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5 Best Games Like Thank Goodness You’re Here!

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BEST Thank Goodness You’re Here

Running errands can be fun, or at least in gaming. The upcoming Thank Goodness You’re Here! has players take on the role of a traveling salesman. Your job is to help people you meet along your travels with whatever needs they present to you. You can’t choose what jobs you land. So, while some can be your everyday tasks, others are so strange and weird that only the folks over at the Thank Goodness You’re Here! team are brave enough to come up with them.

As we give the developing team room to iron out the final touches, you may want to prepare for the game’s arrival by checking out similar games of the same kind. Perhaps a game with a similar quirky style to classic Beano comics. Or ones with a mysterious narrative to uncover. Whatever gameplay tickles your fancy, here are the best games, like Thank Goodness You’re Here! you won’t want to miss out on.

5. New Supper Banana!

CHUCHEL Official Trailer

As far as unusual games go, New Supper Banana! is way up there with the greats. It’s, first of all, sketched in a notebook. The entire game is just sticks and figures, with a couple of color pop-ups and shades here and there. But make no mistake, the art style looks intriguing enough to make you want to find out more. 

Described as a “funny adventure platformer,” you’re shipped off onto a notebook where the paper plane world is in danger. A flesh-hungry monster on steroids is out to spill everyone’s guts. It’s up to you to save them from harm.

With your awesome aura fastened to your waist and a unique special move called the “Supper Dash!,” you should have a relatively easier time obliterating the mad eater from the premises. So, what are you waiting for? Join Supper Banana and his friends, including Dr. Apple, in a surprisingly compelling tale that doesn’t bother taking itself too seriously. 

4. Bugsnax

Bugsnax - Announcement Trailer | PS5

Silly games aside, why not check out Bugsnax, an adventure game exploring a mysterious Snaktooth island to capture the eponymous insectoid food half-bug half-snack “bugsnax” creatures? Once captured, you get to feed the delicacies to your friends!

As it turns out, intrepid explorer Elizabert Megafig, who invited you on the island expedition, has gone missing, and her camp is destroyed. The same goes for her followers, who are now dispersed all across the island and are quickly growing hungry.

You feed the followers tantalizing bugsnax and get to customize their looks. So, you can experiment with various creatures, totaling 100 different species. Some are harder to catch, while others remain undiscovered across side quests off the beaten path. 

While seemingly silly, Bugsnax evolves from more than a game to a loaded experience. It quickly catches on with a deep story and light puzzling that you can’t help striving to complete.

3. Sneaky Sasquatch

Sneaky Sasquatch trailer #2

Next up, we have Sneaky Sasquatch, which is also a fun and unique adventure game for gamers of all ages. It follows a sasquatch camping out in British Columbia, Canada. You engage in everyday sasquatch stuff, from sneaking around campsites to disguising yourself in human clothes.

If you’re looking to get into a bit of mischief, Sneaky Sasquatch is the perfect game to craft your stealth game. It maintains a light, humorous tone while giving players the freedom to do whatever they want.

You can sneak into campsites and steal food from picnic baskets. Just make sure to avoid getting caught. Overall, you enjoy being crafty and living the life of a sasquatch to the fullest.

2. Mason and Strings

Mason and Strings: Release Trailer

You can, instead, travel around Hub City, collecting musical notes. Meanwhile, you’ll be solving fun puzzles and running into interesting characters along the way. There’s also a lighthearted story at its core. Mason needs Strings’ help to learn the guitar. She needs to be good at it to play at the castle concert.

The Mason and Strings duo marry well together. Strings help to grapple on platforms. He also helps to play different chords on the Chord Wheel. By playing the chords, you can solve the numerous puzzles in Mason and Strings’ lively world. 

Mason, on the other hand, focuses on mastering the guitar. He collects 10 music sheets dispersed all around the areas of Hub City and bonds with the instrument in time for the grand performance at the Castle Concert.

Additionally, you have a good variety of platforms to maneuver – over 5 specially crafted 2D levels, with many more sub-areas to explore. You also meet over 30 unique characters, humanoid creatures, and lots of sentient instruments.

Mason and Strings, besides offering a fun world to explore, incorporate a memorable art style. Although relatively short, it still manages to pack enough content to leave the experience satisfied.

1. Chuchel

CHUCHEL Official Trailer

Alternatively, check out Chuchel, a comedy adventure game that follows a hairy, cute little fluff-ball hero, Chuchel, and his rival, Kekel. You play toward getting back a precious, juicy red cherry. Meanwhile, numerous fun puzzles await.

A giant stole the cherry one early morning. Many bizarre creatures steal it, too, proving to be a pretty valuable cherry everyone seems to be obsessing over but not actually eating. So, you follow along on an adorable adventure to retrieve it. 

You’ll doubtlessly let out a few laughs here and there, with your journey filled with cheerful situational humor and dozens of funky characters. You’ll also take on challenges across hundreds of whimsical animations. As well as stages drawing inspiration from classic video games. 

Chuchel is definitely a strange game that you can either find amusing or weird. For the most part, the point-and-click system works excellently, often giving a helping hand with a “?” sign. While the game is ideal for kids, adults can enjoy its leisurely ride, too, thanks to unpredictable, fun little puzzles to solve, stunning visual art, and great music.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best games like Thank Goodness You’re Here!? Are there more games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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