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Best Classes in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Best Classes in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 isn't your typical CRPG; it's setting a new standard in the genre with its captivating storytelling. At its heart lies a romantic tale that tugs at your emotions as it unfolds. Before you realize it, you've spent 160 hours immersed in its gameplay.

But beyond the narrative, the combat is truly exceptional. The game grants you total freedom to craft your character, allowing you to create powerful builds that make your creation a formidable force. With 12 diverse classes to choose from, we're here to help you navigate the adventure-filled realm of the Forgotten Realms and conquer its formidable foes. Discover the best classes in Baldur's Gate 3.

5. Druid

With Druids, you get a sheer number of options, making it the most diverse and complex class. The class is extremely powerful thanks to the Actions and Bonus Actions that amplify your animal instincts. The Mastery of the Wild Shape starts things off in the class. This ability allows you to transform animals into formidable beasts. The Circle of the Moon subclass grants this ability while providing needful spells.

As a Druid, you also play as the resident healer. You'll need to add Healing Words and The Cure Wounds to your inventory. For an offensive attack, you can use Entangle to barricade your foes. 

Moreover, you also get to unleash intense damage on your adversaries. The other subclasses, Circle of the Land and Circle of the Spores, amplify your spell casting abilities. 

Subclass: Circle of the Moon

Weapon of Choice: Simple weapons

Primary Ability: Wisdom

 4. Cleric Build

Best Classes in Baldur's Gate 3

Clerics wield potent magic on behalf of the gods they worship. This magic renders them the game's resident healers, making the class a crucial add-on in every team composition. Clerics source powers from elements in the game. Aside from healing, Clerics are excellent at executing ranged and melee attacks. Although they are not as hardcore as the Barbarians. 

The Light Domain subclass is ideal if you're aiming for a being with divine power. It gives you access to various spells with high damage output. Burning Hands lets you shoot 5 jets of fire from your hands, while Scorching Ray ejects 3 rays.

Clerics take damage, so you need to suit up your character with light armor, medium armor, or shields. Plus, aside from magic, Clerics also have weapon proficiencies. Although complex weapons are not a good suit, simple weapons such as hand axes, daggers, or clubs. The one-handed morning star is also a premium choice. 

Subclass: Light Domain

Weapon of Choice: Morningstar or simple weapons

Primary Ability: Wisdom

3. Bard Build

Ideally, bards are the entertainment maestros in most medieval narratives. But believe it or not, Bards are a mighty class in Baldur's Gate 3. When in a team, Bards are the ultimate contributors of strength. They are skilled in magic, music, and combat. Their greatest strength is playing musical instruments that debuff enemies and inspire allies. Think of them as the Pied Pipers of the Forgotten World.

It's best to consider this class for crowd-control healing and buffs. At the game's inception, Bards received Bardic Inspiration that grants a +1d6 bonus to player Attack Rolls, Saving Throws, and Ability Checks. But, they tend to replenish their abilities faster than other classes, making them weaker. 

You have three options for a subclass: College of Swords, College of Valor, and College of Lore. College of Swords grants you excellent swordsman skills, and Valor lets you use your abilities to inspire allies and keep them alive. Finally, Lore makes you hold your enemies and audiences in a spell. Bard is a great class in Baldur's Gate 3 if you are more keen on the game's narrative.

Subclass: College of Lore, College of Valor, College of Swords.

Weapon of Choice: Simple weapons

Primary Ability: Charisma

2. Warlock

The best way to balance your team's composition is by using a Warlock. They deal intense damage and resist ranged weapons and common melee attacks. Moreover, the Warlock build in Baldur's Gate is a solid choice for launching a barrage of powerful spells. Essentially, warlocks pair with demons or devils and do their bidding for them. They may not possess the powerful melee skills of other builds, but they are equally tough.

You can deal damage from a distance using the cantrip Eldritch Blast. This is the basis of the class's majority output. Their primary attribute, Charisma, amplifies the class's abilities. Plus, they are good at manipulation and negotiation. They are unafraid of walking a dark path or bending the rules to get what they want.

However, Warlocks get only a handful of slots for their spells. Not to worry, though. The slots constantly refresh, making the class last longer than other spellcasters in the game. 

Subclass: Fiend

Weapon of Choice: Simple weapons

Primary Ability: Charisma

1. Barbarian Build

 Classes in Baldur's Gate 3

Barbarians are versatile combatant beasts with a humanoid form. They are excellent at crowd control and superb at melee. Plus, their ferocity and raw strength come in handy when tearing through a crowd. When starting this class, you receive Rage as a Bonus Action. This grants you exceptional power at the game's inception. With Rage, you can deal more damage with melee.

Plus, Barbarians are skilled in weapon handling. Rage also plays a part in solidifying your character's armor. You don't have to bother with protecting your character, although you can never be too careful, so it's best to have some type of basic armor. But Rage provides Resistance to physical damage. Moreover, it grants you Advantage on Saving Throws and Strength Checks. 

The ideal subclass for this build is the Berserker subclass. Combining the Berserker's destructive force with the Barbarian fury unleashes an indomitable power on the battlefield. Your character unlocks a new pain level where they don't feel anything. But they do more damage. If you're not careful with your Rage, you may have an early exit from the battlefield.

Subclass: Berserker

Weapon of Choice: Greatsword

Primary Ability: Strength

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our best builds in Baldur's Gate 3? Are there more builds we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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