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Assassin’s Creed Infinity: Truth or Lie?



Uh oh, the Reddit leakers are back at it again, and with a bittersweet helping of Assassin's Creed rumours at that. And I know what you're thinking: are said rumours really worth taking into account — especially being so close to Valhalla? Well, to answer that in the simplest way possible — yes, yes they are.

Buried deep within the darkest corners of the Reddit gutter, a certain insider has managed to tap into Ubisoft's latest venture, suggesting an entry by the name of Assassin's Creed Infinity could very well be in the pipeline. As for what it is or what the game even entails, now that's another story. According to the leaker, however, Infinity will take a page out of IO Interactive's book, with a progression style similar to that of Hitman. That basically means no open worlds or lengthy quest chains, but more enclosed levels and A-to-B objectives. Oh, and there's also a second game in development as well. Apparently.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles vibes, anyone? No? Just me?

Take it from the source

“Though in the early stages of conceptualization and development, Assassins Creed Infinity is in a solid enough state that I can confidently describe what shape the game will take,” the leaker posted. “Infinity is inspired by the Helix from Unity. Each entry will be a small linear experience with semi-open world levels like the Hitman games and each assassin's story will feature multiple missions. Ubisoft is also planning to remake and retell older Assassins Creed games in Infinity. It is still too early to determine what older games if any will be retold. Lastly, a new story will be added over time for an additional cost. Open-world Assassins Creed will be developed at the same time as Infinity.”

Take from this what you will. Of course, you have every right to be sceptical, as do we. But then, given the amount of detail the leaker has stepped into, it certainly is something to keep within range. At least for a short while until Ubisoft either confirm or shut down the rumours. Either way, it's probably worth keeping on the radar for the next few months.

You can view the full details directly from the Reddit source here. Or if you're looking to follow something a little more concrete — then you'll probably want to stick around Ubisoft's official Twitter feed for all the latest updates. Your call.

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