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5 Best Weapons in Overwatch 2: Season 9

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Best Weapons in Overwatch 2: Season 9

As Overwatch 2 evolves, Season 9 brings a few changes to the battlefield. From the gameplay to the revamped modes, it's the hero shooter we all love that has graduated to a new level. The new season doesn't introduce new weapons but revamps the looks with the gold and jade variants. Nevertheless, mastering the right weaponry can make all the difference between victory and defeat. From devastating firepower to intricate tactical advantages, we present the 5 best weapons in Overwatch 2: Season 9. Go forth and conquer the battlefield. 

5. Photon Projector


Starting us off is Symmetra’s primary weapon, the Photon Projector. A unique state-of-the-art weapon, the photon projector lets you nail down an adversary with its gradually increasing beam. Hitting a target means the beam’s power elevates every 1.67 seconds from a power level of 1 to a maximum of 3. At level 1, the weapons deal damage at 60 damage per second. At level 2, it doubles to 120; at level 3, it reaches its epitome at 180 damage per second. You can keep track of the levels on the weapon’s backside. Not using the weapons returns it to a lower level after three seconds.

Moreover, the weapon’s energy ball is great for destroying shields. It moves faster and explodes on impact. You can use the weapon’s increasing levels to weaken a barrier and launch the energy ball to shatter it into pieces. However, the more time you spend charging the ball, the more ammo it consumes and the more damage it deals. It may make you vulnerable at some point, but the output makes it worth the wait. I would advise charging the ball while airborne to avoid hits. Unfortunately, this weapon cannot fire a headshot, inflict self-damage, or cause a self-knockback, but it is an ideal weapon to equip. It is good for attacking barriers and recharges its ammunition when attacking them.

4. Dragon Blade

Dragon Blade Genji

If you’re up for melee action, look no further than Genji’s Katana, the Dragon Blade. Close-up action in Overwatch 2 Season 9 comes with great risks but great rewards, too. That's what you ideally get from the katana. Activating Genji’s ultimate ability swaps out his shurikens for his blade. The blade is the most versatile and agile kind you can find in the game. Genji can swing it once every second, which also takes a second to wield and resheath. 

Besides its agile strength, the blade can deflect incoming attacks, especially projectiles. You can then redirect them towards enemies, giving you offensive and defensive abilities. Moreover, the Swift Strike ability lets you close gaps with adversaries, dealing incredible damage. But there are other ways to deal massive damage with this blade. The Ultimate Attack ability grants the Katana great melee damage that increases when you combine it with the Swift Strike ability.

The downside to the katana is its fighting range, which can work against you. However, mastering the blade’s abilities gives you leverage on the chaotic battlefield. 

3. Revolver


Overwatch 2: Season 9 brings some wild, Wild West action with Cassidy’s revolver. It's the ideal choice for any player with a knack for gunslinger action. As Cassidy’s primary weapon, the gun offers astounding power and damage potential. However, this will call for great accuracy from the player. Thankfully, the Season 9 upgrade introduces a ‘consistent feel to firing and landing shots on your opponents’. So players have more reason now than ever to nail the shots on target. 

As a Hitscan weapon, the Revolver is the most powerful weapon that calls for an advanced mechanical ability to deal consistent damage. Despite its smaller magazine size and range, the weapon has a fire rate of one shot every five seconds. This means it's very impressive to use during duels, and thanks to Cole’s agility, he can dodge attacks as he reloads. To get the most out of this gun, you need to master moves and positioning. While it's good for headshots, agility is the only way to unlock this weapon's full potential. Plus, the follow-up grenade attacks crown Cassidy as the most powerful mid-range attacker in Overwatch 2. 

2. Endothermic Blaster

Endothermic Blaster

Mel might look like the least terrifying hero on Overwatch 2 Season 9, but don’t let her looks fool you. Her Endothermic Blaster is a formidable force to be reckoned with. It’s a great choice for close- and long-range attacks. 

The weapon has a dual attack mode: freeze and icicle. The former lets you attack from close range, freeing enemies and slowing them down. While the mode doesn’t deal damage or completely slow them down, you can leverage this for close combat. Moreover, the latter mode lets you unleash damage-dealing icicles that strike down foes from a distance. The icicles deal incredible long-range damage, plus her cryofreeze ability is a great defense technique that protects her from enemy hits. 

1. Rail gun

Rail gun -  Best Weapons in Overwatch 2: Season 9

Sojourn is a relatively new character in Overwatch 2 whose rise to prominence could have been easily predicted. Her primary weapon, the rail gun, is ideal for medium- and long-range attacks thanks to its dual firing modes. With a left click, you unleash laser projectiles with rapid firing speed. The projectiles explode upon impact, making them a formidable weapon for breaking barriers.

Moreover, a right click releases the energy blast, which consumes your stored energy. The blast is ideal for explosive damage since it's very precise and powerful. Plus, it's good for crowd control since the blasts have an AOE effect. It’s easy to compare this railgun to Soldier 76’s Pulse Rifle, especially with its damage potential. However, pairing the Rail gun with Sojourn is the only way to unleash its formidable strength. Not to say that the rail gun is not powerful on its own, but Sojourn’s excellent mobility makes her an incredible threat, especially against airborne heroes like Widowmaker and Pharah.

There goes our list of the best weapons in Overwatch 2 Season 9? What's your favorite? Share your pick with us in the comments below or on our socials here!

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