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5 Best Games Like Little Goody Two Shoes



Little Goody Two Shoes crossing a terrifying looking bridge at night

The horror genre has been adapted into many other genres and sub-genres over the years. Among these combinations are horror dating sims. These games often see the player courting several creatures of the night and the like. In Little Goody Two Shoes, as well as games like it, players can date several creatures from the classic horror roster. These games often feature unique aesthetics and situations for the player to find themselves in. Here are the 5 Best Games Like Little Goody Two Shoes.

5. Sucker for Love: First Date

Sucker for Love: First Date Trailer

We begin today's list of the best games like Little Goody Two Shoes with Sucker for Love: First Date. For Lovecraftian horror fans, this title should be right up your alley. In Sucker for Love: First Date, you date many eldrich horrors. These characters have been reimaged as cute bachelors and bachelorettes for the player to court. In total, there are three different chapters for players to complete in the game. This gives them a surprising amount of content as well, despite its short length.

This is a title in which choices really matter. The player's choice of dialogue options and actions will significantly affect the outcome of the game, which is excellent. Additionally, there are several different types of bachelors and bachelorettes to choose from. While the creatures you may be courting transcend gender, they are all dateable by the player. There are gameplay segments in the game as well, although it is primarily present in a visual novel style. To close, Sucker for Love: First Date is one of the best games like Little Goody Two Shoes.

4. Ib

Ib - Final Trailer - Nintendo Switch

We are switching things up quite a bit for our next entry. Here, we have IbIb is an adventure-focused psychological horror game with a striking art style that really makes it stand out. The bleak nature of the game is also greatly aided by the game's aesthetic choices, making for an amazingly cohesive experience throughout. For fans of repeated playthroughs of games, this title has you covered as well, with seven endings to unlock. There are puzzles for the player to complete as they unravel the mystery surrounding the game as well.

This is great, as it not only passively incentivizes the player to explore and find more secrets hidden throughout the game. But it also serves to immerse the player within the game's world, which is excellent. As the player makes their way through the game, they will encounter wonderful pieces of pixel art as well. This serves as way more than window dressing, however, and adds to the game immensely. All in all, if you are looking for one of the best games like Little Goody Two Shoes, check out Ib.

3. The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood - Reveal Trailer - Nintendo Switch

We are straying quite far away from our last entry with our next. For the next entry on our list of the best games like Little Goody Two Shoes, we have The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood. For players looking for an interactive experience with a strong narrative at its core, look no further than this title. Players will be able to experience a world full of magic and mysticism in a way that feels wholly unique to this title. The characters within the game are also well-realized and feature some of the best character writing the interactive fiction genre has to offer.

As witches in the game, players are able to craft divination cards that let them in on the fates of many characters in the game. This not only is a great way to show off the game's unique visual style but also feeds into the game's overall vibe quite well. Players must use the knowledge found in the depths of other characters' memories in order to avoid a great evil. So, if you are looking for a narratively intriguing title, as well as one of the best games like Little Goody Two Shoes, check out The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood.

2. Cooking Companions

Cooking Companions Release Date Trailer

We are following up on our last entry with another phenomenal title. Here, we have Cooking Companions. As the name would imply, this title follows characters as they learn to cook. However, within this title, there is a dark twist, and while the game may have a cute aesthetic, the psychological horror present within this title makes for quite the juxtaposition. Centered around folklore from Eastern Europe, this title brings to life many mythologies from the region. For fans of horror visual novels, this title should be perfect for you.

There are a lot of elements of this title that we will choose not to spoil. Suffice it to say that this is one of the most unique and interesting horror dating sims on the market today. The game features likable characters and a number of recipes to learn. Cooking Companions is an excellent title for those who enjoy horror dating sims. The game's charming aesthetic style also makes this title one of the most visually appealing on our list. To close, Cooking Companions is one of the best games like Little Goody Two Shoes to date.

1. Slay the Princess

Slay the Princess Release Date Trailer

We are closing out our list today of the best games like Little Goody Two Shoes with Slay the Princess. The most recently released title on our list today, Slay the Princess, has made quite the impression. Described as a psychological horror title, this game will definitely keep you up at night. The hand-drawn art style of the game not only gives this title a striking penciled-in look but manages to capture the creepy nature of the game perfectly. The game features branching narratives as well, greatly rewarding not only multiple playthroughs but also players who pay attention to the more minute details.

For fans of the horror genre or just stellar writing in games in general, this title definitely deserves to be on your radar. Not only does it present the player with some absolutely heartwrenching and thought-provoking questions, but it does so in a way that will leave the player questioning everything they just experienced. The simplicity of the penciled art style also dramatically enhances the feeling of uneasiness present within this title. So, if you are looking for one of the best games like Little Goody Two Shoes, give Slay the Princess a try.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Little Goody Two Shoes? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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