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5 Things We Want in Hogwarts Legacy 2



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While Avalanche Studio has yet to formally announce a sequel to the critically acclaimed Hogwarts Legacyit’s safe to say that all wands are currently pointing towards the general consensus that it’ll happen regardless. And if it doesn’t come out in the next several years or so, then we’ll be surprised to say the least. Shocked, even, what with Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry still having oceans of content left to knuckle in on. Quidditch, anyone? Yes, Avalanche, we’re looking at you with a grimacing expression.

Quidditch aside, 2023’s Hogwarts Legacy did actually skip out on a plethora of items, and not to mention secrets that even the Marauder’s Map couldn’t quite hide. Was this Avalanche Studio’s way of keeping the platform open for a long line of sequels? Perhaps. Either way, we know one thing is certain: Hogwarts Legacy will have zero DLC. Like, nada. So, chances are everything that the devs kept on ice with its debut entry will escape the rink in the form of a well-needed sequel. Here’s hoping, anyway.

Of course, seeing as we’re still a few field goals away from getting our hands on Hogwarts Legacy 2, we might as well speculate on the future of the series, in general. Specifically, the features that not only fans have been nagging for, but the ones that we honestly believe would benefit the franchise, and not serve only as minor tweaks to an already established IP. Here’s what we’re talking about.

5. Multiplayer

Yes, multiplayer. It goes without saying that Hogwarts Legacy 2 would benefit the most from letting players share their adventures both within and outside of the school grounds. And while there is a mod that lets you do just that on the PC port of the original, it isn’t quite as refined as fans would’ve liked.  So, if Avalanche was to get its hands on a co-op blueprint and, you know, actually develop it into something extraordinary, then already we’ll have a sequel that’s vastly superior in its own right. And let’s face it — you want it, as do I, and perhaps even the whole of the Muggle-born world, for that matter.

Of course, a single-player experience should still make the front page of The Daily Prophet; that we don’t want to completely removed straight from the spine. What we do want, however, is the option to have other wizards and witches drop in at the touch of a button. Anything, basically, that doesn’t involve having four-hundred students casting Avada Kedavra on one another for a laugh. That’d be nice.

4. Morality

It should’ve been done right from the get-go, but it wasn’t. The fact that you could quite easily conjure an Unforgivable Curse on an enemy and not suffer the consequences was a huge disappointment in itself. Here’s hoping that Hogwarts Legacy 2 looks to rectify that, perhaps by incorporating a morality system that dips or rises depending on the spells you cast and the actions you make during your time at Hogwarts. It would make sense, really.

The thing that let Hogwarts Legacy down was the fact that, regardless of the House you chose, choices rarely ever made an impact on your fellow students. It didn’t matter if you chose to pursue the same footsteps as Salazar Slytherin himself, because at the end of the day, in the eyes of your peers and your teachers, you’d be no different than your average Goody two-shoes. So, if we had to opt for anything in Hogwarts Legacy 2, it’d be a sense of responsibility. Let us be evil — and make us feel bad about it.

3. Multiple Heroes

It isn’t a new thing, being able to alternate between characters in an open world game. That said, very rarely has a game with such a feature actually gone on to bring more binge-worthy content. Hogwarts Legacy 2 could be different, though, what with there being four distinctive Houses to choose from and an entire network of common room-locked characters and secrets to unravel. And while you could quite easily play through the same campaign four times over, it would certainly make sense to have multiple playable (and always active) characters in its stead.

Say you’ve chosen to start your academic year as a Gryffindor, but have always had that itch to uncover the secrets that lurk beyond the stone walls of the Ravenclaw common room. With multiple witches or wizards to switch between, such an itch could certainly be scratched, and perhaps even open the door for double the quests and extracurricular activities without having to wrangle in an unwanted New Game+ session. Just a thought.

2. An Actual Curriculum

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If you’re able to remember Bully, then you’ll no doubt remember that it also had a curriculum that you had to attend to during term times. And not just a curriculum, but actual consequences for skipping classes or flunking school to go gallivanting about at the local carnival. This wasn’t a thing in Hogwarts Legacy, simply because, well, classes were next to non-existent and often purposeless.

It’s fair to say that, being a wizard or witch in Hogwarts, your classes should come first, and not petting a Fwooper in your Room of Requirement every waking hour of every day. Unfortunately, Avalanche Studio missed the opportunity to generate  an authentic academic experience in Hogwarts Legacy, as it made no attempt to build any sort of structure around classes or qualifying for your OWLs. If that was to change in the sequel, then we’d happily thrive for good grades — even if it meant postponing quests.

1. Give It Life

If these walls, or even the living portraits for that matter, could talk, then they’d all say the same thing: Hogwarts, even with its majestic grandeur, is about as lifeless as the Black Lake itself. The artwork and magic-infused trinkets are plentiful, sure, but the breadth of the school is barren and surprisingly devoid of any real character. And that’s just not something we came to expect when entering the Great Hall for the first time.

Given the fact that there are thousands of students and faculty at Hogwarts, it’s surprising to see that Avalanche Studio opted for a quieter campus with fewer characters when it came to fleshing out its halls. Here’s hoping, then, that Hogwarts Legacy 2 takes a few steps up and adds a few additional layers to the population, and not avoid bringing any life to it at all. Let Hogwarts breathe — and for crying out loud, make it feel lived in.


So, what’s your take? Is there anything you’d like to see come to light in Hogwarts Legacy 2? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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