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Street Fighter 6 Review (PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S)

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street fighter 6 review

From its humble beginnings in arcades in 1987, Street Fighter has quickly gained a cult following. The franchise is one of Capcom's highest-grossing series, and it's pretty evident why. Aside from the colorful and boisterous combatants, it's one of the few games that delivers a gratifying sensation when landing a furry of blows. 

Throughout the years, Capcom's approach became somewhat predictable. They would release a title and augment it with numerous DLCs and upgrades. Naturally, game releases come with their fair share of hurdles and glitches. However, only some studios exhibit the remarkable determination to right their wrongs. In retrospect, Street Fighter V was arguably a lackluster debut. But the studio was able to fine-tune the game after releasing a series of downloadable content. 

Now, Capcom returns to the fray with their latest installment, Street Fighter 6. The burning question on everyone's mind is whether it can claim the title of the franchise's ultimate champion. Or will the game require some refinement later on? Let's find out in our Street Fighter 6 review.

To Live is to Fight….

Right from the beginning, Street Fighter 6 emerges as a complete package. While staying true to its 2D fighting roots, the game is brimming with engaging content. Moreover, the vibrant explosions of colors and captivating action inherent to the franchise triumphantly return in Capcom's sixth installment. 

Prepare yourself to encounter fresh and returning characters and explore new game modes. For instance, you can refine your combat prowess through intense one-on-one battles. Alternatively, you can wander the streets and challenge the AI bystanders. 

In essence, Street Fighter 6 takes fighting to unprecedented heights. The franchise reminds us once again why it's the undisputed ruler of the fighting game realm.

Are You Ready For a Showdown?

street fighter 6 modes

Street Fighter 6's structure is truly exceptional. It spans three distinct game modes: World Tour, Battle Hub, and Fighting Ground. Undeniably, the bedrock of any fighting game lies in the battleground, where you can revisit the fundamentals. Unlike the real world, here, you can swiftly transform into a skilled fighter overnight. This calls for sessions where you need to hone your skills. 

Enter Fighting Ground mode!

The mode offers various training guides as an extension of the Training Mode. You can also challenge your friends in Versus Mode to solidify your skills. The title spices things up with game modifiers to present challenging scenarios. For example, you can introduce raging bulls into the fights, forcing you to remain vigilant amidst their ferocious attacks. You can also opt for the satisfaction of achieving victory solely through special moves. The best part of this mode is that even after conquering Arcade mode, you can still uncover the story and delve deeper into the fighters' lives.

What Else? 

street fighter 6 luke

World Tour introduces a relatively fresh mode that sets a new standard for the franchise. This single-player story mode provides plenty of options for players seeking fresh opponents to defeat. It serves as a platform for players to unleash their creativity and take the fight to the streets. 

You can create and personalize your avatar for the first time in the series, testing its skills in battle. The creator's tools are simply astonishing. You can craft avatars that closely resemble real-life individuals. Whether you wish to fight Kendrick Lamar or Beyoncé, the precision in the details enables you to create near replicas. Moreover, the game takes into account character builds, so you must be mindful of the mods you choose. A shorter fighter, for instance, will naturally possess shorter kicks, while a larger character becomes an easier target. Therefore, striking a balance that propels you ahead of the community is ideal.

Furthermore, this mode functions like an open world, teeming with vibrant characters and new opponents eager for a showdown. Here, you are free to unleash your fury on anyone. It is similar to GTA in that you can initiate brawls with anyone, including AI characters. The critical difference lies in their calculated moves, designed to help you enhance your combat skills. Over time, your avatar evolves from a timid newcomer to an absolute powerhouse.

Finally, Battle Hub allows you to partake in casual or ranked matches, serving as the central hub for online battles. Moreover, you can explore other players' avatars and spectate matches. Consider it a roost where skilled fighters gather. It serves as a training ground of sorts, but instead of battling AI characters, you'll be pitted against other players.

