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Best Apps for Meeting Gamers

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Gaming with friends is an experience that can't be matched. And what's even better is when they share the same passion for the games you do. That's why we wanted to bring you the best apps for meeting gamers. So rest assured, the days of solo queuing and having no buddies to game with are over!


Best Apps for Meeting Gamers

Right now, one of the most popular apps for meeting gamers is GamerLink. The app has over 280 games and work's to match you up with gamers that fit your gaming style. For example, if you want to find hardcore Valorant teammates, the app will match you up with gamers who want to play competitively. Or, if you just want to look for a fun and casual squad you'll get paired with gamers looking to have a fun time. This is the best app if you want to get specific when looking for teammates to game with.

GameTree helps match up gamers with similar interests and personality types. First, you take a personality test, then rate your favorite games, and the app will match you with other users who they think would be a fit! With over 200,000 games across every platform, GameTree works to cover all areas of gaming. The app is a bit more acclimated to the masses of gamers and isn't as refined, however, that's great because regardless of you're game, you can find a friend!

Guilded is a terrific way to become active in the community of your favorite game, and it may help you locate friends, clans, and guilds. The app is like a coffee shop filled with players of your favorite game. Communities come together to host events, and players are constantly searching for friends and teammates to tag along with for the fun. Guilded is definitely the most universal app on this list, connecting gamers all over the world. However, its list of games is small and more so refined toward the most popular titles and niches.


So, What's your take? Do you agree with our best apps for meeting gamers? Are there other apps that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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