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Anton Gorodetsky, Head of Industry Relations at MY.GAMES — Interview Series



MY.GAMES' Head of Industry Relations

If you want to talk about flag-wielding companies in the Android and iOS communities, then you needn’t dig any deeper than MY.GAMES—a Netherlands-based publishing house that, in 2023 alone, has a mouth-watering eighty active titles stowed away in its portfolio. Suffice to say, the firm is doing remarkably well, and is on the cusp of virtually obliterating countless other top-tier rivals. And so, with that in mind, I thought I’d sing the company’s praises by delving into its rich history, and also discuss what the future holds for MY.GAMES’ Head of Industry Relations, Anton Gorodetsky.

Hi, Anton. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Tell us, how did it all start for you? What made you fall in love with the gaming industry?

Anton: What started as a childhood passion gradually evolved into a lifelong love affair with games. As a child, I was fascinated by the immersive experiences and narratives that gaming offered, and this love for gaming only intensified as I grew older, shaping my identity and turning me into the avid gamer I am today.

My first opportunity to work within the gaming industry was as a journalist managing several online gaming outlets. This experience helped me hone my skills, gain valuable insight into the industry, and further entrenched my love of gaming, particularly single-player narrative-based games and, of course, FIFA.

The next chapter of my journey led me to MY.GAMES, where I now serve as Head of Industry Relations. In this role, I take massive pride in establishing and strengthening our relationships with key industry partners and contributing to broader growth and collaboration within the gaming industry.

Tell us a bit about MY.GAMES. When was the company founded, and how did it evolve into the bastion of entertainment that it is today?

Anton: MY.GAMES was founded in 2019 with the aim of developing top-tier games that resonate with a global audience and capture the hearts of players worldwide. In the space of four short years, we have dramatically expanded our team and now serve over 1 billion users from our Amsterdam HQ and seven hubs across the world. We have also significantly expanded our portfolio of games, which includes hit titles Rush Royale and War Robots, as well as helped to promote broader industry innovation through partnerships with Google and AWS for Games. While our size and impact have grown over the years, our focus on creating and publishing engaging games that cater to a global audience has remained constant.

MY.GAMES’ portfolio is absolutely bursting with titles of all different flavors. How do you find it, keeping on top of so many IPs at once? It sounds exhausting!

Anton: MY.GAMES unites a dozen in-house dev teams, and this decentralized approach helps ensure that each of our titles is given the attention it needs to realize its full potential. Beyond meaning that each of our games is served by a dedicated team that knows the game and its audience inside out, this approach also adds to the rich diversity of our gaming portfolio, with each in-house studio bringing its own unique flavor and style to the mix.

Our user base is incredibly diverse, and we want our games to mirror that heterogeneity, so although challenging at times to oversee, the breadth of our portfolio is what makes MY.GAMES such an exciting company to work at.

Cinematic "The Castle Battle" | Rush Royale

You’ve certainly found a foothold in the Android and iOS market these past few years. Do you have any plans to boost your presence in the Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch markets?

Anton: Absolutely – expanding our presence across a diverse range of platforms is a key strategic focus of ours. Our existing portfolio already spans PC, console, and mobile games, with Warface: Clutch an excellent example of the high-quality gaming experiences we’re bringing to console players.

Speaking of upcoming releases, we're particularly excited about HAWKED, our third-person extraction shooter, which is set to launch in early access at the end of November. HAWKED has unique gameplay and immersive features that we’re confident will make it an exciting game for players to enjoy. As an incentive to join the game’s early access, we have also launched the “Renegade Rally” campaign, offering players the chance to receive rewards and win special prizes, including a lifetime supply of premium in-game currency. The more people that join, the bigger the prizes for all participants. More information on the campaign can be found on our website, with anyone registering for Renegade Rally eligible for these awards alongside a 7-day GRAIL+ premium account status.

We're also hugely excited about ‘War Robots: Frontiers,’ the highly anticipated multiplayer mech shooter that offers intense tactical combat scenes complete with highly customizable mechs. This game is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences and is a part of our broader vision to build a cohesive, connected universe among our gaming titles, starting with our hit mobile game, War Robots.

Let’s talk about your existing titles. Can we expect any sequels for the likes of Rush Royale, War Robots, or Left to Survive in the future? With millions of active users for each, we know for a fact that the demand is high!

As mentioned, we are actively expanding the universes of our existing titles and are thrilled to welcome War Robots: Frontiers and the mobile game Mech Battle: Little Big Robots to the War Robots series. The latter is a particularly fun and engaging game for players that has the added twist of featuring very charming and cute robots.

As for Rush Royale, we've introduced Rush Arena to its universe – a new Tower Defense game that transports players to the Isle of Rhandum. This game expands the Rush Royale world while introducing innovative tower defense mechanics that make for a simple yet exhilarating player experience.

We're also excited to share that we're currently testing a new game set in the Left to Survive universe – stay tuned for more updates as we continue to develop experiences in our beloved gaming worlds!

War Robots: Frontiers | Autumn Update Announcement Trailer

For those who are new to MY.GAMES’ projects, which game would you recommend playing first, and why?

Anton: With over 50 games in our portfolio, my recommendations would vary based on the player’s individual preferences. If they are looking for an accessible yet competitive mobile experience, I highly recommend starting with one of our hit titles, War Robots and Rush Royale. For those seeking a more lighthearted experience, however, I would recommend Little Big Robots, a newer game that’s great fun to play with friends and family.

Alongside our top mobile titles, I would also recommend Warface: Clutch, a tactical first-person shooter with millions of registered players that brings a different dimension to the gaming experience, featuring competitive play, cooperative missions, and massive raids.

So, what’s next for MY.GAMES? Are we able to jot down any important dates in our calendars for 2024?

Anton: While I can't yet reveal specific release dates for 2024, we have several exciting PC and mobile titles in the pipeline. One of the most highly anticipated is ‘War Robots: Frontiers,’ which I mentioned earlier. We will also be launching a new third-person extraction shooter, HAWKED, in early access before the year's end (November 30) that players can keep an eye out for.

As for our broader strategy in the coming year, we’re dedicated to further expanding our global presence by entering new markets and ensuring that players worldwide have access to premium, engaging gaming content. This aligns with our commitment to empower talented game developers globally and to foster innovation and creativity at the industry level – something we have pursued through strategic alliances with gaming associations across Europe.

Any final words for our readers?

Anton: As we approach the holiday season, I am reminded of the joy and camaraderie that gaming brings to my life. I invite you all to share in the memorable moments that immersive gaming experiences can offer by playing with friends and family – gaming transcends boundaries, making it one of the most accessible and fun forms of entertainment there is.

So, here's to connecting in virtual realms, forging alliances, and creating unforgettable memories in the year ahead. Wishing you all a happy holiday season filled with laughter, excitement, and the thrill of new gaming adventures. See you in the virtual world!

Thanks for your time, Anton!

You can check out MY.GAMES’ jam-packed portfolio over on the Play Store and App Store. For more details on the studio’s latest endeavors, be sure to check in with their official social handle here.

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