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Atlas Fallen: All Weapons, Ranked

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In the desert world of Atlas Fallen, you’ll come across lots of enemies called wraiths, from weaker ones that move packs to fearsome ones that prove challenging to beat. Thanks to your magical gauntlet, though, you can transform your hand into one of three types of weapons, namely, Sandwhip, Dunecleaver, and Knuckledust. 

Since you can only carry two weapons at a time, you’ll need to pick your favorites, whether they're the ones that best fit your playstyle or simply the ones that look good. Each of them has varied abilities, moves, and combos, though, which can be tricky to sort through. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile our Atlas Fallen: All Weapons, Ranked article to help you decide.

3. Dunecleaver

First, we have the Dunecleaver axe-hammer hybrid. That means that it takes the form of an axe. However, it can also morph into a mighty hammer with enough speed. As with all other weapons in Atlas Fallen, the Dunecleaver is a weapon you can conjure from sand. It has two benefits going for it: power and weight. Thanks to its immense power, it can sweep over wraiths, unleashing lethal area of effect (AoE) attacks. Couple that with its heaviness, which can sustain massive damage, and you have a Thor-like weapon you can rely on going up against the most fearsome enemies Atlas Fallen has to offer.

You may want to unleash the Dunecleaver when you feel overwhelmed by many wraiths at once. That way, you can easily take out any wraith within range in one swoop. Its massive damage output is the reason Dunecleaver is perfect for crowd control. And if you want to take its raw power a notch higher, you can unleash its special Shatter Attack ability, especially to take down previously crystallized enemies.

The only caveat with the Dunecleaver is that it is quite slow compared to the other weapons because of its heavy-weight. So, in the end, you may have to decide whether its extensive damage output is more than enough to sustain the lengthy time it takes to wield it. As well as its respectable range and flexible nature on the battlefield. 

2. Sandwhip

Sandwhip Atlas fallen

Alternatively, you can make the Sandwhip your best friend. You can use it in two ways. The first is used as a close-quarters dagger or extended into a long-range whip. Both are pretty agile, dealing quick attacks and doubling down as perfect ways to fill up your momentum gauge quickly. As the gauge fills up, you can enhance the power of previously selected essence stones, thus boosting your performance. Or, make use of the Shatter Attack special finisher ability when full. 

That said, the Sandwhip’s lightning fast attacks are hampered by a lower damage output per strike. So, you may need to unleash as many rapid strikes as you can for maximum effect. Still, the rapid assaults are great for crowd control. Essentially, players can use the whip to grapple onto enemies, closing gaps easily, and then freezing them in place using Sandwhip’s crystallization special ability. This brings us to our first weapon build to consider: The Sandwhip and the Dunecleaver. Mid-battle, you can use the Sandwhip to crystallize enemies in place. And then, use the Dunecleaver to shatter the immobilized enemies to pieces.

The Sandwhip’s other advantage is its mid-range reach, which allows players who like to keep their distance during battle to breathe. Extending the weapon into a whip helps you keep hordes of enemies at bay. Then, you can thin the herd slowly, picking them off one by one. Choosing between the Sandwhip and the Dunecleaver comes down to your play style, whether you prefer to fight in close quarters or from a safe distance.

1. Knuckledust

Finally, we have the Knuckledust weapon, which you unlock a little later in the game. Hence, you may build your skills using the first two and forget about them. But the Knuckledust has plenty to offer and can quite possibly become your favorite of them all. It’s essentially a pair of fists made of dust, which makes it a close-quarters choice and most effective in one-on-one battle encounters.

On the flip side, Knuckedust is a pretty agile weapon that deals lightning fast attacks. While the damage output is decent enough—nearly the same as the Dunecleaver—it’s capable of stun-locking weaker foes in place. You can also use its charged attack to crystallize enemies, immobilizing them temporarily. 

These two can play a tactical long game, especially when taking down stronger wraiths or going up against a big boss. You can stun them, and subsequently deal significant damage at lightning fast speeds. 

Choosing between Dunecleaver and Knuckledust comes down to the number of wraiths you’ll be going up against. While the former is great for crowd control and can easily take down multiple targets while at the same time dealing significant high damage output blows, the latter deals swift and precise strikes to singular targets. Still, Knuckeldust towers above the rest when it comes to taking down stronger adversaries, with its swift precision proving reliable against boss encounters. 

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our Atlas Fallen: All Weapons, Ranked article? Which weapon is your favorite? Let us know over on our socials here.

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