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All Bosses in Hogwarts Legacy, Ranked



Hogwarts Legacy is a game that offers players the chance to experience a fully realized world. Within this world, there are many characters that want to impede your journey. At the same time, they range in size and power. These bosses all challenge the player in their own way. While they can be definitely menacing, some stand above others naturally. For that reason, we are here today in order to give you, All Bosses in Hogwarts Legacy, Ranked.

1. Ranrok Dragon

The Ranrok Dragon, as the name would imply, is the dragon form of the Goblin villain Ranrok. This formidable foe will cause players to have to use their best offensive and defensive spells in order to deal with his immense power. Players should focus on attacking only when Ranrok Dragon's health bar is visible to ensure that they do damage. This is due to the fact that the creature has several moments throughout the fight where it cannot be harmed.

This makes focusing on offensive spells a great way to ensure that you deal enough damage when the time is right. Serving as the cap-off and somewhat of a last hurrah of the Hogwarts Legacy story, this boss fight lives up to the spectacle of the rest of the game. This makes it a fantastic fit for an endgame boss. In addition, it is rather satisfying to finally defeat the forces of Ranrok, who we have been opposing throughout the game. For these reasons, as well as the fact it's simply a terrifying-looking dragon, we consider the Ranrok Dragon one of the best bosses in Hogwarts Legacy.

2. Victor Rookwood

Serving as one of the game's main antagonists, we have Victor Rookwood. Working alongside another villain mentioned on our list, Ranrok, this evil man sets the events of Hogwarts Legacy in motion. as with many game bosses, he will attempt to cower behind his cronies. However, you can make short work of them using the objects around you. The fight itself serves as somewhat of a climax to the entire Victor Rookwood storyline. While he does throw out the Killing Curse Avada Kedavra at players, they should be able to deal with it by this point in the game. To close, Victor Rookwood serves as a serviceable villain with one of the better boss fights within Hogwarts Legacy.

3. Theopolis Harlow

Another situation in Hogwarts Legacy where the player must duke it out with an evil character. Is their battle against Theopolis Harlow. Serving as the sneering right-hand man of another hatable character in Victor Rookwood. Harlow is constantly showing his support for Rookwood. As far as cronies go, his character is okay. But he serves as more of a side quest for players to complete rather than the main course. Players have many different ways to approach this fight as well. But they should definitely focus on breaking their shields in order to do damage. All in all, Harlow is a villain that lacks even the charisma of Rookwood, but his boss fight is one of the better side quests in the game.

4. Solomon Sallow

Serving as one of the side quest bosses, we have Solomon Sallow. While his presence and his boss fight overall leave a bit to be desired, as it lacks the emotional or narrative weight of other fights, it is definitely one of the better ones in the game. Players will soon be surrounded by the Inferi, which they can actually use to their advantage. They can do this by deflecting and aiming a Stupefy spell at Solomon. If players use a combination of levitation, and high offensive abilities, however, this fight should be relatively no problem for players to handle.

5. Graphorn

One of the cooler aesthetic creatures within the Hogwarts Legacy roster, the Graphorn is at first at odds with the player. Players will have to battle this beast in order to quell it. While there are cutscenes that differ in their lead-up, they ultimately hold little weight, which does damper the sails of this boss fight quite a bit. The fight itself is also relatively simple, with the creature only having two different types of attacks to deal with. in conclusion. The Graphorn boss fight is one of the most middle-of-the-road boss fights within Hogwarts Legacy, although the creature design is cool.

6. Cassandra Mason

Tapering off from some of the better boss fights in Hogwarts Legacy, we have Cassandra Mason. This fight is rather dull and actually doesn't even reward the player with anything significant. This makes it increasingly difficult to give it any merit outside of being a cool side boss fight, I suppose. It should be noted that the tactics used to fight her aren't anything extraordinary either, as players can literally just send her own attacks back at her. Simply put, this boss fight, even for a side quest, falls flat.

7. Fastidio's Monsterfriendships

Do you know what isn't the best way to kick off a boss battle? That boss battle is being initiated by various pieces of furniture. While it is in a poltergeist's nature to do something like this, that doesn't make it enjoyable to do. While the novelty of having the boss fight be initiated by a poltergeist is decent, the fight itself is really dull. This makes Fastidio's Monster one of the worst bosses in the game if you can even dignify it with that title.

8. Pensive Guardian

The Pensive Guardian is such a bad boss that not even its initial introduction had any sense of weight. What serves as a basic dodge and attack drill definitely could have been left out of the game. Even the Guardian's more flashy effects seem to fall flat. While they may impress upon the players' initial playthrough, anything past that is dry and forgettable. In conclusion, the Pensive Guardian is nothing to write home about, and that's sad, really.

9. Armored Troll

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The Armored Troll fails on so many fronts. It ransacks Hogsmeade and gets obliterated by the main character and Sebastian. Even the inevitable destruction you would think a creature of this magnitude would cause if brushed off and repaired in no time. Now granted, this is the wizarding world, and such things are possible, but it sucks out what little tension could have been there in the moment. For these reasons, it is undoubtedly one of the worst bosses in Hogwarts Legacy.

So, what's your take on our picks for All Bosses in Hogwarts Legacy, Ranked? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.




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