizing the character Baizhu, one of the newly introduced playable characters in Genshin Impact 3.6. As such, selecting the right weapon, artifacts, and team composition becomes important. The weapon has a Max Base Attack of 608 and a secondary stat max—value of 49.6%. The weapon is passive for 3 seconds after using Elemental Burst to create a shield. When your character uses the weapon, they gain the Primordial Jade Regalia effect. The effect is responsible for restoring your Energy every 2.5 seconds.

The Dendro player has been undermined by many, who believe it is not a great pull for players that do not want him on their list. Many also regard the weapon as situational, with the notion that only Baizhu can use it according to its functionality. However, the weapon is not significantly better than free-to-play options. As such, do not yet feel pressured to use this one.

1. Amos’ Bow

Is Amos Bow The BEST for Ganyu? | All Weapons Comparison

Amos’s Bow in Genshin Impact has made some progress in turning shooter characters into Teyvat’s most dangerous monster hunters. The weapon has some unique passive effect mechanics, making it useful in ranged attacks. In the updated version 3.6, Amos’ Bow is a 5-star bow used by Ganyu. You can get the weapon as a player by pulling on the Wanderlust Invocation Standard Wish Banner and the Epitome Invocation Weapon Wish Banner. Amos’ Bow skill is strong-willed. It increases Normal Attack and Aimed Shot DMG by 18%. Amos’s Bow also increases DMG by 12% every 0.1 seconds. It also stacks up to five times on every row.

The weapon also has a level 90 Base Attack at 608. You can also use this weapon on different bow characters. However, it is important to note that their best weapons may vary. The Amos Bow is excellent for Main DPS characters since it increases their Normal and Charged Attack DMG. In its Normal and Charge Attacks, Amos’s Bow progresses its damage projectiles depending on the distance it travels. As such, the further the distance, the greater the damage.

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