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Apple Music May Be The Next Feature On Your PS5



Take on the role as a fledgling builder in the desert community of Sandrock. On your journey, construct machines, gather resources, and turn your run-down workshop into an oiled production facility, saving the town from economic ruin. 

Developed and soon to be published by Pathea Games, My Time At Sandrock will be launched in early 2022. This game will be on the following platforms: PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5), Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. Currently, you can play the My Time At Sandrock story mode demo, which has approximately 4 hours of gameplay. That is right. Play the demo mode and find out for yourself why My Time At Sandrock is an adventure you want to get full access to. My Time at Sandrock is inspired by Harvest Moon, Dark Cloud 2, and the works of Miyazaki.


My Time at Sandrock - Official Trailer

What Makes My Time At Sandrock So Special?:

My Time At Sandrock is the follow-up to the simulation RPG (role-playing game), My Time at Portia. This game takes place at a post-apocalyptic world, 300 years after the Day of Calamity ended modern technologies. As the newest builder, restore the community to glory, befriend locals, and take time out of your exhausting day to defend Sandrock from monsters. You get to give gifts to Sandrock residents (attend festivals with Sandrock’s residents), create hundreds of items at a worktable and decorate your homestead, or assist with community requests. 

There are hundreds of sidequests and more than 30 new characters. Spoiler alert: you will see some familiar faces from My Time At Portia. Uncover backstories from Sandrocks residents. There will be a multiplayer mode where players can dungeon dive, fight, and work together, supporting 4 players in an open world map.


Character Creation | My Time at Sandrock vs My Time at Portia: What Changed? Ep. 1

Third-person shooting mechanics in action battles can be quickly shift between melee combat. Use new weapons and defense break mechanics to your own advantage or boost your stats. After all of the combat in the city-state of Sandrock, you may find yourself growing crops or turning them into dishes for extra cash. Find secrets along the way and use your workshop’s profit to turn it into a farmable land. 

Apple Music Is Arriving To PS5 ?:

The PS5 (PlayStation 5) remains difficult to buy, but it has features that tease us worldwide. One feature that is a fan favorite is the Spotify integration, where in supported games, you can listen to music while playing. Now, Apple Music may be coming to the console that many people cannot seem to get ahold of anyway. Are you excited? Are you flabbergasted by this possible added feature? This news surfaced the internet after a Reddit user posted a picture of PS5’s music menu, which included Spotify and an Apple Music option.

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