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5 Best Crafting Games like WitchSpring R



WitchSpring R is a story-heavy RPG that was recently released. The game itself features many crafting mechanics, from cooking to improving weapons and spells through potions. This is great, as part of the heart of crafting in games is rewarding the players for the work they put in gathering materials and making items. That said, many games employ crafting systems to choose from. To highlight some of the best of the best, here are the 5 Best Crafting Games like WitchSpring R.

5. Sons of the Forest

sons of the forest review

We begin today's list of the best crafting games like WitchSpring R with Sons of the Forest. Tonally, this title is the furthest on this list from WitchSpring R. But as far as the in-depth crafting mechanics go, this game absolutely shines. Players are able to work together cooperatively in order to try and survive. This title, despite being in Early Access, allows players to experience a full-fledged crafting system, coupled with phenomenal survival mechanics as well. Players are given great freedom of direction, make their own choices, and learn from their mistakes.

There is a heavy emphasis on crafting tiers in this game as well, as each item can be used to aid in the player's survival so on and so forth but some items are better than others. This system, which is not only intuitive, serves the game quite well. The game also features a phenomenal seasonal system that really affects the overall atmosphere and gameplay as well. Lastly, Sons of the Forest is simply a great game for crafting, making it one of the best crafting games like WitchSpring R on the market.

4. Valheim

Changing things up significantly, here we have Valheim. For players who wish to go off on their own adventures and raise great halls in their name, this is for you. In Valheim, players find themselves in an immersive world in which they must craft items in order to survive. Whether it be weapons, shelter, or more utility items, each of these items has its own role to play. This is wonderful, as it places tons of control over the player's survival firmly in their hands. If you want to make the best weapons and armor, then you are responsible for seeking out the materials and making them.

This gives many items in the game an intrinsic personal weight to them. This can be seen in the fact that as you learn to use your weapons more effectively, you grow more attached to them. The combat in the game is challenging. Allowing players to lean on the crafting system to somewhat mitigate the danger of Valheim‘s world. If you are looking for a great game with survival mechanics and a phenomenal crafting system. Then check this one out as it is one of the best crafting games like Witchspring R

3. Forager

Following up on our last entry with one that players can relax while playing, here we have ForagerForager is a pixel-art game that utilizes crafting as its main premise. Players are able to carve out their own corner of this adorable-looking game and use the items at their disposal to craft great items. Players have a full-fledged base that they can customize to their heart's content, with a number of improvements that can be made to it. Additionally, players can seek out blueprints within the world in order to learn to craft more items.

This not only gives the player an inherent sense of progression but does so in a way that feels rewarding. The gameplay within Forager, while appearing simple on the surface, is rather in-depth. This can be seen in the fact that the game has many dungeons and raids to partake in. Each of these offers its own challenges for players to overcome, which is fantastic. Everything from farming to other crafting game staples is on full display here. In short, Forager is one of the best crafting games like WitchSpring R.

2. New World

Switching gears quite a bit with our next entry, here we have New World. For those unaware, New World is an MMORPG that allows players to participate in a fantastic crafting system. The game features a player-driven economy, making going out and foraging for your own materials well worthwhile. For more entrepreneurial players, you can sell your creations for a great profit as well. Visually, the game has an art style that compliments the cozy and immersive nature of the game.

That isn't to say that crafting is the only thing you can do, either. Players can run dungeons and participate in group content, which feels rewarding in its own way. In addition to this, the game features many social aspects that make it shine. So if you are a player who enjoys helping others through your crafting, this game rewards that greatly. The game also makes the crafting system incredibly social, which is phenomenal. To close, New World is one of the best crafting games like WitchSpring R.

1. Core Keeper

5 Best Games Like Core Keeper 

Closing out our list of the best crafting games like WitchSpring R, here we have Core Keeper. Players are able to explore a vast work and make the most of it along the way. Despite being in Early Access, the game has an amazing amount of content for players to enjoy. As far as the crafting elements of the game go, there is cooking, armor, and equipment crafting, and more. This is phenomenal, as it gives players many paths to go down as a crafter. The game also is open to up to eight players, meaning it can be incredibly social as well.

Farming and fishing are also great systems available in the game, which is nice to see. There is also fantastic combat to participate in as well, which really ties in well with the game's crafting system. In addition, the world of Core Keeper is procedurally generated, meaning you never know what to expect. This lends itself well to the game's more in-depth survival elements, greatly rewarding the player for adapting to the situation at hand. In conclusion, Core Keeper is one of the best crafting games like WitchSpring R.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Crafting Games like WitchSpring R? What are some of your favorite Crafting games? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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