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5 Best Total Warrior Games of All Time, Ranked

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Total War Games have always been an outstanding choice for all strategy-driven gamers. The blood thrusting experience comes with inventing, strategizing, and watching it all unravel. The total warrior entries keep outdoing their predecessors.

The 3-D graphics games keep unraveling new phenomena that maintain players excited all year out. The games' developers, ‘Creative Assembly,' keep tabs on portraying the active medieval wars imaginations alive. They ensure that each series has a unique characteristic and enhanced visual productions.

Undoubtedly, the developers are working tirelessly to ensure that each game holds incomparable high standards. This list will prove that each series has unique features whose aim of creation isn't to correct errors from their former. You will agree that these games will maintain peak ranks for several years.

Now, each sequel comes in with unbeatable improvements from its last series. It is no wonder that developing a ranking list for Total Warrior games is difficult. Nevertheless, we bring you the five highest-rated Total Warrior games at this time, ranked.

5. Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Starting the list at fifth position is Total War: Three Kingdom. Three Kingdoms' youngest development is undoubtedly a driving mark of greatness. The 2019 game envisions the medieval wars in China. The game stipulates the events that led to the division of China that created three kingdoms and later united the Kingdom.

Players start by selecting 12 legendary warlords to fight into conquering China. You need to choose each move objectively to control your growth. The players' most remarkable aspect is creating allies or enmity with dynasties. Afterward, you need to strategize to weaken your conflicting Kingdom's military, political, technological, and economic divisions.

Three Kingdom appears in this list since it is the first total war game to nail the art of diplomacy. The strategies deployed here are meticulously intertwined to provide the best and worst scenarios leading to the unity of China. Subsequently, players will have to maneuver through relationships and deceitful plans by competing tyrannies.

4. Total War: Rome II

Total War: Rome II

Despite a patchy beginning, Rome II marks its spot among your top go-to total war games. Released in 2013, the game outmatched the predecessors with incredible graphical improvements.

This game aims towards the superior control of the Roman empire. Gamers begin their mission by controlling one family from the three existing ones. Then, strategically position your crew to attack the military army. Victors gain power over the most powerful empire that has ever reigned. Wouldn't you want that much power? The ability to control the government, economy, and even all diplomacy from Rome?

Adding to that fantasy is the amazon show you are in for once you start playing. The game provides excellent field maps of Rome. And to ensure you get your worth, it has multiple camera positions to help you view through the vast lands as you navigate your army.

3. Total War: Warhammer II

Total War: Warhammer II

Born in 2017, Warhammer II led a thriving playoff to Total War die-hard individuals. This game inherits the fantasy-filled theme from its mother game, Warhammer. However, the second Warhammer sets itself apart from its predecessor. With its comparison being exhibiting distinct modifications in its outlook.

Players create and strategize armies to gain supreme control to wipe off fantasy-built characters. This fictional game allows the players to establish new horizons regarding units, heroes, and enemies. Ultimately, the different creations lead to extensive resourceful grounds. 

Total War: Warhammer II owners benefit from the significant features input into the game. The developers enhanced the map aesthetics and span to allow for more creations. In addition to extraordinary race tracks, this series provides quite intriguing story-lines.

However, ‘Total War: Warfare III‘ is peering its way soon. Thus the fate for series II might be cut short like its predecessor. But since it has been a great game, we are sure to get better deals with its latter.

2. Medieval II: Total War

Medieval II: Total War

Our first runners-up position goes to the game released in 2006. The Medieval II series indicates that time doesn't gloom over the games in Total war

This game thrives on the unwavering representation of Rome warfare. However, in this case, the setting is more medieval than ever, with poor AI recognition. Despite its shortcomings, Medieval II has created a rush over time and continuously rose. 

Players endow themselves into the actual old scenic battle times. Armies are suited with the shiny medieval armors while using all known historic machinery. The underlying story-line, however, could be the rock of this series.

Combating a nation results in an even more thrusting repercussion. Whichever team you choose depicts a harsh reality of existing forces in the world. Here, the role of religion, specifically Christianity, becomes quite vivid in your quest for territory expansion.

1. Total War: Shogun II

Total War: Shogun II

Now to our winner, the 2011 Total War: Shogun II. This series embodies the perfect interlink between the old and new eras in Total War games. Total War: Shogun II creates the best thrill with intensified quality mechanics and features accentuated to develop the excellent battle.

Any gamer will tell you of the adrenaline rush experienced in this venture. Once you activate your game, choose a character. Shogun is the main character. Most people choose the Shogun character ending up receiving all the action. The continuing frustrations that build up from betrayal in your path of glory. The thrilling playoff between the spears to the newly unveiled gunpowder types of machinery. 

The Shogun's main aim is to unify the Japanese Kingdom. Therefore, in his quest, he must ensure to clear off all allies and enemies every time he grows. He also has the mandate to declare hostility to anyone threatening to subdue the Kingdom by trying to overpower vast territorial grounds. Shogun II is a perfect balance between Old and New school Total Warrior Games creations

So, what’s your take? Are there any Total War Games we should have included in this list? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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