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Atlas Fallen: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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No matter how hard you try, dust will inevitably be rubbing your feet by the time the credits roll. That's because Atlas Fallen has created quite a stir with its fantastic adaptation of surfing on sand dunes. These stretch farther than the eye can see and spill over into the weapons and enemies you fight. Seriously. Weapons in Atlas Fallen are made out of sand. Meanwhile, enemies, both big and small, sprout from the ground and vanish into the sand, tormenting you until you defeat them. 

It's a wild ride that's only hampered by the mediocre story it tells. However, if you're here for combat, chances are you'll remember Atlas Fallen for the rest of your life. But enough small talk. Here are Atlas Fallen's best tips for beginners to help you get a leg up on other players.

5. Side Quests Do Pay Off

Atlas Fallen

While exploring the open world, you’ll run into plenty of quest markers that signal a side quest you can do. And while some games usually have side quests that make you go on a fool’s errand, the ones in Atlas Fallen do pay off. Some are easy to pull off, while others can take a bit of time. Either way, they can earn you quality rewards upon completion, usually items like armor, mid-battle healing items, essence stones, and more.

Unfortunately, side quests do very little to offer quality story progression. On the flip side, it’s a great way to take a break from the main story. Also, you can explore more of Atlas Fallen’s beautiful desert world the more side quests you complete. A quick tip is to visit a quest hub, where you’ll typically find a number of side quests grouped together. That way, you can complete all of them at once. 

If you don’t want to do all of them, though, the trick is to open up the quest log and see the types of rewards you stand to get if you complete certain side quests. Then pursue the ones that fit with and enhance your play style.

4. Parries Save the Day

Atlas Fallen

In gaming, it can be a little tricky to choose whether to dodge or parry incoming attacks. But Atlas Fallen makes it a lot easier for you by using telltale signs you can watch out for mid-battle. So, if you see a wraith glow red, it means you can successfully parry the incoming attack using your Sandskin ability. However, if they see a blue highlight, it means you cannot parry the incoming attack, and you should probably dodge out of the way.

There are other telltale signs that can help you discern whether a wraith is about to attack. For instance, some wraiths will make a shrieking sound before attacking, so you can prepare yourself to dodge or parry. For either one to take effect, it must be done at the perfect time. However, you may want to focus more on mastering parries than dodges because, while dodging doesn’t earn you any significant benefits besides evading damage intake, several successful parries will help to fill up your momentum gauge. 

Additionally, parrying enemy attacks also helps to freeze weaker enemies, allowing you room to take them down. Its timing is also pretty generous, and you can use upgrades to make parries even easier to execute.

3. Make Knuckledust Your Friend



Knuckledust is a weapon that is a must-try to make the most of your Atlas Fallen experience. So, originally, you kicked things off with two weapons, namely, the sandwhip and the dunecleaver. And while the two can handle themselves pretty well, Knuckledust proves to be something entirely different. It’s a fist type weapon that allows you to deliver devastating punches at close quarters. That alone sends adrenaline rushing through your veins. Then, it takes it up a notch to deal massive damage.

You can pair the Knuckledust powerhouse with the Sandwhip, as the two work well together on the battlefield. However, at the end of the day, do experiment with all the combinations to find the pair that works best for you.

2. Try Out the Shatter Attack

Another ability you may want to use at least once to make the most of your experience is the Shatter Attack. It’s activated when your momentum gauge fills up, and it can unleash a very powerful attack that deals an insane amount of damage. All that power comes at the expense of draining out your momentum gauge, which results in losing the power-ups of the essence stones you attach to your momentum.

Still, there’ll come moments mid-battle when you have no healing items, yet you feel so close to taking down a powerful wraith for good. Unleashing the Shatter Attack will do the job just right; ending the fight almost instantaneously. In the end, it comes down to choosing whether to sacrifice your essence stones and try to take down a big boss in one hit or maintain your essence bonuses and continue to chip away at them at the expense of sustaining extra damage if you get hit.

1. Essence is Everything

Atlas Fallen: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

Speaking of “essence,” this magical lifeblood resource is the center around which Atlas Fallen revolves. You can collect them as rewards for completing quests, loot from dropped enemies, treasure chests buried in the sand, from vendors, and more. There are also essence stones, which you can use to fill up a limited number of slots that determine your play style. Thereafter, you’re free to upgrade your essence stones as you please.

Essence is everything because you can use it for many purposes, including upgrading your armor and leveling up your abilities. It’s Atlas Fallen’s currency and customization system that helps curate your powers and special boosts. There are red ones that boost your attacks, purple ones that grant you new attacks, yellow ones that grant you new buffs, and more. So, depending on your play style, essence stones are the key to checking off your milestones.  

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our Atlas Fallen best tips for beginners? Are there more tips we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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