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Rumor Suggests Mafia 4 Could Be in Development



Mafia 4 could very well be in the works, according to an anonymous Reddit source. Of course, as with any leak that stems from the like of Reddit — you can take every shred of information with a dash of salt. That said, from what the user has posted, it’s looking like a rather credible spool of details that could very well ring true.

Opening up the post, the Reddit user quoted an insider source that works at ESRB, reviewing scripts for potential games. One of the scripts submitted, surprisingly enough, was from a 2K member, with a thread of text surrounding what is believed to be Mafia 4. However, rather than revealing a concrete release date or platform for the fourth entry, the text package plunged deep into the structure of the story. And it’s actually quite convincing — for what it’s worth.

Will 2K be gearing up to resurrect Mafia this year?

The Reddit user talks Mafia 4…

” [The] location and period is Saint Fortuna (Las Vegas) and Lost Haven in multiple time periods,” the post mentions. “The main protagonist is a dirty cop named Hain who gets involved in a gambling scam early on. The game is very branching in terms of who you want Hain to be; crack down on the mob or join them.”

“The secondary protagonist is a judge in Lost Haven whose missions will consist of trials of mobsters. Career spans from the 40s to 80s.”

Well, there you have it. Whether or not it’s likely to come to life is a whole other story. That said, 2K did mention during the pre-launch interviews for Mafia: Definitive Edition that, if the game went on to exceed expectations, then a future Mafia project wouldn’t be completely off the table. And it just so happens that, well — it did exceed expectations, therefore it’s only natural for them to stay true to their word.

With all of this in mind — this is Reddit we’re talking about. Of course, we’re always happy to entertain the odd rumor that sways our way. Unfortunately for us, half of them never usually flourish into anything heavier than a watered-down promise. Mafia 4, although sharing some pretty in-depth story details, could still very well be hogwash. Either way, it’s keeping us on the edge of our seats as we idle over 2K’s social feeds. Who knows — perhaps Mafia 4 could very well be on the horizon for 2022? Only time will tell on that one.


You can join the thread and read the details surrounding Mafia 4 here.

Jord is an aspiring journalist and self-published author, as well as a lover of all things gaming and media.

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