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Apex Legends Season 13: Release Date, Battle Pass, and More



With each new season, Apex Legends brings a lot of changes and introduces new things. The upcoming Season 13 titled Saviors is all set to bring about a new character, new cosmetic items, and loads of balance changes. Along with that, players will get a new battle pass and exciting events.

Here’s all you need to know about the new season!

Apex Legends Season 13: New Legend Newcastle


The upcoming season will see a new legend join the roster. Described as the ” Hero of Harris Valley”, Newcastle is Bangalore’s brother. Newcastle’s abilities are defensive so he’ll bring shielding abilities to the squad.

As a part of his passive ability, Newcastle can shield the downed allies. With his tactical ability, he can take a mobile barrier around. Meanwhile, his ultimate ability allows him to deploy a larger shield with recesses through which the squad can shoot.

Rank Reloaded to Bring Changes to Rank System

Apex Legends: Saviors Gameplay Trailer

Respawn has decided to give Apex Legends’ ranking system an overhaul. This time, the ranking system will be named “Ranked Reloaded”. As of now, we know little about this reworked system, but it looks like the devs have added some highly requested features. In their blog, they have described the new system as “Rise and fall through the Ranks together in a reworked Ranked system that rewards teamwork and skill.”

Season 13 Saviors Map Changes

apex legends

Storm Point is getting a huge POI titled ” Downed Beast”. You can land over and go inside the carcass of the dead sea creature which is loaded with loot. Along with that, the IMC Armories are back and they have brought along a mini-event. The task is to get rid of as many Spectres as possible to win some Smart Loot bins.

Season 13 Battle Pass

As always, a new season means a new battle pass. For season 13, the battle pass will be loaded with new in-game items and rewards. For now, not much is known about the seasonal pass. However, the EA’s official website says that there will be daily and weekly challenges and players can “earn rewards like Legendary skins, reactive weapon skins, and more.”

Each Apex Legends season lasts for 3 months, which means players get 4 seasons in a year. Season 13 is all set to go live on May 10th, that is, the upcoming Tuesday. The update will be rolled across all the platforms on the same day.


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