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Best Builds in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Builds in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the realm of Dungeons and Dragons, encountering hordes of enemies is something you should brace for. This is exactly what Baldur’s Gate 3 has in store. Enemies come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll be going against a hostile roster of characters ranging from humanoids to mythical beings, creatures, and more.

Thankfully, you can shape your character to be aptly prepared for these veracious beasts. Since you get a party of four to fight alongside, you need not worry about creating the perfect build. But it helps to have one that stands out. With so many options at your disposal, we’ve made things easier for you. Here are the best builds in Baldur’s Gate 3.

5. Barbarian Build

Barbarian Build

If you want to survive the craziest waves of enemies in combat, look no further than the Barbarian build. The class is best known for its Rage and innate abilities, which grant you the advantage of saving throws and Strength checks. Your character’s inner rage fuels their strength, giving you an upper hand during combat.  

Barbarians are proficient in wielding martial and Simple weapons, and their defensive tactics are amplified thanks to shields. However, Barbarians can’t put on Heavy Armor, unlike fighters. This is where the Barbarian subclass comes in handy. Despite this class excluding an array of powerful choices like what you might get from Wildhearts and Wild Magic subclasses, you still get access to sturdy abilities that pack a punch. 

For feats, you’re better off with these options: Savage Attacker, Great Weapon Master, and Durable. Durable lets you restore your HP after taking a Short Rest, while Savage Attacker ensures you deal an insane blow by letting you roll the damage dice twice. The Great Weapon Master lets you whip out an extra melee attack after a kill or a critical hit.

Subclass: Berserker

Race: Shield Dwarf

Background: Outlander

Abilities: Strength, Constitution

Weapons: Everburn Blade

4. Cleric Build

Cleric Build Light Domain Human Acolyte Longbow  baldur's gate 3


Choosing the Relic builds. Doesn't necessarily mean you’ll only play as the game's resident healer. You can also diversify your skills and join in the action. Clerics are well known for their resurrection abilities. They can revive allies from the brink of death using the Revivify spell. The only problem with Clerics is their Sacred Flame cantrip has a poor hit chance. In contrast to Warlocks who use Eldritch Blast or wizards who rely on Fire Bolt, Clerics can only deal substantial damage with their Spell Slots. 

But there is an upside to this. You can enhance a Cleric’s abilities by pairing it with the Light Domain subclass. The subclass gives you access to Scorching Ray, Burning Hand, and Fireball, which are powerful spells that deal intense damage. 

We recommend the following feats to boost your build: Tough, War Caster, and Lucky. Tough boosts your max HP. If you take it at level 12, it gives you an overall boost of +24. War Caster lets you keep spells such as Silence and Bane active. If you want to keep Concentration on a spell, this feat grants you the advantage of saving throws. Lastly, Lucky grants you three Luck Points to utilize for every Long Rest. 

Subclass: Light Domain

Race: Human

Background: Acolyte

Abilities: Wisdom, Constitution

Weapon: Longbow

3. Bard Build

Bard Build

For effective support in your party, the Bard build is ideal. The class gives you a handful of buffs and healing spells for your teammates. The class also grants you sturdy debuffs that mete out status effects on your adversaries. But don't expect them to deal insane amounts of damage. This is why you’ll need a Barbarian or a Fighter on your team. 

The College of Valor subclass complements the Brad build with a greater capacity to inflict damage. This is where you get to shine instead of sticking to the sidelines. The subclass makes you a master of Shields, Martial Weapons, and medium armor. Aside from this, Bards are known to be smooth talkers. You don’t need to worry about failing skill checks during social interactions.

Moreover, your best choices of feats are Alert, Resilient, and Lucky. With Alert, you get a +5 bonus at level 8, allowing you to rank high in the order. Resilient lets you amplify your ability score by +1 at level 4. Finally, Lucky grants you three Luck Points for every Long Rest. These points are valuable in gaining an advantage in any ability check, saving throw, or attack.

Subclass: College of Valor

Race: Wood Half-Elf

Background: The Entertainer

Skills: Performance, Persuasion, Deception, Sleight of Hand, Acrobatics

Spells: Heroism, Thunderwave, Healing Word, Dissonant Whispers

2. Warlock

Warlock Fiend Tiefling Sage baldur's gate 3

For charismatic crowd control, the Warlock build is your ideal choice. The build is legendary for taking hits on your foes from miles away. Charisma grants you plenty of chances to tailor those around you to meet your needs. For a subclass, you can choose between The Great Old One or the Fiend in early access. But you’re better off with the Fiend owing to the Dark One’s Blessing, which gives you temporary hit points. These points are equivalent to your Charisma Modifier + level each time you eliminate an enemy.

Once you get to level 2, you must pick your Eldritch Invocations. At this level, you can only access two. The Agonizing and Repelling Blast adds a knockback effect to your Eldritch Blast, acting as the primary damage dealer for this build. Moreover, these passive skills boost your skills and your Eldritch Blast spell-casting abilities. At levels 5, 7, 9, and 12, you can upgrade your Eldritch Invocations to six.

As a Warlock, you get access to three feats. The ideal choices are Resilient, Lucky, and Caster. Resilient and War Caster give you access to plenty of Concentration spells. On the other hand, Lucky, as usual, gets you three Luck Points. 

Subclass: Fiend

Race: Tiefling

Background: Sage

Skills: Charisma, Intelligence

Weapon: Quarterstaff

1. Druid

Best Builds in Baldur’s Gate 3

Finally, making it to the top of our best builds in Baldur’s Gate 3 list is the Druid class. Why? Well, they are greatly flexible thanks to their shape-shifting abilities. What’s more, the class is support-based, meaning you can heal your allies while restricting enemies. 

As a druid, you’ll need a couple of healing and control spells in your inventory. The Cure Wounds and Healing Word are solid choices. You can also include Entangle to hold off your adversaries.

For feats, Sentinel, War Caster, and Lucky are ideal for this build as you level up. You must know what Lucky and War Caster can do from the other Builds. To shed more light on Sentinel, this feat is ideal for a targeted role. With the Sentinel, you can use melee against enemies when they go for your ally. 

Subclass: Circle of the Moon

Race: Wood Elf

Background: Folk Hero

Skills: Animal Handling, Stealth, Nature, Insight, Perception, Survival

Spells: Cure Wounds, Healing Word, Call Lightning, Blight, Barkskin 

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best builds in Baldur’s Gate 3? Are there more builds we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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