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Among Us: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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Among Us: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

It's never too late to start playing Among Us. Even after the game hit our mini-screens in 2018, more and more gamers are still jumping on the crewmates vs. impostor bandwagon. The Among Us murder-mystery puzzler's premise is fairly straightforward. Players can play as a crewmate or an impostor, both of which are assigned at random, with a full game holding up to 13 crew members, among them, up to 2 imposters. As crewmates, you'll start to explore the map of a spaceship, completing simple tasks such as wiring repair, engine fueling, and so on. But beware of impostors, who will sabotage your every move or, worse, murder you. Unless you can detect and vote off the impostor in crew meetings before they kill you or unless you complete all of your tasks successfully, you lose. Not to worry, though. We've compiled “Among Us: Best Tips for Beginners” that will help you take that win like a champ.

5. Use Vents to Escape Crime Scenes

How To Vent In Among Us Mobile & PC | Vent Guide & What It Means

As an impostor, you’ll have the privilege of using vents to escape a crime scene. But remember that your crewmates know this, so they can easily identify you if they see a dead body, then an impostor close by, getting away down a vent. The moment you’re voted out as an imposter, you lose. But to avoid this, check out the next tip.

4. Bid Your Time Before Going in for the Kill

Among Us: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

I feel like the timing strategy applies to most games out there. Like wrestling, for example. You wouldn’t want your opponent to see all your cards before they’ve revealed theirs. Ideally, you may want to do a little reconnaissance, like having a look around, learning the map, the tasks, the vent locations, and so on. 

To avoid losing too early in the game, bide your time before going in for the kill. Wait for the crewmates to spread out. Take the time to locate different locations and paths and start to develop a relatively good idea of how to cover your tracks. Once everyone has lost track of who is where and there’s no one in sight, then you can have your fun with the kill button.

4. Pretence is the Best Defense

Among Us: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

Among Us relies heavily on crew meetings to vote out the impostor. This means that you can try to convince others that you’re on their side to avoid being voted out. For instance, we all know crewmates need to successfully complete basic tasks to win. So during voting, you’ll find players assessing tasks and likely calling out impostors in the meeting. 

If you’re an impostor, you’ll want to act like a crewmate by pretending that you are going into task rooms and standing by the task consoles. That way, the others will think you’re part of the team. Alternatively, you may want to get yourself an alibi. This could be another player you choose to follow around but avoid killing so they can testify for you.

An important thing to note is that crewmates can be very meticulous when assessing completed tasks (as they should be). You may be standing by a task console, but the taskbar that shows how many tasks are complete isn’t filling up. Alternatively, some tasks take more time to complete. So if you claim to have completed a task in a second, you might as well be shooting yourself in the foot. 

While you can pretend to do a task, you can’t actually complete it because only crewmates can successfully complete tasks. However, you can definitely act like a crewmate and do so wisely so you don’t get caught.

3. Stick Together, Stay Alert

It’s much harder to kill a crewmate if they’re moving around in a group. So you may want to stick together, come what may. Likewise, it’s easier to kill several crewmates at once if there’s more than one impostor working together. So do look out for possible events curated by impostors to break the group.

When a group of players is gathered in one location, an impostor can take advantage of the situation and make a move in the crowd. Especially since the players in the back are usually hidden from view. When all of the players receive the “murder alert” and everyone is standing around each other in the midst of confusion, you can escape.

Remember, though, that it’s difficult to complete a clean kill when the crewmates begin to vote by process of elimination. In that case, sabotage such as turning off the lights or other methods of sabotaging the location can be useful. And once you've diverted the attention away from the dead body, you'll be able to escape successfully.

2. Vote in Favor of…

Among Us: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

Another way to stick together is to always “vote in favor of…” in the voting process, regardless of which side you’re on. Keeping quiet could raise suspicion. Also, voting differently than the others without a solid reason could raise eyebrows. 

Another less popular but similarly odd route is to push for a vote too soon. Even if you’ve done one or two kills already, it’s common for others to skip the early-game voting processes. So, either way, it’s better to follow along with the others and let them decide who and when to vote.

1. Watch out for the Cameras

Among Us: How to Use Security Cameras Tutorial

Of course, Among Us has a few tricks up its sleeve, like installing cameras in certain areas. It’s so grand because you can literally spy on the crewmates and investigate an impostor killing someone. 

As an impostor, watch out for a blinking red light signaling someone is watching you. There’s also a security room you can visit to investigate which player has been watching you. And, while at it, feel free to watch a few other players so you can throw the impostor scent onto someone else. 

So what’s your take? Do you agree with our Among Us: Five Best Tips for Beginners? Are there more tips you’d like to share with us? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.


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