Meet Your Fighters

street fighter 6 review

The true power of any game lies in its ensemble of characters, each possessing a unique set of skills that can be harnessed to achieve greatness. Street Fighter 6 enters the stage with an initial roster of 18 characters. The line-up combines fresh faces and beloved favorites we can never get enough of. The returning characters receive a fresh makeover, sporting new move sets to keep things exciting. However, worry not, for you need not strain your fingers with complex inputs. The game offers straightforward commands that allow newcomers to shine alongside seasoned players.

Unlike other fighting games, where mastering character controls can be challenging, Street Fighter 6 takes a different approach. It guides you towards characters that are easier to handle, easing the learning curve. For instance, Luke Sullivan, a fan favorite from Street Fighter V: Champion Edition's fifth season pass, provides a smooth experience. However, if you crave a more intense challenge, I highly recommend diving into the electrifying gameplay of Zangief, Chun Li, and JP.

Furthermore, the character creation tool is nothing short of astonishing. It empowers you to create characters that bear striking resemblances to real-life individuals, adding an extra layer of immersion to the game.


street fighter 6 gameplay

Throughout its titles, Capcom has consistently delivered innovative gameplay mechanics, each unique to its respective installment. Street Fighter 5 introduced the V-system, Street Fighter 3 featured parries, and Street Fighter 4 utilized focus attacks. Now, in its sixth iteration, the game presents a groundbreaking feature that surpasses all others—the Drive System, the pinnacle of this title's unique offerings.

This system unleashes your creativity by granting access to five formidable skills: Drive Reversals, Drive Rush, Drive Parry, Drive Impact, and Overdrive. Each character you select possesses six Drive units, determining the drive moves at your disposal. For instance, Overdrives consume two units, while Drive Rush only costs one. Depleting all your units plunges your character into a vulnerable Burnout state, significantly increasing the risk of defeat in battle.

Fortunately, stamina gradually regenerates over time. However, it is advisable to maintain distance from your adversaries, as they may exploit this situation to their advantage.

In addition to the intense combat action, Street Fighter 6 adds a layer of engaging side quests, The quests reward you with the valuable in-game currency known as Zenny. This currency provides access to power-up resources such as food items and energy drinks.

You can find side quests within the World Tour Mode, where specific characters assign quests to you after interacting with them. These quests range between Kungfu Target, Scrap Heap, and Hado Pizza. The quests are relatively straightforward, although some may require specialized skill sets. For example, a quest may task you with “destroying 10 vehicles within 10 minutes.” With the time constraint, you'll need to unleash combo moves for swift execution. Do more of these mini-games, and you'll be stacking up enough coins to replenish your inventory.


When a game flawlessly nails every aspect of its gameplay, even the smallest details, what more can you ask for from a fighting game? Street Fighter 6 exceeds all expectations, especially following the flop release of its predecessor. The title is a testament to the fact that you can only really be beaten down if you beat yourself down. 

One standout feature in this Street Fighter 6 review is its user-friendly inputs, catering to a pick-up-and-play style that welcomes newcomers. Personally, I found it challenging to master the button-smashing techniques, but gaining a grasp of combo moves proved equally satisfying. However, the real star of the show is the Drive System, which goes above and beyond. It allows for tooth-and-nail battles while simultaneously requiring strategic decision-making, hitting the right spot.

So, what are your thoughts? Will you be picking up a copy of Street Fighter 6? What game features stand out for you the most? Let us know on our social media handle here or in the comments below.


Street Fighter 6 Review (PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S)

A Knockout Experience That Punches Above Its Weight!

If you’re looking for a fighting game that surpasses your expectations, Street Fighter 6 is the ultimate choice. As a franchise that has spanned over three decades, Capcom solidifies its undisputed position as the champion of fighting games. All this while remaining faithful to its traditional elements. Never before has something so old felt so refreshingly new. I can’t wait to see what the studio has in store for their next installment.


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