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5 Best Games Like Myth of Empires



A player builds in a game like Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires is a game where players survive, craft, and fight to build their empire in a big open world. It mixes fighting, making things, and leading armies in a free and open game setting. And there are many other games that offer similar adventures, where you can make your own gear, explore vast lands, and battle to create your own kingdom. So, for those looking for new challenges and worlds to conquer, here are the five best games like Myth of Empires.

5. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved Official Launch Trailer!

Jumping into ARK: Survival Evolved is like stepping back in time to a world filled with dinosaurs and adventure. The game starts with players finding themselves on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK. Here, survival is key. Players need to manage their basic needs like hunger and thirst, while also gathering resources, making tools, and building shelters to stay safe. This survival challenge is what makes the game so engaging, as players have to constantly think on their feet to live another day.

One of the exciting parts of ARK is the ability to tame dinosaurs. Imagine riding a T-Rex or having a Brontosaurus as a pet! Taming these ancient creatures isn’t just for show; it’s a big part of the game. These dinosaurs can help players by carrying heavy loads, protecting them from dangers, or even acting as mounts to explore the island faster.

That said, players can make everything from simple tools to massive bases. As you get better at crafting, you can create more advanced items and buildings. Building a home or crafting special gear not only feels rewarding but also makes it feel like they are truly a part of the ARK world.

4. Nightingale

Nightingale - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

In Nightingale, you step into a world full of magic and adventure. As a Realmwalker, your job is to find your way through different magical worlds. You can do this alone or with friends. The game is all about surviving, building, and exploring. When the portals to these worlds stop working, you're stuck in the lands of the Fae. These places are beautiful but full of danger. Your mission is to become a great Realmwalker and find your way to Nightingale, a magical city and a safe place for humans.

To stay alive, you'll need to gather resources like wood, ore, and special items. These help you make tools, weapons, and a place to live. The game lets you be creative with what you make. You can also make your weapons and tools better using magic. Fighting off dangers and building a safe spot to live are big parts of the game.

Furthermore, exploring is endless fun because of the portals. Each portal takes you to a new place with its own challenges and secrets. Forests, swamps, and deserts—each place is different. You can go on these adventures alone or with your friends. The game lets you change what the next world will be like, making each trip exciting. Nightingale is all about exploring new places, facing challenges, and working together or alone to make your way in a magical world.

3. Life is Feudal: Your Own

Life is Feudal: MMO - Announcement Trailer

Life is Feudal: Your Own puts you in a big, open world where you live like it's medieval times. You can play with up to 64 friends, building your own places, from tiny huts to big castles. You can change the land around you by digging holes or making hills, to put your home anywhere you like.

In addition to this, you and your friends can team up to build whole villages or cities and protect them from others who might try to attack. It's great to work together, building and defending your own little world. You can even make your own rules, which makes every game unique.

Fighting in the game is different from most others. Instead of just clicking on enemies, you have to move and swing your weapon just right. Then there's also a cool system where you can form groups in battle, making fights feel like real medieval warfare. Working with your friends to win battles is a big part of the fun. Additionally, it lets you customise your character a lot, so you can be exactly who you want to be.

2. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles - Official 2019 Trailer

Alternatively, Conan Exiles welcomes players into a sprawling, open-world survival adventure set in the brutal universe of Conan the Barbarian. This game challenges adventurers to navigate a harsh landscape where survival hinges on more than just combat prowess. From the moment you're cut down from the corpse tree by Conan himself, the battle for survival begins. You must contend with scorching deserts, biting cold mountains, and everything in between. Finding food, crafting shelter, and managing resources are just the beginning.

The essence of the game lies in its building and crafting system, which allow for the construction of anything from a modest hut to a sprawling fortress. The depth of this system encourages players to gather materials, craft tools, and weapons, and strategically plan their settlement. Defensive structures, traps, and crafting stations become crucial as your home grows. The ability to create in such a detailed manner offers a sense of ownership and defense against the dangers that lurk beyond your walls. Players have the freedom to design and fortify their domain, turning a piece of the Exiled Lands into a personal kingdom.

1. Valheim

Valheim - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

Lastly, Valheim is an exciting game where you explore a huge world filled with Norse mythology. You start in easy areas and move to harder ones, finding resources, facing enemies, and uncovering secrets along the way. The game mixes survival, crafting, building, and fighting into one big adventure. You'll need to gather food and materials, sail to new places, and always be ready for the next challenge.

Additionally, building and making things in Valheim is fun and detailed. You can create simple homes or big forts and villages. Beating bosses helps you find new stuff to make better tools and buildings. Managing what you have is important because the weather and time of day can make things harder or easier for you.

There are many weapons to choose from, and you need to know how to best fight each monster. The game makes blocking and dodging important, so fights feel real and rewarding. Winning fights gives you special items to make even stronger equipment.

So, which of these games are you excited to dive into first? Have you found any other games like Myth of Empires does? Let us know in our socials here!

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