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5 Best Features in The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle



The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is the 2022 expansion to the MMORPG. The new region is based around a few islands, namely High Isle and Amenos. One is an upscale Breton island, while the other is inhabited by the rejects from society. Players can explore these new areas, meet new companions, and learn about the area's politically charged story. Like with any expansion, High Isle comes with a large amount of new content to sink your teeth into. If you are debating on getting the new expansions, or are trying to figure out what to do next, then the list below is for you.


5. Volcanic Vents

Volcanic Vents are a new open-world specialty of Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle. You can find seven Volcanic Vents scattered around the map throughout the new area. Every vent is a bit different to keep things interesting, but they work in the same way. The vents spawn waves of enemies for players to defeat. Once the waves of smaller enemies are done, a boss with a high health bar will appear. Players must work together to take down the boss in order to earn rewards from the fight.

The enemies that spawn can use fire-related attacks but aren't usually a huge concern as several groups of players will take on the event together. Volcanic Vents are the way you are going to get rare crafting materials, like Malachite. Just keep in mind that to get the loot, you, yourself need to participate in the event and get some attacks in. Players of all levels can take part in this event, but it does take a larger party to quickly get through them.


4. Tales of Tribute

Tales of Tribute is a new activity in ESO that you can only unlock by buying High Isle. This is an in-game card game that you can play with both other players and NPCs. You can unlock it from the very moment you start the DLC, and it has its own quest chain. You can choose your own deck and win special rewards by taking on the NPCs and climbing the leaderboards. The rewards include special gear, emotes, and even furniture to decorate your house with, making it a worthwhile activity for every player to try.

The game focuses on using strategy to win via points or using cards to win over all the Patrons. The matches can usually be won rather quickly, but they do require a high degree of strategy. By focusing on having a good deck, you can easily push your way through the in-game quest. If you want to play with other players, you can use the new option on the interact wheel to challenge them to a game at any time if they have unlocked the game.


3. Dreadsail Reef

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle adds a lot of activities that players can do together. Dreadsail Reef is a trial found on High Isle that can be taken on with other players. There is both a normal and veteran version of the activity that gives both new and veteran players something to look forward to. The trial has three bosses that you will need to beat to complete it, along with two bosses that are optional. Players will need to set aside a decent amount of time each time they run the trial, as it does take a bit to get through.

Of course, there are plenty of rewards that you can get from running Dreadsail Reef. For starters, you can get special gear, markings, and new titles. There is also a special mount, Stormsurge Howler, that you will receive once you complete the Swashbuckler Supreme achievement. Keep in mind that the bosses do change a bit when you choose to play in veteran mode. If it's your first time running the trial in either mode, take your time and observe the boss's patterns and attacks.


2. Legacy of the Bretons

While not everyone will fall in love with the politically charged story of Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, it is fun. Instead of going to a grand scale with Daedra or world-ending threats, the story is down to earth. The Ascendant Order is looking to overthrow the government of High Isle, and you have to stop it. The story delves into Breton society, an often overlooked race in Elder Scrolls, and shows a disgruntled prison society on Amenos.

As the hero of the story, you have to uncover the Ascendant Order's plans and learn how both islands work. Best of all, more content is set to come to High Isle, as there is a year-long plan for the expansion. That means more juicy details will be revealed about these islands and the people that inhabit them.


1. More Lore

One thing everyone agrees on whether they like Elder Scrolls Online or not is that the lore is fantastic. High Isle is a treasure trove of information for those that are really into the Elder Scrolls series. Not only are there new islands to soak in and learn about, but there is tons of lore books scattered around. Everything from the Dolmens to the city of Gonfalon Bay provides new lore for players to sink their teeth into. Even the side quests help players to take a deeper look into the two islands.

If nothing else, players who love ESO lore will fall in love with the attention to detail that goes into crafting High Isle. Even Trails of Tribute, the card game, is heavily fleshed out and has an in-game story. That is more than a lot of other games will put into their side content and helps to make High Isle and Amenos feel like it's truly alive. If you love to learn everything about the world around you, then High Isle won't disappoint you.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any other things about Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle that we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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