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5 Best Games Like Loddlenaut



Loddlenaut is a special game where you play as a space cleaner, working to fix up a polluted alien ocean. It's a beautiful underwater adventure where you pick up trash and take care of cute, axolotl-like aliens. The game is a mix of exploring, helping the environment, and making friends with these alien creatures. But for those who have enjoyed their time in Loddlenaut and are looking for more, there are other great games out there with similar vibes. So, let’s check out the five best games like Loddlenaut, each with its own exciting world to discover.

5. Eco

Eco Official Trailer

Eco is a game that really makes you think about nature. This game is all about building a society without hurting the environment. In this game, every choice you make, like cutting down trees or building things, can change the game's world. This makes playing Eco special because you have to think about keeping nature safe while you play. In addition, you have to be smart about using things like wood, food, and energy. If you use too much or make a mess, it can cause problems like animals disappearing or hurting the land.

Playing with others is a big part of Eco. Everyone's actions can affect the whole game world, so you need to work with other players. Together, you'll make rules and decide how to use resources. This makes the game fun because you're not just playing by yourself; you're part of a community trying to keep the virtual world healthy. And while you're having fun playing the game, you're also learning about how to look after nature. Overall, Eco is one of the best games like Loddlenaut that mixes playing a game with learning important stuff about the world around us.

4. Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher - Official Launch Trailer

In Slime Rancher, players get to play as Beatrix LeBeau, a rancher on a faraway planet. Your main job is to collect cute slimes, each type being unique. Some slimes like to eat certain foods, and you have to figure out what each one likes. Plus, the game has a big, colorful world waiting for you to explore. As you wander around, you find new kinds of slimes and useful stuff. Each place you visit has different slimes and challenges.

Upgrading your stuff is an important part of the game. You earn money, called Newbucks, and use it to make your ranch better. You can buy things like higher fences for your slimes or gadgets to help with your work. Every upgrade makes a difference, making your job easier and more fun. The game changes from day to night, which is pretty and affects how the slimes act. Some special slimes only come out at night, so you need to adjust your plans.

3. No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky Origins Trailer

No Man's Sky is a vast space adventure game where every player gets to explore a unique universe. This game isn't just about flying through space; it's about surviving on different planets, trading with aliens, and sometimes battling in space. Each planet you visit is a surprise, with its own environment and challenges. You might find yourself on a planet with poisonous air or freezing temperatures, and you'll have to find ways to stay alive, like collecting resources or improving your equipment.

When you land on a new planet, you never know what you're going to find. It could be dangerous or full of amazing sights. This makes exploring really exciting, as you have to think carefully about every step you take. The game gives you the freedom to build bases on these planets, too. You can create your own space homes, decorate them, and even show them off to other players. So, if you are looking for the best games like Loddlenaut, No Man's Sky is a must-try.

2. Astroneer

ASTRONEER - Official Reveal Trailer

Continuing our list of similar games like Loddlenaut, we have Astroneer. This game takes you into space, where you're part of a futuristic gold rush. Here, changing the land to suit your needs and finding useful resources are the main goals. Astroneer is really fun because every planet you visit is different, offering new challenges and things to find. It keeps things interesting because you always have something new to work on or a new place to check out.

One of the exciting things in Astroneer is the tool you get to change the terrain. You can dig tunnels, create caves, or build your own base in really creative ways. It’s easy to use and really fun, as you can make the world look the way you want. This tool helps you find and gather resources and make your way around the different planets. Playing this game with friends adds another level of enjoyment. When you team up to explore, collect stuff, and build together, it makes the game even more engaging.

1. Subnautica

Subnautica Gameplay Trailer

Topping our list of the best games like Loddlenaut is Subnautica, created by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. This game is all about survival in an underwater alien world. It’s different from other survival games because it takes place under the sea. From the start, you feel alone and a bit scared as you try to survive in this new and strange world. The game is not just about staying alive; there’s also an exciting story that unfolds as you play.

Surviving in Subnautica requires managing your basics – you need to keep track of your oxygen, health, food, and water. You’ll spend time diving to collect materials to make tools, build places to live, and even submarines. The game always gives you new things to do and see, which makes it really fun and interesting. There are different underwater areas to explore, each with its own special plants and animals, and each area has its own challenges. The underwater world is colorful and full of life, with bright coral reefs, huge caves, and deep, dark parts of the ocean.

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