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Upcoming Indie Games to Keep an Eye On



There are tons of titles coming out every day, so it can be hard to discern which ones are worth paying attention to. That’s why we have done it for you. These are some of the most promising upcoming Indie games.

Card Shark

If you’ve ever wanted to cheat at cards while climbing the hierarchy of 18th century French, this one is for you. Card Shark is an action-adventure brimming with twists and, sometimes quite literal, backstabbings. This game stood out to me with its vivid visual style, which will be accompanied by a badass orchestral score. So far, this seems like a winning combo, which puts it on the top of the list of upcoming Indie games.

Upcoming Indie Games: Card Shark

Fool everyone and don’t get caught Steam

Chinatown Detective Agency

Next, we have a retro cyberpunk detective adventure that oozes with the atmosphere. Chinatown Detective Agency is set in 2032, a time during which the world’s economy is on the brink of collapse. Singapore is the last place that maintains some kind of order, but webs of conspiracies are all around you. We are promised a rich world inspired by Black Mirror and Blade Runner aesthetics, with a gameplay that is reminiscent of the classic Carmen Sandiego series. A prologue titled Day One is already out, and it looks pretty good.

Frank and Drake

Frank and Drake is a mystery adventure with a modern take on Dracula and Frankenstein stories. Actually, these guys are each other’s roommates, and they communicate only via sticky notes. However, every decision they make will affect the other, often in unpredictable ways. The game will have backstories that span multiple generations, so prepare for extremely detailed lore of 2 popular characters from the world of horror.

Upcoming Indie Games: Frank and Drake

Frank and Drake has vivid rotoscoping visuals, which give it a unique look  Steam


There aren’t many games that use watercolors, and Dordogne does it so masterfully that I felt immediately transported to another world, just by looking at the trailer. In it, you play as Mimi – a young woman that decided to visit the house of her late grandmother. Soon, memories will start pouring in, and you will be able to reconnect with your younger self and see the beauty of your surroundings while capturing it on film. Dordogne seems wholesome, and I hope that it delivers a serene experience.

Citizen Sleeper

Lastly, we have Citizen Sleeper – an upcoming sim/RPG from the creators of In Other Waters. The game takes place on an old, lawless, space station where you will have to carefully choose your friends and enemies. Citizen Sleeper is inspired by tabletop games and will supposedly give you a ton of freedom in how you want to interact with the world.

Upcoming Indie Games: Citizen Sleeper

Survive on the brink of an interstellar society Steam

There are also a lot of upcoming AAA titles to watch out for. Find them here

When he is not climbing ranks in League of Legends or battling the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3, Marko writes about everything gaming related. He lives in Zagreb and is an ambitious Netflix addict.

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